Considered the main ecotourism destination in Brazil, Bonito is a true sanctuary of enviable natural beauty.

In addition to floating and diving in crystal-clear rivers, the city also offers many other attractions that please the whole family.

Whether for the more adventurous or for those who want enchanting experiences in the greatest peace, here we separate 10 reasons for you to include Beautiful on your next travel. Check out:

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1 – Floating in crystal clear waters

One of the most popular activities in the region is floating in the crystal clear waters of Bonito, amid hundreds of colorful fish. This practice can be performed in several attractions, one of the most sought after is the blue spring.

The tour starts on a trail of approximately 2 km, where the visitor observes the diversity of fauna and flora, limestone tufas, fig woods and waterfalls.

Before the spring, visitors stop on a deck for training in the use of snorkel equipment. Afterwards, they head to the spring where the float takes place. Nascente Azul is 29 km from the center of Bonito, 22 km of asphalt and 7 km of dirt.


2 – Adventure: Buoy Cross + Horseback Riding

Adventure activities are other popular attractions in the destination. For adventurers who want to enjoy all the beauty of the place with the adrenaline of activities such as Cross buoy. The route is carried out in one of the most beautiful stretches of the Rio Formoso, with approximately 1200 mts.

During the adventure, the visitor walks approximately 1700m passing through different landscapes, including 3 rapids and 5 waterfalls. The attraction is located in the Rio Formoso Ecological Park, a space that offers several adventure activities such as diving, horseback riding and floating.

Cross PE buoy

3 – Enjoy the beauty of the region by hiking and discovering waterfalls

THE Waterfall Park It houses seven beautiful waterfalls formed by limestone tufas and small caves, inviting visitors to enjoy a wonderful swim in its natural pools. In addition, Parque das Cachoeiras is the closest waterfall tour to the city, only 16 KM and 5 KM of gravel road.

The groups are limited in size and are always accompanied by a guide specialized in natural attractions. The park has 90% of its trail suspended on wooden walkways, which provide greater safety and comfort for our visitors.

The park also offers a space with a restaurant with typical dishes and regional sweets, hammocks to relax, trails and a surprising viewpoint.

Parque das Cachoeiras is a reference in service to people with mobility needs, as it has support points along its route, in addition to wide trails and a team trained for this type of service. It is only necessary to communicate in advance the Agency responsible for the reservation.


4 – Observe plants and fish that inhabit the Sucuri River

upon arriving at Barra do Sucuri Farm, visitors can count on an entire infrastructure of equipment and well-trained employees always ready to help. Everything for you to enjoy the beauties that nature has reserved in this little piece at your disposal.

The infrastructure is geared towards leisure: walks, trails and floating where the visitor can freely use the Rio Formoso in a stretch of 500 meters, where 03 decks and 06 access stairs are installed, providing great points for diving, observation of fish and a complete structure for the visitor to enjoy the best of the place: crystal clear water and super preserved nature. It also has a bar and two changing rooms. The attraction also offers a leisure area, space for soccer and volleyball games.

A trail of just 150 meters, full of local flora, is followed by a 1.3 km boat ride along the Rio Sucuri (the most crystalline river in Brazil) until the meeting with the Rio Formoso. On the way back, all you have to do is put on your neoprene clothes and let go of your body, which is carried by the gentle current of Barra do Sucuri during the float. In this stretch of the river the water is a little colder, but there is a greater concentration of piraputangas.


5 – Discover one of the main postcards of Brazil

Bonito's most coveted attraction, the Blue Grotto was discovered by a Terena Indian in 1924, the immense cave was listed by IPHAN and has a magnificent lake of intense blue tone. To get there, the visitor needs to descend 294 steps.

The cave also has fossils of prehistoric animals such as a giant sloth (the cave's estimated age is 10 million years). In parts of the cave, stalactites and stalagmites form curious designs that draw the attention of those who visit the cave.

Nobody knows exactly how deep the lake is, until today 87 meters is the most a diver has ever reached.

6 – Dive into one of the most beautiful caves in Brazil

A small crack in a rock is what you see on arrival at the Anhumas Abyss. This fissure, however, hides a depth that must be faced in only one way: a 72 meter rappel, the equivalent of a 30-story building.

The huge cave discovered during the rappel descent – with dimensions of a football field – has magnificent rock formations and a beautiful lake with crystal clear water, which can be explored by floating or scuba diving (upon presentation of credential), reaching a depth of up to 18 meters.


