In addition to Gramado and Canela, there are other places to discover in Serra Gaúcha available to tourists who want to enjoy the local gastronomy, culture and ecotourism.

Serra Gaúcha is already considered the darling of many travelers, especially those in love with a colder climate in the mountains. Adventure and gastronomic tourism – with emphasis on wine tourism – receive more emphasis when it comes to itineraries in the Southern Region of Brazil. But what are the places in Serra Gaucha that can be visited in addition to those already established and known by everyone, such as Gramado and Canela?  

It is natural that many travelers remember these two destinations when it comes to tours in the Serra Gaúcha. And this is totally justifiable, as they are among the most famous places to travel in Rio Grande do Sul. Both work with unique experiences and offer their visitors great integrated itineraries, in addition to providing tourists with the opportunity to participate in important annual events that fill their calendars, such as Natal Luz, the Gramado Film Festival and other major celebrations. 

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A journey into the past on board in Garibaldi. Photo: Giordani Turismo / Publicity

However, how about giving an opportunity to know other places in Serra Gaúcha and discover destinations that are also great alternatives to complement your itinerary? This travel suggestion can be even better in a road trip by Italian colonies such as Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and other cities in Rio Grande do Sul. 

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Serra Gaúcha: consolidated itineraries

It is no wonder that the tours in Serra Gaucha delight the most diverse profiles of travelers. Tourists interested in ecotourism, for example, can explore all the options available in the region, including hiking, tree climbing, rafting and bathing in waterfalls during the summer. 

Food lovers are also motivated to get to know the destination better. Known for the vineyards that are found in several cities, travelers have the opportunity to enjoy wines while enjoying the landscape of the region. Chocolate is another product that attracts the attention of many tourists. Which tourist has visited Gramado, for example, and has not been overcome by the desire to take the delicacy home?

The local culture is also another reason that attracts a lot of visitors. With German and Italian traditions, the region offers a piece of Europe in Brazil. And the events are also part of the local culture, including Natal Luz, one of the biggest Christmas events in Brazil, masterfully performed in the region.

Places to visit in Serra Gaúcha

Lago Negro Park in Gramado. Photo: Cleiton Thiele

Other places to visit in Serra Gaúcha

Gramado and Canela are important destinations in the region and have visitors who have already made their visit into a tradition. Every year, there are about 6.5 million tourists going to neighboring cities. 

However, the region still has an extensive range of cities that can further enrich the itinerary. Check out ten others below. places in Serra Gaucha for you to include in your next trip!

Places in Serra Gaúcha to do by car

São Pedro Church, in Canela, in Serra Gaúcha. Photo Disclosure / I love lawn

Bento Gonçalves

The predominance of the grape is already a symbol of the city. Located 109 kilometers from the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the municipality offers, in addition to the gastronomic experience, rich cultural itineraries. With a strong historical base of Italians, the destination has options ranging from Maria Fumaça tours to wine tasting and visits to wineries.

If possible, go to Pipa Pórtico, considered the city’s business card, which welcomes tourists with the following phrase: “You are entering the world of wine”. To make your trip even more impressive, be sure to visit “Caminhos de Pedra”, a perfect route to experience the Italian colonies in Bento Gonçalves.

Places to visit in Serra Gaúcha

Gateway to Bento Gonçalves, Pipa Pórtico. Photo: Disclosure / MTur

Cambará do Sul

If your profile is more adventurous, this is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy other tours in Serra Gaucha. Located 180 kilometers from Porto Alegre – on the border with Santa Catarina -, the city draws attention for having the largest set of canyons in South America.

The landscape still has, for example, waterfalls and rivers, as well as a large area of Atlantic Forest full of araucarias. Aparados da Serra is a visit considered mandatory for tourists, who can visit the Itaimbezinho canyon, a postcard of the destination.

Nova Petrópolis

in the list of places in Serra Gaucha little explored is Nova Petrópolis, located 90 kilometers from the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. The most eclectic traveler who likes a little of everything will enjoy visiting the municipality. Tourists can get to know the place that integrates the Romantic Route and still offers the already consolidated colonial coffee, a delight! The European style fills the city, where it is possible to visit the large German mansions. 

Places to visit in Serra Gaúcha - Nova Petrópolis

Colonized by Germans, Nova Petrópolis is one of the must-see itineraries to visit in Serra Gaúcha. Photo: Celil07 / Shutterstock


Neighboring Bento Gonçalves, the city of Garibaldi also has wineries as the main regional attraction. Located 109 kilometers from the capital, the municipality has the title of capital of sparkling wines. during the tours in Serra Gaucha, it is possible to take the “Estrada do Sabor” route, which includes a visit to rural properties, where wine, juice and cheese tastings are held. 


Farroupilha, the Italians' gateway in 1875, has a more corporate profile, but it still has its charm and attractions. Located 90 kilometers from Porto Alegre, the destination carries the title of national capital of kiwi. With a shopping center that drives the local economy, the city holds the largest Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Caravaggio in the state, which receives, on average, 2 million people a year. 

Good Jesus

The city, known as the Land of Tropeirismo, is a highlight for ecotourism lovers. Like Cambará do Sul, the destination has canyons in its landscapes that match the famous waterfalls in the region. Among them, the Ferradura Waterfall, which can only be accessed with 4×4 vehicles and local guides. Visitors to the municipality will find a large presence of araucarias and, consequently, of blue jays, a bird that is a symbol of the city and typical of the state. 

San Francisco de Paula

The countryside climate and ecotourism are protagonists of São Francisco de Paula, also known as São Chico. Located at the beginning of the fields of Alto da Serra, the city is known for the sale of wool boots and ponchos, motivated mainly by the local climate. The Parque das Oito Cachoeiras trail is one of the main programs of the destination, despite the low temperature. Couples who do not give up an instagrammable photo can take advantage of Lake São Bernardo to register the moment for two. 


About 200 kilometers away from the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the city is located between São Francisco de Paula and Bom Jesus. Like its neighboring cities, it carries ecotourism in its image and with camping infrastructure. Passo do S, considered the main tour of the destination, can only be accessed by 4×4 vehicle and, due to its difficult access, attracts the most curious and courageous adventurers. In fact, the 100-meter waterfall makes the tour worthwhile and is perfect for a road trip in Serra Gaucha.

Antonio Prado

The setting for the movie “O Quatrilho”, from 1995, the city of Antônio Prado is located 184 kilometers from Porto Alegre. Listed by Iphan as the largest architectural complex of Italian colonization in Brazil, the destination gains the attention of history lovers, who can visit Foto Bernardi and feel like a true Italian settler. 

Places to visit in Serra Gaúcha: Antônio Prado

Antônio Prado, with Italian influence, stands out as one of the places to visit in Serra Gaúcha. Photo: Publicity / Way to Know

Sao Jose dos Ausentes

On the border with Santa Catarina, São José dos Ausentes is located 236 kilometers from the state capital. Those who want to experience the local experience can even participate in cow milking and enjoy an afternoon in the pleasant atmosphere of typical gaucho farms.

That break for prose on the balcony and a mate will complete your script. Adventurers have the opportunity to visit Monte Negro, a canyon that promises to surprise visitors. Another local attraction is the Silveira and Divisa rivers, which run in parallel, but in opposite directions.

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