Among all the places to visit in Paraíba, those near the sea are the most special. Check out the natural paradises on the coast of Paraíba that deserve your visit

THE northeast coast is privileged with an exuberant nature and many, many paradisiacal beaches that deserve to be part of your travel plans. In this post, in particular, we want to suggest 10 natural paradises you need to know in Paraíba.

The coastal strip of the state holds many surprises, between beaches of unparalleled beauty - including some rivers -, great structure to receive travelers and a very welcoming people. 

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At natural pools in Paraiba are a spectacle apart. Great for those who enjoy diving and perfect for those who want to relax in a paradisiacal setting.

there is a lot What to know in Paraiba. When traveling there, be sure you'll want to come back again and again. The natural paradises of the coast of Paraíba will conquer you.

Check out the 10 natural paradises you need to know in Paraíba

Among all places to visit in Paraiba, those near the sea are the most special. 

Find out, below, which are the 10 natural paradises you need to know in Paraíba.

Tambaba – Count 

Photo: George Vale / Flickr

Surrounded by colorful cliffs, corals and volcanic formations that form natural pools, the Tamba Beach It is one of the most beautiful in Paraíba.

The sea of warm waters and the clear sands form an ideal scenario for those looking for peace to enjoy a beach. 

In addition, it is so quiet and not very frequented, it has an area reserved for the practice of naturism. In fact, it was the first beach of its kind in Brazil. 

The two environments, however, are well separated and tourists who do not practice nudism can quietly enjoy the part of the beach open to the general public.

Praia de Tambaba, one of the natural paradises on the coast of Paraíba, is located in the municipality of Conde, about 30 km from João Pessoa.

Coqueiro – Count 

Photo: Bárbara Gondim / Wikimedia Commons

Praia de Coqueirinho is a neighbor of Tambaba and shares the same beauty, but with a little more hustle.

Less isolated, this beach can get very busy on weekends. But it's not hard to understand why so many people look for it. The crystalline waters, in shades of green and blue, contrast with the whiteness of the sands, surrounded by many coconut trees.

It is an incredible view, made even better by the presence of water sources and many rocks.

To get to it, however, you have to face a steep sandy road. But it's so worth it. 

Tabatinga – Conde 

Places to visit in Paraíba. Photo: Josefelipe27 / Wikimedia Commons

Another stretch of sand of exuberant beauty in Conde, Praia de Tabatinga is next to Coqueirinho. 

Much calmer, it looks like a paradisiacal beach: without any structure, with calm and crystalline sea and an extensive strip of sand, surrounded by cliffs and many coconut trees. 

It is the perfect destination for those seeking tranquility. 

In addition, at Tabatinga Beach you can choose between bathing in salty or fresh water, because there is a river that flows there. 

Cabo Branco – João Pessoa

Photo: Lucas Barreiros

Praia de Cabo Branco is more urban, with an extensive boardwalk along its shore and many options for kiosks.

It is divided into two very distinct areas. To the north, there is more movement of people, in the area that is close to Praia de Tambaú.

For those looking for peace, the ideal is to head to the southern part of Praia de Cabo Branco Beach – towards Cabo de Santo Agostinho – where there are fewer people and a very beautiful area, formed by rocks and coconut trees.

Along its entire length, Praia do Cabo Branco has calm seas, with few waves, in shades of brown – where the surf occurs – and green. 

Seixas natural pools – João Pessoa

places to visit in paraiba

Places to visit in Paraíba. Photo: Marinelson Almeida / Flickr

Among the natural paradises you need meet in Paraíba, there is a paradisiacal setting very close to the capital João Pessoa. I'm talking about the natural pools of Seixas, considered one of the places similar to the Caribbean here in Brazil.

With crystalline waters in shades of blue and green, the natural pools are formed between corals a few kilometers from Praia da Penha, out to sea. To reach them, it is necessary to hire a speedboat or catamaran. The route is very fast. 

The natural pools of Seixas are perfect for snorkeling – surface diving – and guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Jacare Beach – Cabedelo

places to visit in paraiba

Photo: Henrique Martins de Oliveira / Wikimedia Commons

Praia do Jacaré, on the banks of the Paraíba River, is famous for its stunning sunsets, washed down to the sound of Jurandy do Sax's saxophone.

Many tourists and residents of Cabedelo look for the river beach in the late afternoon to contemplate the natural spectacle along with the saxophonist's show.

Before, the area was occupied by many bars and restaurants that provided a pleasant atmosphere for those who wanted to enjoy the performance. Now, the beachfront is empty and tourists can enjoy the sunset from the wall or aboard boats that take trips along the river. 

Miriri – Rio Tinto 

Places to visit in Paraíba. Photo: Matheus Jampa da Silva / Wikimedia Commons

The beauty of Praia do Miriri, in the city of Rio Tinto, is marked by the meeting of the Rio Miriri with the sea. She is part of Barra do Mamanguape Environmental Protection Area.

Surrounded by colorful cliffs and many coconut trees, it is a very quiet and uncrowded beach, due to the difficulty of access.

To get to Praia do Miriri it is necessary to go through a sandy road without signage. But the effort is rewarded by the beauty of the place. 

Barra de Camaratuba – Mataraca

Photo: Junior Jurandir / Wikimedia Commons

Located in Mataraca, Barra de Camaratuba is a beautiful beach, with fine white sand and crystal clear sea.

During low tide, it is ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea with tranquility. When the tide rises, it becomes perfect for surfing and kitesurfing, with rough waves. 

In addition, the meeting of the river and the sea in Barra de Camaratuba allows you to choose between fresh and salt water for bathing. 

Picãozinho – João Pessoa

what to do in paraiba

Places to visit in Paraíba. Photo: Bruno Chacon Pessoa / Wikimedia Commons

The natural pools of Picãozinho are one of the paradises in Paraíba. They can be visited on boat trips that depart from Praia de Tambaú, in João Pessoa. The journey takes about 3 hours into the sea.

Upon arriving at the natural pools of Picãozinho, the view is breathtaking. Formed among corals, they have crystal clear waters full of schools of fish. Perfect for diving. 

However, they can only be visited during low tide. 

Barra de Gramame Beach – João Pessoa

Photo: Matheus Jampa da Silva / Wikimedia Commons

Located in the southern part of the capital of Paraíba, Praia Barra de Gramame has calm seas and is great for bathing.It is located at the mouth of the Gramame River and, therefore, allows tourists to choose to bathe in salt or fresh water. 

Praia de Gramame is also very popular among those who practice kitesurfing and windsurfing, due to the strong winds coming from the open sea. 

On its edge, there are several kiosks that guarantee a well-served day by the sea.

The coast of Paraíba is really incredible and cannot be left out of your travel plans. Include in your itinerary one of these 10 natural paradises that you need to know in Paraíba and live the best experiences. 

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