7 – Mysterious Lagoon

Perfect for floating and diving, the Mysterious Lagoon it has colorful fish and blue waters that impress with their incredible transparency.

Lagoa Misteriosa is considered the seventh deepest cave in the country and also one of the deepest flooded caves in Brazilian territory, reaching more than 220 meters of water column.

The tour begins on a trail that leads to the viewpoint from where it is possible to contemplate all the beauty of the vegetation that covers the lagoon. Access to the water surface is via a 170-step staircase.

Floating and diving activities (baptism) are suspended between the months of October and April due to the proliferation of microalgae, which reduces visibility.

8 – Restaurants in the city

THE Zapi Zen is a pizzeria that has a diet focused on a healthy and natural diet. There you will find pizzas made on the griddle with a choice of white or wholemeal dough, wraps, mix of juices and special beers. It is located near the main street of the city and is recommended for couples and families looking for a cozy and cool place.

Another option is the John's house, a rustic and elegant restaurant, great place to meet with friends after a day visiting the main points of the region. The restaurant specializes in typical local dishes, especially dishes that have the Pintado and the famous Traíra sem Espinho (a very common fish in the Pantanal) as the main ingredient. In addition, it is one block from the main street of the city, facilitating access for all types of public, the space also has internal accessibility for wheelchair users.

already the Pantanal Grill is also a good option for visitors, with exotic dishes such as grilled dorado, alligator strips, ancho steak, grilled picanha, dorado with capers sauce with Champions and painted with annatto sauce. Divine!


9 – Night tour: Taboa Charms Factory and Taboa Bar

Excellent place to go with friends at night, the Taboa Charms Factory it is a true meeting point in Bonito to catch up after enjoying the beauties of the destination.

Enjoy delicious regional recipes or even enjoy a good cold beer, the bar has a pleasant atmosphere and is not just restricted to couples and friends, the atmosphere is familiar, in addition to having live music, several beverage options and different drinks are served. at home.

The bar has great aperitifs based on freshwater fish very common in the region, broths, snacks and portions. Taboa is the locally produced drink that bears the name of the bar, an exquisite mixture that pleases visitors. In it you will find cachaça, honey, cinnamon, guarana powder and fine herbs.

For those who visit the factory, during the visit, the tourist can get to know all the stages of production of the drink, from the dam with the plantation of Taboa (herbs that make up the mixture), follow the bottling process of the drink, assembly of the bottles with coating in straw, labelling, in addition to tasting the delicious Taboa cachaça on the spot, along the way.


10 – Tips on Bonito

best time

During the month of December and January it usually rains more in the region, leaving the forest greener and the waterfalls with a greater volume of water. In the months of August and September, there are periods of drought, which make the visibility and transparency of the waters even clearer.

Is Bonito a suitable destination for children?

All tours and trails in Bonito have a great structure, ideal for the whole family. Only some attractions such as Gruta do Lago Azul, Grutas de São Miguel, Bóia Cross and Arvorismo do not allow access to children under 5 years old.

Travel alone to beautiful

Many people visit the region alone, all tours are done in groups ranging from 8 to 15 people. You will practically always have a group doing the tour you want, which is a great opportunity to make new friends.

From Campo Grande to Bonito

Those who want to visit Bonito from Campo Grande have 3 transport options: own vehicle, rent a car in the city or close shared transport with other travelers according to booking demand.

Tour prices

All tours offered in Bonitos have a fixed price table, and it is not possible to provide discounts on any attraction. Prices already include entrance, tour guide, equipment and insurance.

Can I go straight to the attraction and pay at the entrance?

All attractions in Bonito have daily vacancies or need to have an appointment. In this way it is impossible to arrive on the tour on your own, it is necessary to make reservations in advance to guarantee your visit.

Is it necessary to be in shape for tours?

Bonito is an ecotourism destination and has many trails that can be explored among tourists, ranging from lighter and heavier itineraries. If you have never done a long walk, we advise you to start with the lightest activities, check the difficulty of each walk before booking.

Do you need to know how to swim to take the floating tour?

When taking the floating tours in Bonito, visitors receive neoprene clothing, a rubberized garment covered with fabric on both sides, a resistant, flexible and elastic material that isolates the body temperature and is also waterproof, in addition to helping the visitor to float more easily.

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