Thinking about choosing a destination for your next family vacation? Here are 10 reasons to travel to Portugal with children

Planning a family vacation, especially with children, requires some care. Issues such as safety, food and climate make all the difference when choosing a destination, even more so when the desire is to travel abroad.

In that regard, Portugal stands out as a great option for traveling with the little ones. He doubts? To prove it, we separate 10 reasons to travel to Portugal with children.

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a safe country


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When traveling with children, safety is always a key factor. In Portugal, it is possible to walk peacefully through the streets of cities, both during the day and at night, with that feeling of security.

And it's not just an impression: the country is considered the fourth most peaceful in the world according to the Global Peace Index (GPI). Does this mean that there is no crime in Portugal? Of course, there are minor occurrences, however more serious or violent cases are rare. The tip is not to fool around in very touristy spots, where people always end up getting more inattentive. In addition, it is worth taking advantage of this pleasant atmosphere to enjoy even more family moments.

family outings


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From north to south of the country there are a multitude of perfect walks to do with “kids”, a Portuguese way of referring to children. In the coastal region, as in the Algarve, there are several beaches that can be enjoyed, especially in summer. The best thing is that, in the warmer months, the night takes a long time to arrive and everyone can enjoy the sand until 8:30 pm without worrying.

There are also several tours for children in Lisbon, such as the Oceanarium and the Knowledge Pavilion. Nearby, the amazing Cascais offers a charming little center perfect for family outings, as well as pleasant beaches. In the Porto region, places like the Parque Biológico de Gaia and open-air walks are great options to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Thus, it is not difficult to see that there are a multitude of options to enjoy with children, whatever the region of Portugal.

good gastronomy



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When traveling with children, food is always an extra concern. In Portugal this is definitely not a problem. The dishes are not that different from Brazil and, since more and more Brazilians visit the destination, it is possible to find some national delicacies there, such as cheese bread and tapioca.

However, it is worth enjoying the incredible Portuguese cuisine. Lots of fresh fish and healthy foods can be consumed. Most restaurants in the more touristy regions usually offer special menus for children. In addition, the kids love the famous pastries, where beautiful sweets and the famous pasteizinhos de nata are offered.

Hotel chain


Photo: GuiaViajarBest

Portugal has a wide, well-prepared and very hospitable hotel network. There is even an offer of accommodation designed especially for children. the hotel chain Martinhal, for example, has a culture totally focused on welcoming families.

With units in Lisbon, Cascais and Sagres, in the Algarve, the chain offers from foods prepared for each stage of chewing by the little ones to playful spaces with monitoring so that parents can also rest and have fun. Services such as a baby concierge and baby-sitting, as well as a Kids Club divided by age and several leisure areas are great differentials of the chain, proving once again that Portugal is an excellent destination for traveling with children.

Nice weather


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Another reason to travel to Portugal with children, without a doubt, is the pleasant temperatures. With a Mediterranean climate, temperatures in the country are much less severe than in the rest of Europe.

This means less cold winters – although anyone who wants to, can see snow in the northern region of the country – and a summer with very warm waters. To give you an idea, during the Portuguese summer temperatures easily reach 40ºC. During the winter, from November to April, the maximum, on average, is 15ºC.



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Portugal is not that far from Brazil. The long journey traveled by caravels at the time of discovery has now been reduced to a few hours by plane. As Portugal is the westernmost nation on the European continent, it takes less time to get there than other European destinations.

As traveling with children by plane can be a challenge, the good news is that several Brazilian cities offer direct flights to Lisbon. From São Paulo, for example, it takes just over 9 hours to fly. Departing from some places such as Recife, Fortaleza, Natal and Belém it is possible to make the trip in just over 7 hours.



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On an international trip, language can often become a barrier. This is definitely not the case in Portugal. Having Portuguese as your mother tongue, everything is easier: from asking for information to feeling supported in different situations. On a trip with children, this practicality and safety are very important.

Although, from time to time, it is a little difficult to understand the Portuguese accent, it is also fun for children to learn about the variations of the same language with different words being used, such as mobile phone (cell phone) or bathroom (bathroom).



Photo: Pixabay

Portugal is a small country, even more so compared to Brazil. This makes the cities very close to each other, allowing you to visit several destinations in a short time, which is great when traveling with children. It is possible to completely change the scenery in just over an hour on the road.

The roads, by the way, are great and traveling along them by car is a delight, passing through landscapes that often surprise us. For a trip with children, the roads in Portugal are very well prepared and signposted, with emergency escapes, indicative of stretches with reduced visibility, among other details that make the difference. However, there is still the option of traveling by train, or “trains”, which arrive at different destinations.

beautiful beaches


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What family doesn't like to enjoy a beach? Portugal offers beautiful options, as in the Algarve region, in the south of the country. Some of these beaches were even elected as some of the most beautiful in the world. In summer, the warm temperatures become inviting and the peaceful atmosphere of the region is perfect to enjoy with the little ones.

There are many beaches with calm and shallow waters, ideal for children to have fun safely. In the surroundings of Lisbon there are also options for quiet beaches. The coast of Estoril and Cascais, for example, extends to the west of the capital and offers calm sea waters next to charming towns.

economic destination


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We can say that prices in Portugal are fair, even more so compared to other European destinations. It is possible to eat well, in a central district of Lisbon, for example, paying up to 12 euros. Transport and tours are also more accessible to Brazilian pockets.

To give you an idea, the city of Porto occupies the top of the list of cheapest destinations for travelers created by the travel site Lonely Planet for years. In other words: one more reason to travel with children to Portugal. Certainly fun for the whole family will be guaranteed.

* The columnist of Guia Viajar Melhor traveled to Portugal at the invitation of LATSClub and network Martinhal

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