Still not convinced of the importance of travel insurance? We list 10 reasons to understand why it is so necessary

When planning a trip and putting all the expenses at the tip of the pencil, many people are in doubt if the adhesion of a Travel insurance it is really necessary. 

Is it really an essential expense? Before starting to list the reasons for buy travel insurance, it is important to understand how this service works and what it offers the traveler. Come on?

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What is travel insurance?

THE Travel insurance, as its name implies, is a service that protects the tourist against unforeseen events that may happen during a trip. In this way, insurance becomes an ally for every traveler, even more so when the destination is an unknown place. The service can solve problems such as lost suitcase, hospital, pharmacy, airline delay, trip cancellation or other setbacks.

10 reasons to buy travel insurance

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Now that you know how a Travel insurance, it is time to better understand the benefits offered by hiring this service and in which situations along your roadmap it may be necessary to use it. 

Check here a list that we have prepared with the main reasons to buy travel insurance, remembering that everything will also depend on the chosen insurer and the contracted plan, right?

Avoid extra expenses while traveling

Did you know that simple medical procedures can cost real fortunes in some parts of the world? This is the case in the United States, for example, where a brief medical consultation hardly costs less than 300 dollars. Therefore, travel insurance can help you avoid this type of expense, since the value of insurance compared to what you can spend without it is negligible. 

travel without worries

With travel insurance coverage, you end up feeling calm because you know that, in the event of an unforeseen event, you will be protected. Thus, you end up enjoying more tours and places. After all, no one deserves to have to solve several problems or pay unexpected money during that long-awaited trip. 

Receive service in Portuguese

If an unforeseen event occurs abroad, such as an illness, you will be able to receive assistance in Portuguese from your travel insurance and resolve the situation in a more practical way. with the insurer Allianz Travel, for example, in addition to the service being in Portuguese, it is also provided 24 hours a day, which provides even more security. 

Secure your entry into several countries

In some European countries travel insurance is mandatory, that is, you may not be able to go through immigration if you do not purchase the service. This happens because of the Schengen Treaty, in which the tourist must have a plan with a minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros. For the complete list of countries that are part of the treaty, Click here

receive medical assistance

One of the main and most advantageous reasons to purchase travel insurance is the benefit of medical assistance. Imagine feeling sick in another country – which can happen, since we always change our routine and food during a trip – and not having money and no idea how to receive medical care? In addition, some travel insurance also covers medication costs. 

Get a refund if you have to cancel your trip

Of course, no one wants to have to cancel a trip. However, if this happens, travel insurance helps you get your money back. But be very calm at this time: it is necessary to have a plausible reason for this, otherwise, this refund may not be made. 

Solve problems if your luggage is lost

What would you do if you arrived at your destination – but your suitcase didn't? This is what happens in cases of lost luggage, a problem that occurs more often than we think. In this case, travel insurance also helps you, tracking your luggage with the airline or, if they cannot find it definitively, covering the payment of your loss with compensation.

Receive dental care

Dental care, at first, may not seem like a good reason to buy travel insurance. However, those who think that dental unforeseen events are rare during the holidays are very wrong – they happen and can generate extra expenses. Therefore, having partner dental clinics available is another excellent reason to ensure travel insurance before traveling. 

Have support in case of a delayed or canceled flight

Just imagine: your vacation has barely started and your flight is canceled or delayed. In these cases, travel insurance also gives you a hand. The insurance is responsible for possible fees charged for flight changes or, if necessary (and depending on your plan), also covers accommodation and food while the problem is resolved.

receive legal assistance

Depending on the travel insurance plan contracted, you also receive legal assistance, that is, attorney fees paid by the insurance company to resolve any problems that may have occurred during your trip. This is yet another reason to buy travel insurance. 

How to buy reliable travel insurance?

Before purchasing travel insurance, it is important to choose a reliable company that will be able to handle your requests without problems when necessary. Our tip for anyone looking for travel insurance is Allianz Travel, reference in travel insurance in Brazil and worldwide.

You can quote directly on the company's website, which is very intuitive and easy to use. Another advantage is the service in Portuguese available 24 hours a day, that is, whenever you need them, they will be available.

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