There are several destinations worth visiting on a day trip by car from Rio de Janeiro and without the need to wait for the next long holiday.

"The wonderful city". That's how the Rio de Janeiro it is remembered by tourists and locals alike as it offers a huge range of attractions. Culture, gastronomy, beach, history, ecotourism and other aspects of tourism can be explored in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. However, in addition to housing all this diversity of attractions, it is also a great starting point for other amazing destinations, ideal for a day trip. 

Having the possibility to escape the metropolis and enjoy other nearby places is possible without having to wait for the next long holiday or vacation. There are several cities to do a day trip from Rio de Janeiro and that can very well be enjoyed in a single day.

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Round trip from Rio de Janeiro

As much as the city of Rio de Janeiro is rich in attractions, there are many nearby cities that can further complement an itinerary. And this can be best enjoyed on a road trip with family and/or friends. Even those who do not have their own car or who do not have a suitable vehicle can take advantage of several possibilities.

through the car rental in RJ, travelers can count on complete assistance and still save a lot. Localiza, for example, has several units throughout Brazil and, obviously, the capital of Rio de Janeiro is not left out of the list. The company's wide portfolio of vehicles is also a differential that will guarantee safety, tranquility and the fun that the trip needs. 

The question is: where to go? To help you, we have gathered ten cities to enjoy a day trip from Rio de Janeiro. Check out!


10 cities to take a day trip by car from Rio de Janeiro

Round trip by car from Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Pixabay

This is a city very close to the capital, located just 20 kilometers away from Rio de Janeiro. That is, ideal for a round trip. The connection includes a ride on the Rio-Niterói bridge, an attraction in itself, as it is the largest reinforced concrete bridge in the southern hemisphere. 

If you are looking for culture and history, be sure to visit the Caminho Niemeyer, a complex that has the Niemeyer Foundation building, the Roberto Silveira Memorial and the Popular Theater. If the beach is your goal, it is worth visiting Icaraí, São Francisco, Jurujuba, Charitas and Adão e Eva. ecotourism? Run to the peak of Parque da Cidade, 270 meters above the sea, where you can have an incredible panoramic view of the entire city. 


10 cities to take a day trip by car from Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Pixabay

The imperial city, as it is known, has its charm and is also considered a must-visit. Located just 68 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, the trip takes approximately one hour. It's no wonder that it's a destination that needs to be on the list of a day trip. 

We are talking about one of the routes of Dom Pedro II and one of the capitals of the state of Rio de Janeiro for nine years. Some of the attractions include the Imperial Museum, Crystal Palace and the Casa de Santos Dumont Museum. 


Round trip by car from Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Thadeusz Jucá/ Wikipedia Commons

Anyone who wants to escape the hustle of the big city and have, in fact, a connection with nature, will certainly like this tip. Less than one hundred kilometers from the capital is Teresópolis, a city located in the mountainous region of the state. The main tourist spot is the Serra dos Órgãos National Park, the oldest in the country and which has a wide range of adventure tourism and ecotourism activities. Among the activities are trails, waterfalls and rivers.

Other attractions of the municipality are the Três Picos State Park, the Municipal Natural Park of Teresópolis Mountains, Mirante do Vale Paraíso and the Frades Waterfall. If you have the opportunity, don't forget to buy a souvenir to take home at the Handicraft Fair. 

Sissy boy

10 cities to take a day trip by car from Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Tânia Rêgo/ABr

Another city very close to Rio de Janeiro, Maricá is a great destination for those who enjoy nature walks. History is also a strong point, as the municipality is home to small farms and large farms, such as Fazenda de Itapeba and Fazer do Pilar. 

Some of the main beaches are Praia de Ponta Negra, Barra de Maricá, Guaratiba, Cordeirinho, Itaipuaçu and Jaconé. If you want adventure, don't miss visiting the Gruta do Spar and the Gruta de Ponta Negra. Visitors are also advised to visit the city's postcards, namely Pedra do Elefante and Pedra do Macaco. 


