Imagine a place where nature predominates and its fauna and flora command the region, forming paradisiacal landscapes practically untouched by the hand of man. Beaches, waterfalls, viewpoints, islands, mangroves, natural pools and ecotourism trails are the main attractions that promote Fernando de Noronha as one of the most desired destinations in Brazil.

In the midst of all the beauty, surprising landscapes sell the region to tourists from all over the world who find in the archipelago an ideal place to enjoy vacations with family, friends, as a couple and even alone. There are so many reasons to get to know this wonderful little piece of Brazil that we have separated 10 reasons to include Fernando de Noronha in your travel list.

Two Brothers Lookout

It is not for nothing that Fernando de Noronha stands out as the most beautiful destination in Brazil, one of the main postcards of the island, there are two immense rocks of similar sizes and shapes that emerge between the bluish waters of the archipelago.

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The attraction can be seen from several points on the island, but the best place is undoubtedly the viewpoint of Baía dos Porcos, in an imposing viewpoint located on top of a rocky wall.

Photo: Beto Felix

Photo: Beto Felix

Marine life

The archipelago is made up of 21 islands that are home to countless corals and different species of marine animals, including turtles, stingrays, moray eels, lobsters and sharks that roam without worrying about human presence and make the island one of the best diving spots on the planet. .

Photo: Jairo Magalhães

Photo: Jairo Magalhães

watch the dolphins

There are two easier ways to observe dolphins that found in the calm and clear waters a perfect home for the preservation of the species. One of them is doing the traditional tours with nautical vessels that travel the entire coast of the so-called inner sea.

Another is waking up early to get to Mirante dos Golfinhos, which is inside the Fernando de Noronha National Park area, where you can borrow some binoculars and watch the dolphins leaving the bay in search of food.

Photo: Flavio Costa

Photo: Flavio Costa


Even a grandiose natural phenomenon that we have often becomes even more special in Noronha. There are numerous perfect spots to enjoy the last few minutes of the day relaxing in the midst of so much beauty.

Among the most popular are the Forte do Boldró, the Mirante da Baía dos Porcos, the Capela de São Pedro and the Forte da Vila dos Remédios, which has a privileged view of Morro do Pico and Morro dos Dois Irmãos but behind.

Photo: Carlos Castilho

Photo: Carlos Castilho

Isolation and contact with nature

The great distance traveled to reach Noronha is already one of the reasons that keep us disconnecting until we reach the island, there the internet signal is weak and in high season it hardly works often. This isolation gives us even more time and desire to explore the beauties that the archipelago offers, there's nothing better than waking up early every day when you're at your destination and walking along the beach at sunrise then spending the entire afternoon without worrying. with nothing relaxing in the midst of some paradisiacal landscape.

Photo: Hiroki Matsubara

Photo: Hiroki Matsubara

Natural pools

As it is a very rugged territory, several rock formations scattered throughout the archipelago form natural pools during the low tide period. Among them is Praia do Atalaia, a huge natural pool a few meters deep that is home to dozens of offspring of species that live in the region. The attraction can only be visited by appointment and has a maximum number of visitors per day.

Photo: Guilherme Torres

Photo: Guilherme Torres

unique geography

The exotic territory formed by 21 islands is made up of peninsulas, bays and large hills covered by incredible native vegetation that cut across Noronha. These characteristics form unique scenarios that seem to have come out of a Hollywood movie or a photo advertising great international paradise destinations.

Photo: Ana Clara Marinho

Photo: Ana Clara Marinho


Among all the tours that stand out on the island, one of the most popular and fun is the plano sub, a kind of mini board that is towed out to sea by typical boats taking tourists who manually command several maneuvers under water, observing the intense marine life in the region.


ecological trails

If you love to have a deep contact with nature, a walk along the various trails present on the island can be a pleasant and surprising tour for you. The Pontinha-Pedra Trail, for example, takes visitors from Praia da Caieira to Praia de Atalaia. It's a four-hour walk, passing through small peninsulas of cliffs, such as Pontinha and the Ponta da Pedra Alta viewpoint. On the way, it is possible to see the site of the first shipwreck that occurred in Brazil, in 1503.

Photo: Marcos Freitas

Photo: Marcos Freitas

Sancho Bay

Considered the most beautiful beach in the world at times, Praia do Sancho is the island's darling, everyone who lands on the island has the attraction in mind as a mandatory tour!

The reason for all the fuss is the transparent and calm waters that wet this little piece of the island, next to the beach it is possible to snorkel among the rocks that form small nurseries of marine animals on the beach.

Flickr - horseandrico

Photo: Flickr – horseandrico

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