Destinations and enterprises resume activities and tourists can take advantage of the moment to get to know great destinations to travel on the weekend

Tourism is slowly returning to normalcy. After six months at home and with tourist services suspended, travelers find the opportunity to resume their itineraries and relax. And you don't have to wait for the next long holiday or vacation to pack your bags. There are cheap travel packages to travel on the weekend and that can be done as soon as possible.

This can be provided by the platform findee, a website specialized in destinations to travel on the weekend – that is, from Thursday to Monday – with affordable prices. The platform brings together several itineraries and packages that meet the most varied profiles, such as adventurer, travel for those looking for gastronomic, cultural experiences, among others.

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Destinations to travel for the weekend

In order to help travelers find the best itineraries to enjoy this weekend, we have selected ten destinations for short, quick and unforgettable trips. And, with the help of Findee, this trip will be possible for a price that fits in your pocket, as the company's objective is to offer the opportunity for more people to travel cheaply. Check out!

Taiwan (GO)

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The destination, located 282 kilometers from the capital Goiânia and 75 kilometers from Brasília, is a full plate for those who like adventure and who do not give up contact with nature. The destination has caves, waterfalls, free falls, trails and free flight ramps. The city also has archaeological sites, which complement the local history and culture, which also includes the calendar of religious events. Its main postcard is the Salto do Itiquira, one of the biggest falls in the Midwest, with 169 meters. On Findee, you can find trips to Formosa starting at R$ 472 per person.

Itacaré (BA)

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Strips of sand by the sea are attractive for those who want to get away from the city and take advantage of the weekend to leave their feet bare and take a dip in the sea. In addition, the destination is surrounded by Atlantic Forest vegetation and has some waterfalls and rivers, a gift for those who also want to venture out and keep in touch with nature.

It is no wonder that the prevailing tourism is nature-oriented, including water sports, hiking and much more. Visitors are advised to visit the islands of Baía de Camamu and Peninsula de Maraú, where there are natural pools of Taipu de Fora. Definitely, this is a quick and memorable trip for those who want to save money by taking advantage of cheap travel packages. On Findee, you can find trips to Itacaré from R$ 730 per person, for three nights.

Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO)

weekend travel destinations

Photo: Aline Fortuna / Wikimedia Commons

The region, which encompasses eight municipalities in the interior of Goiás, has crystalline rivers, 100-meter waterfalls and stone walls. Visitors need to be willing and walk along trails to reach attractions. Almost all trails end in pools of refreshing water, which appear at the base of waterfalls or in the midst of rock formations. The main support bases for tourists are the city of Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Vila de São Jorge and Cavalcante. The more adventurous will find several options for bathing on the days they are in the destination. At Findee, you can find trips to Chapada dos Veadeiros from R$ 614 per person, for three nights.

Ponta Grossa (PR)

Cheap weekend trips near Paraná

Vila Velha State Park, in Ponta Grossa. Photo: Findee / Publicity

How about uniting adventure, culture and religion in a single script? Ponta Grossa, located 103 kilometers from the capital Curitiba, has very interesting attractions for those who want to discover the destination and with the right to beautiful landscapes, - and still little explored -, as is the case of Buraco do Padre, the Historic Park of Carambeí and the Nun's Cleft.

Local museums and monuments also attract those interested in local culture and can experience stories that were hosted right there in a more intimate narrative. For the religious, the destination is also highlighted, as there are places such as the Monastery of the Resurrection, the Santa Bárbara do Pitangui Chapel and Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church, for example. At Findee, you can find trips to Ponta Grossa from R$ 396 per person, for two nights.

Jericoacoara (CE)

weekend travel destinations

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The destination was once considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches on the planet. But this fame does not take away from the place that typical image of a fishing village in a paradisiacal setting. Located 300 kilometers from Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, the region attracts those who appreciate cuisine, which includes seafood and traditional Northeastern recipes, and lovers of the beach, sports and relaxation, make the most of a “place in the sun”.

Adventurers can also enjoy the destination, as many routes are only accessible with 4×4 cars and there are 23 kilometers of dunes, where it is possible to do various activities in nature, such as kite and windsurf. On Findee, you can find trips to Jericoacoara from R$ 963 per person, for four nights.

Caraíva (BA)

Photo: Marcelino Dias / WIkimedia Commons

Located in the south of Bahia, Caraíva has a rustic village style, which has sandy streets and is accessible only after crossing the river in small boats. The colorful houses of the destination give a charm to the place, which complement traditional houses, inns and local restaurants. Knowing where to go and what to do, without a doubt Caraíva can be considered an excellent choice for a quiet weekend, even more so if the traveler can find attractive travel packages, with air tickets included.

At night, the destination gives way to night attractions, which include shows and live music. Whoever wants to, can risk dancing forró at dawn and wait for the sun to rise. On Findee, you can find trips to Caraíva from R$ 1086 per person, for four nights.

Florianopolis (SC)

Destinations to travel on the weekend. Photo: Pedro Soares de Oliveira Neto / Wikimedia Commons

This is an eclectic destination and great for anyone looking to enjoy a little bit of everything. Want beach? Have! Want culture? Have! Who nature? Have! Want nightlife? Also have. The charming and unique Floripa is considered that unmissable trip that will attract the most different profiles of travelers. On a weekend, it is possible to enjoy, rest, relax and start a new week with recharged energies. On Findee, you can find cheap travel packages to Florianopolis from R$ 345 per person for two nights.

Recife PE)

Photo: FabricioMacedoPhotos / Pixabay

Culture and history. These are the main attractions for travelers to Recife, which also complements the range of activities with beaches and natural attractions during the day. There are two well-visited historic centers, Recife Antigo and Olinda, in addition to a typical gastronomy, where seafood and dried meat, for example, stand out. Boa Viagem is the neighborhood that is responsible for offering beaches and relaxation, as well as nightlife with bars and restaurants for those who enjoy a good night out. On Findee, you can find trips to Recife from R$ 686 per person for three nights.

Rio de Janeiro - RJ)

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

THE Rio de Janeiro it is the eternal wonderful city and obviously could not be left out of the list. This is a destination that offers a lot of beach and culture. Copacabana is one of the great attractions of the city, with its extensive beachfront full of bars and iconic points of carioca life. In addition, there are important museums in the Brazilian collection that are only found in the state capital.

Among the best-known attractions, we cannot fail to mention the Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer, one of the seven wonders of the world. How about taking the opportunity and buying a souvenir for friends and relatives, knowing some of the various craft fairs that are found in the city? At Findee, you can find trips to Rio de Janeiro from R$ 353 per person, for two nights.

Serra Gaucha (RS)

Destinations to travel on the weekend. Photo: Gabrielrvallim / Wikimedia Commons

A mild climate and colonial cuisine are highlights of this region that extends across the state. There are several wineries to visit and taste wines accompanied by cheeses and other local snacks. These sites also give visitors real history lessons about colonization in the south of the country, forming a small piece of Europe.

Gramado and Canela, for example, still welcome visitors with an extensive calendar of events, such as Natal Luz and Chocofest, one of the best known chocolate festivals in Brazil. In addition to the more classic destinations, departing from both cities, it is still possible to enjoy other places to visit in Serra Gaúcha. At Findee it is possible to take this trip from R$ 586 per person for three nights.

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