The nature of the interior of São Paulo is privileged and has stunning scenery, perfect for lovers of ecotourism and adventure tourism.

Are you a lover of ecotourism looking for options tours near SP? Then this post is for you. Here I will give you valuable tips on 10 places close to São Paulo for those who love nature.

That's right! Very close to the great metropolis it is possible to find incredible destinations for the practice of extreme sports, for family outings in the open air or just to sit and enjoy the beautiful view.

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the nature of countryside of São Paulo is privileged and holds stunning scenery. In addition, there are cities on the state border that, in addition to being close, have unmissable natural attractions. And you need to know all this. Let's go?

Places for nature lovers in São Paulo

First, let's list the cities in the interior of São Paulo which are great options for tours from the capital of São Paulo for those who love nature and are looking for ecotourism destinations.


countryside of sao paulo

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Located at the foot of Serra da Mantiqueira, Socorro is the ideal place for those who enjoy ecotourism and adventure tourism. Located 138 km from the capital of São Paulo, the city is full of incredible scenarios for the practice of activities in contact with nature and has international certification for sports tourism.

not for less, Relief it is known as the City of Adventure and has several trails, waterfalls, tree climbing circuits, horseback riding and quadricycles. Among all that can be done there, it is worth trying rafting on the Rio do Peixe Tourist Circuit, which runs through the city. Another must-see is the Mirante da Pedra da Bela Vista, one of the highest points in the region, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking landscape.


cities in the interior of SP

Photo: Sofia Prado / Wikimedia Commons

Another perfect destination for those who love ecotourism, sprouts is a city in the interior of São Paulo that doesn't skimp when it comes to the option of activities in contact with nature. The city, located 240 km from the capital of São Paulo, is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, has several waterfalls and some ecoparks, where it is possible to go hiking, rafting, rappelling, canyoning, climbing and zip lining.

If it's worth the tip, visit Recanto das Cachoeiras, which has an artificial beach and two beautiful waterfalls, and Viva Brotas Eco Park, which houses the first zip-line with bicycle in Brazil. And be sure to be enchanted by the charming center of Brotas, where there is the Parque dos Saltos, with three waterfalls that were part of the old hydroelectric plant of the city.

San Francisco Xavier

countryside of São Paulo ecotourism

Photo: Rafael Borges Mundim / Wikimedia Commons

Located in Serra da Mantiqueira, São Francisco Xavier is another city in the interior of São Paulo, perfect for those who love nature, whether to practice extreme sports or to sit and enjoy the beautiful view.

It is located 147 km from the capital of São Paulo, in the region of São José dos Campos, close to the border with Minas Gerais. From there it is even possible to reach Monte Verde through a trail, for example. Among the options of things to do in São Francisco Xavier are visiting its beautiful waterfalls and cascading, swimming or going down the river with buoys, horseback riding, walking along its various trails or ziplining from the top of its beautiful mountains.



Photo: InaeMiranda / Pixabay

Wedge, in turn, is a destination for those who love to observe nature and be enchanted by its beauties. To get an idea of what to expect from there, this city in the interior of São Paulo gained fame for one of its main attractions: the Lavandário. The immense field of lavender draws attention for its beauty and perfume and attracts many tourists looking for a romantic walk or setting for photo shoots.

But there are also good options for those who enjoy ecotourism. It is worth visiting Núcleo Bonito, Serra do Mar State Park, Cachoeira Pimenta and Pedra da Macela, where you have a spectacular view of the region. Cunha is 230 km from the capital of São Paulo.



Photo: CR Malachi / Wikimedia Commons

If you are an ecotourism lover and are especially enchanted by waterfalls, the Alto Ribeira Tourist State Park it's the perfect destination. It is 339 km from São Paulo, close to the border with Paraná, and has dozens of waterfalls, rivers and caves.

The park's waterfalls reach up to 70 meters in height and are great for cascading and abseiling, but also provide relaxing baths. The most famous are: Waterfall of Andorinhas, Waterfall of Betarizinho or Beija Flor, Waterfall of Couto, Waterfall of Arapongas, Waterfalls of Endless, Waterfall of Ouro Grosso Cave and Waterfall Sete Reis.

Beautiful island

ecotourism sao paulo

Photo: Roberto Pavezi Netto / Wikimedia Commons

Located 202 km from São Paulo, Beautiful island is one of the most coveted destinations on the north coast of São Paulo and is an ideal destination for those looking for contact with nature. In addition to the more than 30 beautiful beaches, the archipelago has large mountains and preserved vegetation, where it is possible to walk through several trails, which lead to waterfalls and viewpoints.

Among the main ecotourism activities in Ilhabela, diving and trekking stand out. But the archipelago is also great for birdwatching – bird watching. And, if all the natural beauties weren't enough, Ilhabela has a great structure to receive visitors, several leisure options and boardwalks for walks along the seaside.



Photo: Tiago Pompeu / Wikimedia Commons

Surrounded by Serra do Mar and bathed by crystalline waters, which range from emerald green to turquoise blue, Ubatuba is another great option for a place close to São Paulo for those who love nature. Located 180 km from the capital of São Paulo, the city pleases both sea lovers and those who prefer to bathe in fresh water.

The city is located on one of the most beautiful stretches of the coast of São Paulo and has paradisiacal scenarios in its 80 km of coastline, with more than 100 beaches and islands, ideal for diving. And it doesn't stop there, Ubatuba has incredible waterfalls, which can be seen through several trails through the preserved forest.


Photo: Rodney Domingues / Wikimedia Commons

Listed as a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site, the city of Cananéia is an incredible place for those seeking contact with nature. It is located 271 km from the capital of São Paulo, at the southern end of the coast of São Paulo and has already been named the best ecological route in the world!

In Cananéia, you can visit its beautiful beaches, especially Praia do Pereirinha, Praia do Marujá, Ilha do Abrigo and Pontal do Leste, and waterfalls, the four main ones being: Cachoeira Grande, Cachoeira do Mandira, Rio das Mines and Pitu.

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Outside São Paulo, there are other places close to São Paulo that are worth visiting, especially if you are a nature lover.

green Hill

interior São Paulo

Photo: Msadp06 / Wikimedia Commons

in the currency of Sao Paulo with Minas Gerais, the charming village of green Hill It is a destination for those who like the cold and contact with nature. District of the mining town of Camanducaia, Monte Verde is located at an altitude of 1,600 meters, nestled in the Serra da Mantiqueira.

The city has parks, trails and beautiful landscapes that attract tourists from all over. And if you are in the capital of São Paulo, the trip there is only 163 km. The main ecotourism points to visit in Monte Verde are Pedra Partida, Pedra Redonda, Mirante, Platô and Chapéu do Bispo.



Photo: Sérgio Teodoro da Silva / Wikimedia Commons

paraty It is also one of the places close to São Paulo for those who love nature. Located 270 km from the capital of São Paulo, the city is a true natural treasure of the Brazilian coast, so much so that it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On one side, Paraty is surrounded by preserved Atlantic Forest and on the other, bathed by a sea of calm and crystalline waters, between shades of blue and green. And, among everything that is possible to do there, there are several trails to go through, waterfalls to visit and boat trips that take you to hidden islands and beaches.


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