Take advantage of the beautiful beaches available in Rio de Janeiro to perform impressive rehearsals and gain likes on the most diverse social networks

Brazil is a country known for its tropicality and natural wealth, mainly remembered for the beaches that stretch along the entire coast. And in Rio de Janeiro, for example, there are great beach options, especially for those who do not fail to register each itinerary and cherish “Instagrammable” places. 

The capital of Rio de Janeiro already conquers the most diverse profiles of tourists, such as lovers of culture, since it is where one of the seven wonders of the world, Christ the Redeemer, is located. Other options, such as Pão de Açúcar, AquaRio, Corcovado and the Museum of Tomorrow also complement this offer. Regardless of the profile, it is difficult to find a single visitor who was not attracted by the fine sand and sea water, which create the perfect setting for a photo shoot. 

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Beaches in Rio de Janeiro: 10 places to take photos

According to a survey carried out by Hotels.com, beach destinations will be protagonists in a post-pandemic scenario. Therefore, capitals such as Florianópolis, Fortaleza, Recife and, of course, Rio de Janeiro are in the crosshairs of travelers. 

To make the most of each of the beaches, it is worth remembering that Localiza's services are available throughout Brazil. Through car rental, it is possible to be free from other means of locomotion. After all, enjoying the beaches is good, but with freedom it's even better. 

Beautiful beaches are available to visitors in the capital of Rio de Janeiro and, to help, we have gathered ten great alternatives to visit and do that photo shoot, engaging social networks even more. Check out!

Red Beach

10 beaches in Rio de Janeiro to make an amazing photo shoot

Photo: Pixabay

Located in the Urca neighborhood, the beach, only 200 meters away, is close to the cable car ascent. Considered a super charming place, it is great for those who want to admire or register a beautiful pose with important cards in the background, such as the Sugar Loaf. The sea, with a more greenish tone, also helps in the ideal scenario for new clicks. 

Ipanema beach

10 beaches in Rio de Janeiro to make an amazing photo shoot

Photo: Mayra Pavanello Munerato/ Wikimedia Commons

It may even sound like a cliché, but some clichés are necessary. One of the main beaches in Rio still attracts the attention of tourists and residents. The whole landscape is so carioca that it is impossible to be more photogenic. That Portuguese stone sidewalk and Morro Dois Irmãos in the background make the photo even more special. It's a charming place in its own right. 

Secreto Beach

Photo: Alvaro.acosta.fo/ Wikimedia Commons

The beach, in fact, is a natural pool, formed when the tide is lower. It is located between the beaches of Macumba and Prainha, in Recreio, west of Rio de Janeiro. Access is via a fast track, great for those who like a little adventure and still want to complement the rehearsal. The sea is calm and allows the photos to be perfect. Two tips: go by car and opt for weekdays, as holidays and weekends tend to attract a greater number of visitors. 

little beach

10 beaches in Rio de Janeiro to make an amazing photo shoot

Photo: Fwellisch/ Wikimedia Commons

Close to Praia do Secreto is Prainha. How about taking advantage of that two for one? The place is after Reserva beach and before Grumari. It is also recommended that you travel by car and arrive early, as parking is limited. The beach is quiet and the way there is worth it. In a few days, the water becomes transparent and allows the rehearsal to be splendid. If the idea is to take more photos with green or on an adventure, it is also a great alternative. There, it is possible to surf or go hiking, in addition to registering for social networks. 

Copacabana beach

10 beaches in Rio de Janeiro to make an amazing photo shoot

Photo: bisonlux/ Flickr

Another destination considered a darling of tourists and residents of the capital of Rio de Janeiro. The shore has numerous tourists, either relaxing, or practicing some sport. Some championships are also held on the beach, as well as national and international concerts by renowned artists. Enjoying a good beach, practicing a sport you like, resting and still enjoying a lot of excitement is what travelers will find and will be able to photograph everything. 

Arpoador Beach

10 beaches in Rio de Janeiro to make an amazing photo shoot

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon Souza/ Wikimedia Commons

That photo with the sunset or sunrise cannot be missing from the list, as well as the walk in Praia do Arpoador, where you can find the best sunset in Rio de Janeiro. The beach is famous for attracting locals and tourists at the end of the day, who gather precisely to admire the landscape. Certainly, the perfect setting for those who want to have the best shots in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Joatinga beach

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon Souza/ Wikimedia Commons

This is a more reserved beach and located inside a condominium close to the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, but we know well that there is no private beach. So, prepare the engine and head towards Praia de Joatinga, accessible by a trail on the rocks. The view is amazing and the feeling of privacy makes everything even more delicious. There, you don't even have to prepare for the photos. The most spontaneous and guided by nature are the ones that are most successful and generate likes from their followers. 

Barra da Tijuca beach

10 beaches in Rio de Janeiro to make an amazing photo shoot

Photo: VinnyWiki/ Wikimedia Commons

Brazilians who are Brazilians have already heard about this famous beach, which still conquers the residents of the region, mainly because of the greenish water. It is considered the largest in Rio de Janeiro, with 18 kilometers of extension, with much of it urbanized, with boardwalk, bike path and many kiosks. It's worth taking a few hours out of the day to explore its beauties and find the best angles for a successful photo shoot. 

Grumari beach

Photo: Ricardo Wagner e Silva/ Wikimedia Commons

Considered an Environmental Protection Area since the 1980s, Praia de Grumari is a more reserved place, with strong waves at the bottom of the beach and a large part of shallow water ideal for bathers. Access to the beach is via a narrow road that is crowded with cars during weekends and holidays. The stones available on site are very charming and can help with the composition of the photos.

Leblon beach

10 beaches in Rio de Janeiro to make an amazing photo shoot

Photo: Rafaelkatz/ Wikimedia Commons

Located in one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, Praia do Leblon is well known for its excellent tourist infrastructure. There are boardwalks, bike paths and kiosks, as well as high-end hotels, restaurants and shops. The view of Pão de Açúcar and Morro Dois Irmãos at dusk mesmerizes many visitors and can result in indescribable photos. 

Did you like the tips? Take the opportunity to separate the best looks and embark on an adventure through these beaches that tend to leave the scene for a perfect photo shoot!

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