The capital of the second largest state in Brazil is full of colors, lives and flavors. Bethlehem It still carries its beautiful set of colonial mansions - vestiges of the belle époque, combining the classic with the modern due to its constant progress of metropolitan evolution, also becoming a very interesting destination to enjoy renowned restaurants, shop and enjoy the very busy night of the city. capital of Pará.

The destination stands out for the amount of tourist attractions in and around the capital: there are countless historic buildings, islands, mangroves, excellent restaurants and much more.

Try Tacacá

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The famous soup with a greenish color that makes the mouth sleepy is served in a gourd with shrimp. The recipe is based on tucupi and jambu, an aphrodisiac Amazonian herb that gives the taste to tacacá! Trying the delicious recipe is a tradition that needs to be carried out on a trip to Belém.

Photo: Paratur

Photo: Paratur

Drink açaí at Ver-o-Peso

Unlike other regions of Brazil where açaí comes with granola, banana or cereal, in Belém the concentrated 100% fruit is taken with fried fish, jerked beef or peach palm, making it a true typical meal from Pará. To make the experience even more authentic, try the dish at a typical restaurant in the Ver-o-Peso market. 

Seema Krishnakumar

Photo: Seema Krishnakumar

Follow the Círio de Nazaré

If you have the opportunity to visit Belém during the second Sunday of October, you will be able to witness the biggest and most beautiful Catholic demonstration in the world. The candle usually receives 2 million faithful every year who walk the streets of the capital making religious manifestations.

Photo: Papy Leite

Photo: Papy Leite

dance Carimbó

Of indigenous origin, Carimbó is the biggest cultural manifestation of Pará, the rhythm that has been influenced over time is in the playlist of the youngest and the oldest. To see a performance, we suggest the boat that leaves every Sunday next to Estação das Docas on the platform of Vale Verde Turismo.

Photo: SoccerexNews

Photo: SoccerexNews

Take a trip to Combu Island

Combu Island is the most famous of the islands opposite Belém, there are some famous restaurants such as “Saldosa Maloca” with typical dishes such as the tucupi calf and the Pará stew.

Photo: Leonardo Barretto

Photo: Leonardo Barretto

Try Cairu's ice creams

Ranked as one of the best ice cream shops in Brazil, Cairu has more than 100 flavors made with fruits from the region such as cupuaçu, açaí, tapioca, cajá, taperebá and of course the traditional flavors.

Photo: João Miguel Simões

Photo: João Miguel Simões

Take a tour of Guajará Bay

Belém is surrounded by the Guajará Bay that continues to form fabulous landscapes in Belém. In addition to enjoying the view with a beautiful walk along the shores, it is possible to take a river tour and see the city on the other side, one of the most beautiful walks to do in the destination.

Photo: Flickr - Wfera

Photo: Flickr – Wfera

buy a fragrant smell

Ver-o-peso is famous for presenting all the spices from the state of Pará in one of the largest free fairs in Latin America. In addition to getting to know the ingredients, fish and fruits in depth, the visitor can check out the stalls of the Amazonian mandingas, those famous for the colorful liquids deposited in small bottles known as “Smells”. It is said that each scented essence promises to cure everything, evil eye, lack of money and even unrequited love.

Photo: Paratur

Photo: Paratur

Tasting Amazon Beer Beers

Amazon Beer is the first microbrewery in the Amazon and won an award as the best craft brewery in the country in 2014. The space is located at Estação das Docas, perfect for enjoying the view of the river, trying drinks that use ingredients from the region.

Photo: Emerson Pardo

Photo: Emerson Pardo

Watch a movie at the Olympia cinema

Cinema Olympia was a point of intellectuals in the past and had in its architecture all the luxury and refinement of the time. It designed all the classics of the time and was founded in 1923, being the oldest cinema in operation in Brazil!

Photo: Flickr - Numfarptb

Photo: Flickr – Numfarptb

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Círio de Nazaré in Belém, the biggest religious festival in Brazil

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