Architecture of Brasília: discover the works and buildings most famous in the federal capital of Brazil considered Cultural Heritage of Humanity

One of the architectural beauties of Brazil, Brasilia was planned by the architect Oscar Niemeyer and has an incomparable architecture! The Brazilian capital has much more to offer than the political upheavals that take over the news.

If you are planning a trip to one of the few cities planned in Brazil, here we bring you a list of the 10 works that you should not miss while in the city, both for their historical character and for their architectural beauty. 

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Most famous buildings in Brasilia

Itamaraty Palace

Brasilia's works

Photo: Diego Baravelli / Wikimedia Commons

THE Itamaraty Palace it houses the Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so it was built only with national materials and only houses works by Brazilian artists. Also known as Palácio dos Arcos, for the beauty of its arches that cover the entire facade, highlighted by the brightness of the water mirror that is in front. 

Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia

Photo: Magnus Apolinario de Andrade / Wikimedia Commons

The first work built in Brasília and the one that won Oscar Niemeyer the Pritzker Prize. THE Metropolitan Cathedral competes as one of the most unforgettable works in the district, with its unique architecture it is difficult to decide whether it is more beautiful inside or out.

Alvorada Palace

Brasilia's works

Photo: Ichiro Guerra/PR

This important building houses the official residence of the President of Brazil. For this reason, its architecture was inspired by the old colonial mansions, the shape of the external columns, for example, refers to the old hammocks extended on the balconies. And best of all, the Alvorada Palace is open to visitors! 

Temple of Good Will

Brasilia architecture

Photo: Photo: Pedro Ventura/Agência Brasília

Also known as the Temple of Peace, it is the most visited monument in Brasilia and has the largest pure crystal stone in the world. Erected for the fraternization of the peoples the Temple of Good Will it is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, sheltering everyone, regardless of ethnicity, belief or social class, 

Honestino Guimaraes National Museum

Pedro Ventura/Brasília Agency

With its unique architecture the Honestino Guimaraes National Museum It was built in a hemispherical shape and with its four floors housing it is considered one of the great promoters of the culture economy. 

JK Bridge

architectural works of brasilia

Photo: Photo: Toninho Tavares/Agência Brasília

If you are strolling through Brasília you will definitely pass by the J bridgeuscelino Kubitschek, whether on foot or by car you will see the beautiful modern architecture of the bridge, but don't miss the opportunity to look from afar, because curiously its arches were inspired by the shape that the stone makes when it bounces through the water.

JK Memorial

Brasilia architecture

Photo: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

From the top of a 28-meter tower, Juscelino Kubitschek, the president who idealized the capital, welcomes all visitors with a wave. THE JK Memorial, tells the story of the Kubitschek family and the tomb of the former president.

Planalto Palace

Brasilia's works

Works in Brasília: Planalto Palace. Photo: Gastão Guedes

Located in the squares of the three powers, the Planalto Palace It is the seat of the country's executive power. Its architecture is based on the modernist movement and follows a pattern of fine lines, simplicity and minimalism.

Memorial of Indigenous Peoples

Most famous buildings in Brasilia

Photo: Daderot / Wikimedia Commons

Built in a circular shape to refer to a maloca of the Yanomami Indians, the Memorial of Indigenous Peoples could not be left out of the script. Its main objective is to show in a lively way the richness and diversity of indigenous culture. 

Pantheon of the Fatherland

Works of Brasilia: Pantheon of the Fatherland. Photo: Roque de Sá / Agência Senado

The modernist architecture of Pantheon of the Fatherland represents a dove, its three floors are intended to honor all those who stood out in favor of the Brazilian homeland. The name of these people is in the “Livro de Aço”, giving everyone who is there the title of “national hero”.

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