There are plenty of reasons to visit Brotas, considered the adventure capital of São Paulo. So, get to know 10 of them and plan your trip!

Thinking of traveling to Brotas, in countryside of São Paulo, but still in doubt? The city, which is 250 kilometers from the capital, is a paradise for those who love nature. For sure, with attractions that allow a lot of adrenaline and also a lot of rest, the city is a great travel option for a weekend or holiday.

Therefore, we have separated 10 reasons to visit Brotas. See what they are and pack your bags:

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Tourist structure of Brotas

Cassorova Ecopark Trail

Cassorova Ecoparque Trail/ Photo: Publicity

Certainly, those who visit Brotas leave there with the certainty that the city is prepared to receive the tourist, whether to enjoy a lot of adventure or just to rest next to nature. This is because with a wide and prepared hotel network, the city currently has more than 40 accommodation options. Among them hotels, inns, farm hotels and resorts. In addition, there are nine ecoparks that offer a complete leisure structure with activities for adults and children, focusing on safety, accessibility and sustainability.

beautiful waterfalls

Coati Waterfall

Coatis Waterfall / Photo: Guia Viajar Melhor

Brotas is synonymous with beautiful waterfalls, yielding great refreshing baths and beautiful landscapes. The Cassorova Ecoparque, for example, provides access to two of the most beautiful waterfalls in the city. The Quatis Waterfall, with 46 meters of free fall; and Cassorova Waterfall, considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil and a postcard of Brotas, with an impressive 60 meters high. Recanto das Cachoeiras Park, on the other hand, has self-guided trails that lead to two beautiful waterfalls. Santo Antônio, 20 meters high; and Roseira, with an incredible 55 meters.

Good and charming cuisine

Delicacies from Alameda Catharina

Delicacies from Alameda Catharina / Photo: Guia Viajar Melhor

In addition, Brotas offers very charming places to enjoy great cuisine in the city. One of them is Brotas Bar, a restaurant located in a centenary mansion and full of icons that pay homage to adventure sports, such as rafting. In addition to portions, the establishment offers delicious dishes and desserts. But, for those who prefer to have more than one option, Alameda Catharina is a shopping center that brings together several gastronomic proposals. For example, the Mexican restaurant Guadalupe, the Pub Brotas Beer, the generous Da Roça snacks and the ice cream and coffees at Catharina Café & Sorvete.

country traditions

Ride in the Sand that Sings

Horseback Riding in the Sand that Sings / Photo: Publicity

Undoubtedly, Brotas gives tourists the opportunity to relive some farm traditions that, especially for those who live in large cities, are lost over time. Like, for example, picking a fruit straight from the tree, horseback riding, fishing, feeding animals, baking bread, tasting delicious food prepared in a wood-fired oven or simply resting in the swing of the hammock. These are some of the moments that can be enjoyed on a visit to the city.

a lot of adrenaline


Photo: Disclosure

But for those who love butterflies in their stomachs, there is no lack of options in the city either. That's because Brotas offers several ecoparks that have the most varied options of sports in nature, such as rafting, abseiling, zip lines, tree climbing, among others. Recanto das Cachoeiras and Ecoparque Cassorova, for example, are some of them and offer a series of activities to awaken adrenaline.

In addition, Ecoparque Poção is a great option for adventurers and features, among its novelties, the first curved zip line in Latin America, the Skyrider. The zip line has 400 meters with several curves and obstacles in a kind of roller coaster through the trees.

pet friendly destination

Rafting in Brotas

Photo: Eco Action

Knowing the importance of pets to people, many hotels in Brotas treat pets as true guests. This is the case of Brotas Eco Resort, where animals are welcome, in addition to other accommodation options around the city. Even activities in nature offer options for dogs. Surprisingly, some parks in the city allow dogs to accompany their owners when rafting down the rapids.

Views that enchant

Nook of the Waterfalls

Recanto das Cachoeiras infinity pool / Photo: Guia Viajar Melhor

There are many reasons to visit Brotas, but one of them in particular is the breathtaking views that some places offer us. Being located in the midst of mountains and rivers, the city provides incredible panoramic scenarios. Some of these incredible views can be admired from the infinity pool at Recanto das Cachoeiras park or when descending the thrilling zip line at Ecoparque Cassorova, at 110 meters high.

Children love sprouts

sand that sings

River bath in the sand that Sings. Photo: Disclosure

Brotas also has several attractions aimed at children. In parks scattered around the city, which are large leisure complexes, such as Ecoparque Poção, children can practice mini-rafting and enjoy Verticalinha, a miniature zip line. Small farms are also among the children's favorite options, where it is possible to interact with animals and feed them, such as the one at the Areia Que Canta complex.

Also, did you know that one of the most important astronomy centers in Brazil is in Brotas? So it is. The CEU (Center for Studies on the Universe) is a complex that has experiential and interactive experiences, allowing children to observe and learn about constellations and planets through two giant state-of-the-art telescopes.

water activities


Photo: Department of Tourism of Brotas

Certainly, water is abundant in Brotas and must be among the reasons to visit the city. Therefore, the city's main attraction is rafting, a sport that attracts adventurers willing to slide in the rapids of the agitated Rio Jacaré Pepira aboard an inflatable boat. It is still possible to practice buoy cross or simply let yourself be carried away by the current in refreshing fluctuations. Waterfall baths and natural whirlpools can also be enjoyed. Not to mention the Nascente Areia Que Canta, a boiling point of crystalline waters in the heart of São Paulo.

Safety and responsibility in Brotas


Ecoparque Poção / Photo: Publicity

Brotas is a reference in ecotourism in Brazil, valuing the safety of visitors to each activity practiced. This is noticed since the preparation of guides and monitors of the ecoparks, always attentive and concerned, in addition to the infrastructure of the places. At Ecoparque Poção, for example, all activities are operated by Alaya, a Brazilian reference in adventure and internationally recognized for its quality standard in safety management.

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