Traveling through Pará is to be surprised in each region of the state, tours through the Amazon rainforest, paradisiacal beaches on the coast, historic cities, fishing villages and a rich cuisine with exotic spices and ingredients.

The second largest state in the country is home to different ecosystems that form unique and paradisiacal scenarios in the midst of the largest tropical forest in the world. Among the attractions that stand out are wonderful freshwater beaches, historic cities, wild waterfalls, archaeological sites and the cosmopolitan and irreverent capital Belém. Check this list with tourist destinations most coveted in the state and start planning your trip to the state of For!


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Located 210 kilometers from Belém, the city of Bragança is one of the most sought after municipalities by tourists throughout the year, especially during school holidays. Home to Marujada, a cultural event that brings together thousands of people in the municipality to celebrate São Benedito, Bragança has beautiful ocean beaches, for those who want to enjoy it at any time of the year, and a beautiful historic site composed of numerous houses with Portuguese architecture.

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The amazing village of Algodoal is 340 km from Belém, on the island of Maiandeua, in the municipality of Maracanã. Small and bucolic, the village still preserves the culture of the fishermen who began to inhabit the island, typical masonry buildings of the riverside people can be seen throughout the village, the quiet climate of untouched paradise also the extensive and deserted beaches attract tourists who pass by. in the state.

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Also called Salinas, the municipality located on the coast of the state receives many visitors in the summer months, when the people of Belen arrive in force. The main attractions of Salinópolis are the beautiful beaches that reserve peaceful settings for those who want to relax.

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Alter do Chão

The village of Alter do Chão is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and green waters that appear in the low months of the Tapajós River. The destination is located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, with countless possibilities for trips to streams, lakes, riverside communities and to FLONA (National Tapajós Forest) with numerous trails to viewpoints, ancient trees and strategic points for animal observation.

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The cosmopolitan city of Belém combines all the exoticism of the state of Pará with the hustle and bustle of large urban centers. Belém had its heyday during the rubber era, throughout the city it is possible to admire beautiful sets of houses and large squares with European architecture. Built on the shores of Guajará Bay, Belém has an intense nightlife, with great restaurants, bars and nightclubs that welcome tourists to the sound of carimbó and delights of local cuisine.

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Many people from Pará confirm that Óbidos Carnival is the best in the state. The typical inland township, has many imposing historic mansions, its calm and peaceful climate suggests that visitors just relax and rest. The city has no nightlife, the best thing to do is to observe the routine of the people who live in the city and have a chat in the Praça da Igreja Matriz, a meeting point for the Obidenses. During the day it is possible to cool off in the nearby waterfalls, lakes and freshwater beaches.

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happy mountain

The municipality is located on the left bank of the Amazon River and is bathed by the Gurupatuba River. The city stands out in the history of the Amazon for its archaeological potential with rock art dating back over 10,000 years. In all, 19 archaeological sites located in the Monte Alegre State Park (Pema) and dozens of waterfalls are cataloged.

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Marajo Island

The largest river island in the world is a must-see destination for tourists who enjoy stories and wild landscapes. The island is home to some archaeological sites where various ceramics and fossils from the Marajoara civilization are found, serving as a reference for research on the cultures of the region before the arrival of the Portuguese.

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Amazon and Tocantins rivers, Marajó has the largest buffalo herd in Brazil. The beaches, practically unexplored, are the main attraction. Pesqueiro beach, in Soure, is one of the favorites.

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About 100 km from Belém, the city of Igarapé-Açu stands out for what it bears in its name: the streams, a point for bathers and families looking for leisure. According to tourists, the most beautiful attraction in the region is the Blue Lagoon, which enchants everyone with its clear and crystalline waters, surrounded by the forest.

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The small town is located in the extreme north of the island of Marajó and has a very different characteristic that attracts the curious to the destination: the fact that the streets and houses are built on stilts, becoming known as the Amazonian Venice.

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