Yes! There are castles in Brazil and they are impressive, in addition to being available for visitation. Meet some of them! 

Castles are known to be a constant feature of world literature. But we have castles in Brazil? Many forget that the country still has its share of imposing buildings present in the main cities.

"Where are castles in Brazil?”. Good question. This is not a fairy tale or cultural appropriation, but an archaeological and even historical curiosity (depending on the case, of course). Come with us to discover some of these magnificent places and take the opportunity to book your visit, as it is a very interesting and unique experience.

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Castles in Brazil that you need to know and visit

Castles in Rio de Janeiro

castle in brazil

Castle of the Baron of Itaipava. Photo: Disclosure

Let's start with Rio de Janeiro, a state that had importance during the Empire. In Petropolis is the Castle of the Baron of Itaipava (also known simply as Itaipava Castle). Built in the first half of the last century by the aristocrat Rodolfo Smith de Vasconcellos, it was a construction made with entirely European material and took about five years to complete.

The place has several attractions such as Pátio das Jaboticabeiras, Praça da Armadura Real, Solar do Castelo, a beauty center and a brewery that produces beer with an exclusive recipe.

Prefer a more historic and less commercial location? No problem: the best option is the Tax Island Castle, located in the interior of Guanabara Bay, right on the border with the historic center of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The place hosted the famous Ball of Ilha Fiscal, the last great party of the Empire before the Proclamation of the Republic, on November 15, 1889.


Customs Palace. Photo: Disclosure

Also known as Customs Palace from Ilha dos Ratos (with escaped rodents from neighboring Ilha das Cobras), the palace was designed to be the city's customs post during the Second Reign. It had its look inspired by the French buildings of the 14th century and was only completed eight years later, on April 27, 1889.

castles in brazil

Photo: Moorish Castle of Manguinhos

A third option is the Moorish Castle of Manguinhos, which is on the banks of Avenida Brasil. It is today the main building of the Historical Architectural Nucleus (NAHM) of Manguinhos and was built in 1918, in a position facing the Guanabara Bay. Designed by the Portuguese architect Luiz Moraes Júnior, the so-called “Palácio das Ciências” was imagined by Oswaldo Cruz to be the headquarters of Fiocruz, created using the Pasteur Institute in Paris as a model. Today the place is open to visitors and is part of the circuit offered by the Museum of Life at Casa de Oswaldo Cruz.

Castles in Sao Paulo

castles to see in brazil

Furlani Castle. Photo: Disclosure

Changing scenery and state, in Sao Paulo the highlight goes to the Furlani Castle, in the municipality of Pederneiras. Conceived by the Austrian Fausto Furlani in 1908, the immigrant decided to build a castle in a land surrounded by Indians, when a small house inhabited only by him and his wife received part of the Furlani and Colati families, including Fausto's father, Leonardo Furlani. The castle, designed to contain family members, began to be built in 1911, with cement imported from Germany and tiles from Marseille, France. Furlani searched for materials while his father and brothers worked on the construction itself. Flintlocks suffered at the time from the constant presence of bandits, so the castle was built within a high security standard.

Castles in Rio Grande do Sul

castles in brazil

Pedras Altas Castle. Photo: Disclosure

Going to the south of the country we find more interesting examples. At the Rio Grande do Sul We have the Pedras Altas Castle, in the municipality of the same name. Another predominantly medieval-style building, built between 1909 and 1913, was built for diplomat Joaquim Francisco de Assis Brasil, who used it to move his farm into a country property. The site was listed by the Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage of the State and by the Institute of National Historic and Artistic Heritage. The place is considered by visitors as a true lesson in the history of Rio Grande do Sul.

castles in brazil

Simões Lopes Castle. Photo: Disclosure

Going to Pelotas we find the Simões Lopes Castle, started in 1920 and completed three years later by Augusto Simões Lopes, son of beef jerky producer João Simões Lopes Filho, Viscount da Graça. At the time, it was the scene of major political and social events. It was owned by the Pelotas writer Simões Lopes Neto, a highlight of the Rio Grande do Sul literature. It was the first house with heating, a coal-fired furnace located in the basement, as well as radiators in every room. When the Simões Lopes neighborhood was created in 1914, the castle was already the first large building built there. The property became municipal property in 1990.

Castles in Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina

Coradelli Castle. Photo: Disclosure

In Joinville, in the north of Santa Catarina, is a more recent construction. THE Coradelli Castle in question was started in 1996 by massage therapist Leonardo Coradelli, 71 years old, and has more than 700 square meters of built area, with 16 large towers and another 32 small ones, 21 rooms, in addition to arches and a swimming pool. Despite being a private construction, many are interested in visiting the unfinished construction, which made the owner open the castle for scheduled visits, especially the towers, which have already become a tourist attraction.

Castles in Paraná


Batel Castle. Photo: Disclosure

On our list, no Brazilian castle achieves the grandeur of the Batel Castle, in Curitiba, in Paraná. Located in the noblest region of the city, it was conceived by the coffee grower Luiz Guimarães, who was inspired by French constructions in the Loire Valley region, in France. Completed in 1928, the construction was considered unique throughout the country, frequented by names such as the Mayor of Curitiba João Moreira Garcês, the journalist Assis Chateaubriand and the former Italian minister, Count Dino Grandi, who would later participate in the deposition of the dictator Benito Mussolini.

Castles in Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte

pernambuco castles

Saint John Castle. Photo: Disclosure

Going to the Northeast region of the country, we found the last two copies of our research: the São João Castle, in Pernambuco, it's the Castle Zé dos Montes, at the large northern river.

The first houses a Museum of Weapons created by the Pernambuco collector Ricardo Brennand, who gathered copies used between the 15th and 21st centuries from almost all continents. The collection includes paintings, armory, tapestry, decorative arts, sculpture and furniture. The weapons are considered one of the largest collections in the world, with around 3,000 pieces.

large northern river

Castle Zé dos Montes. Photo: Disclosure

already the Castle Zé dos Montes, which is located in Serra da Tapuia, in the municipality of Sítio Novo, is a stone and lime construction built by a retired army sergeant, who gave the work his own name. Legend has it that it was Our Lady who gave him the order to build the building, a project that occupied him for at least thirty years and was inspired by Moorish architecture.

Whatever your fate, find out castles in Brazil it can be quite an adventure. Up for the challenge?

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