10 cities to take a day trip by car from Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Disclosure

The local atmosphere is full of history and charm. Founded in 1929, the city of Penedo, 177 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, is considered the main Finnish colony in Brazil, a heritage that is soon perceived in the local culture and architecture. The history is on account of attractions such as the Finnish Museum Dona Eva, with objects, photos and costumes typical of the community. It's like becoming a real Finn. 

If the script still requires a bit of adventure, it is worth taking advantage of the most diverse waterfalls available in Penedo. Some of the most famous are the Cachoeira de Deus, the Três Cachoeiras and the Poço das Esmeraldas. There are more secluded options, such as Serrinha do Alambari and Rio Palmital, with the latter accessible by a trail. 

Viscount of Mauá

10 cities to take a day trip by car from Rio de Janeiro

Round trip by car from Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Fred Schinke/ Flickr

Once again, ecotourism is present on this list. Visconde de Mauá, located 200 kilometers from the capital, has forests, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. It is no wonder that the main local activity is adventure. It is possible to practice several sports in the municipality, such as canoeing, hang gliding, mountain biking and mountain boarding. 

The city is divided into three: Visconde de Mauá, where hotels and restaurants are located; Maringá, with trendier stores; and Maromba, with a unique style and closer to the waterfalls. 

Cable camp

Photo: Pixabay

It is impossible to talk about a day trip from Rio de Janeiro and not remember Arraial do Cabo, located 164 kilometers from the capital. Known as the "Brazilian Caribbean", the municipality provides rest and beautiful beaches, with unparalleled blue waters. 

Those who visit the place cannot miss Praia dos Anjos and Praia da Ilha do Farol. A tour along the coast of the island will also attract the attention of tourists, who will be able to visit Pedra do Macaco, the Fenda de Nossa Senhora, Boqueirão and the Blue Grotto. The Prainhas do Pontal also deserve attention. For those who want a little fun, the tip is Praia do Pontal do Atalaia and Praia do Forno, some of the most famous in the region. 

Cabo Frio

10 cities to take a day trip by car from Rio de Janeiro

Round trip by car from Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Pixabay

The municipality, 155 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, offers tourism for all tastes. In addition to the consolidated beaches of the destination, there are some points of interest in the city that can enchant and complement even more the day trip itinerary. 

Tourists can enjoy the edge of Praia do Forte, Largo São Benedito, Lagoa de Araruama and Boulevard Canal, the latter being a great place to have a privileged view of the entire surroundings. The tour is also an invitation for a dip in the Japanese Island. The religious wealth is on account of the Nossa Senhora dos Anjos Convent and the Nossa Senhora da Guia Chapel. 


10 cities to take a day trip by car from Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Pixabay

It is incredible to think that it is not necessary to wait for the next holiday to enjoy all the beauty of Búzios. Located 176 kilometers from the wonderful city, on a peninsula on the north coast of the state, the city still has that characteristic of a fishing village, despite being one of the most visited municipalities in the state. 

A tour of Rua das Pedras and tours of Ilha Feia, Praia de João Fernandes and Praia da Tartaruga and Tartaruguinha are some of the alternatives for visitors. It is also possible to have that panoramic view of the city and the postcards of the destination, such as Praia da Armação, Orla Bardot, Praia dos Ossos and Ilha Branca. 

Angra dos Reis

10 cities to take a day trip by car from Rio de Janeiro

Round trip by car from Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Disclosure

To the south of Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis, located 160 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, has 365 islands around it. Therefore, most tours take place by boat, with visits to breathtaking scenery. Between one stop and another, it is good to take a dip and observe the local marine life, with fish, crustaceans, molluscs, moray eels and turtles.

Visiting Lagoa Azul, Praia do Araçá, Ilhas Botinas and Ilha de Gipóia is essential for those who really want to enjoy the destination. It is also worth visiting the historic center of the city, where convents, churches and colonial buildings are located. Gastronomic options spread throughout Vila do Frade. Therefore, that break to enjoy the city's cuisine is a must. 

Did you like the tips? So how about taking the opportunity to prepare the next itinerary – and weekend – to do that special day trip around the state? Enjoy the trip!

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