We have selected destination tips for backpacking in the Americas. Check out 10 itineraries to fall in love with our continent

Backpacks are very popular travel formats among young people, mainly because they cover several countries and still keep the cost low. Europe is one of the main destinations for this type of trip, especially due to the proximity and ease of traveling between the countries that comprise the European Union. But not only the Old Continent has potential for backpackers, America can be just as attractive. 

Therefore, we have separated some ideas from backpacking to do in the Americas that will bring incredible and unforgettable experiences. 

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Travel itineraries to do in the Americas

Patagonia (Argentina and Chile)

backpacking itineraries

Backpacking itineraries. Photo: Matt Gross / Unsplash

If you like nature and want to see incredible landscapes, this road map at Patagonia It sure is ideal! Walking through the snow, discovering hidden lagoons, seeing glaciers and drinking whiskey with ice from the glacier are two of the many experiences you can have on the trip.

The good part is that many of the mountain tours you can do alone or hire an agency, leaving the trip with your face, in addition to being able to enjoy all that Chile and Argentina have to offer.

Amazon (Brazil + Peru)

backpacking itineraries

Backpacking itineraries. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

With more than 7 million square kilometers, the amazon offers all kinds of adventure both in Brazil and Peru. You might think that the forest has only one landscape, but in fact its fauna and flora are extremely diverse and are home to biomes such as the Pantanal and the Cerrado. And you can enjoy this experience in many different ways, whether on a sailboat, a cabin in the middle of the forest or a floating inn. 

Bolivia and Chile (Uyuni and Atacama Desert)

Backpacking in the Americas

Photo: Fritz Chavez / Unplash

A jeep tour through the Atacama desert with unforgettable landscapes is what you need for your vacation! There are several options for getting to know the Atacama Desert it's the Salar de Uyuni, but what you cannot miss is the opportunity to spend the night in the desert, see the starry sky at night, discover the red lake, see the geysers and visit the largest salt desert in the world.

Surely this trip will stay forever in your memory with all these unforgettable places you will visit!

Guatemala and Nicaragua

backpacking itineraries

Photo: Jimmy Baum / Unsplash

Nicaragua it is a natural paradise and has been growing a lot as a tourist destination. There you can visit the City of Granada known for its neoclassical architecture preserved to this day. In addition, you still have the possibility to visit the Masaya Volcano National Park and the Solentiname Archipelago!

And to improve this script even more, why not go to Guatemala after? There you can visit Tikal, the largest city built by the Mayans and you will find many hot springs to bathe with wonderful views.

Mexico (Mexico City + Riviera Maya)

Backpacking in the Americas

Photo: Tanja Cotoaga / Unsplash

A big city with millions of possibilities. THE Mexico City brings a lot of history with it, so this is definitely an itinerary for lovers of museums, cathedrals and Mayan ruins. In addition to all this, the city brings with it all the culture of the country, dance, food, making you have a complete experience! And best of all, not far away you can see the Riviera Maya, with pyramids and the Archaeological Zone, making this trip unforgettable! 

United States (Route 66)

Backpacking in the Americas: Route 66. Photo: Ganapathy Kumar / Unsplash

One of the most famous highways in the United States, Route 66 runs from Chicago to California, crossing virtually the entire country. In addition to a beautiful view, the trip has several attractions along the way, many films were produced on stretches of the highway. In Oklahoma you can visit the ghost town or go to Texas to see Cadillac's farm, but the best thing is that this adventure ends on the beaches of California, where the highway goes along the sea making the most incredible route.

Panama and Costa Rica

Backpacking itineraries. Photo: Etienne Delorieux / Unsplash

From Costa Rica to Panama, a Caribbean adventure not to be missed! Once in Costa Rica you can visit the majestic Arenal volcano. In addition to an incredible landscape, you can enjoy the hot springs, waterfalls and kayaking.

You also cannot miss the Tortuguero National Park, with beautiful trails and a great diversity of marine life! Traveling through the southern caribbean you arrive in Panama City, where you can visit the famous Panama Canal and discover the ancient city and the archipelago of San Blas.

Peru and Bolivia

Backpacking in the Americas: Peru and Bolivia. Photo: Davis Vargas / Unsplash

Starting in La Paz, the city offers many options, such as the Mirador Kili Kili, Valle de la Luna and the Witches' Market. After knowing these amazing places you can go to Copacabana and visit Isla del Sol, an ancient sacred island for the Incas.

You can stop in Puno to discover the floating islands and then head to Cusco and Machu Picchu. In addition to the normal tours around the cities, several companies offer tours with extreme sports through nature and, taking advantage of your time in Peru, visit the Valle del Colca, a wonderful canyon formed by the Colca River.

Uruguay, Argentina and Chile (Montevideo + Buenos Aires + Mendoza + Santiago)

Backpacking in the Americas:

Backpacking itineraries. Photo: Matt Broch / Unsplash

Starting with Montevideo, enjoy walking around the city on foot or by bike and visit the old town, get lost in its streets with ancient architecture and typical foods.

Your next stop could be Buenos Aires where you will discover the Casa Rosada, the famous Plaza del Mayo and the Caminito. These are just a few examples of everything the city has to offer.

The next stop includes Argentine wine and snow. Mendoza is the right place to relax and the city overlooks one of the highest mountains in the world!

Finally, end up in Santiago, a metropolitan capital with a lot to offer, don't miss the opportunity to visit La Moneda Palace, Plaza de Armas, Metropolitan Cathedral and much more! 

United States and Canada (New York + Toronto + Montreal + Quebec)

backpacking itineraries

Backpacking in the Americas: United States and Canada. Photo: Rolton Duke / Unsplash

Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, Empire State Building places to visit is not lacking in New York and is a great start to your trip to North America.

After a few days you can head to Toronto and discover the underground passages that connect subways, museums, hotels and shops, all designed for the -30ºC winter.

Now you are in the second largest French-speaking city after Paris, you have arrived in Montreal in addition to a multitude of restaurants and parks, you can visit old montreal and discover the incredible Notre Dame Basilica. And finally, Quebec is a great ending point for the tour. There you will see Frontenac Castle, the Citadel of Quebec and the famous Montmorency Falls.

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