Different places to visit in Brazil: we selected 100 national destinations to travel – beaches, historic cities and villages

Parks, beaches, waterfalls, dunes, lagoons, historic cities and much more. There is no shortage of different destinations for all tastes and types of tourists. In such a big country, it's easy to find some of the best travel in Brazil and fall in love with the country once and for all. Many tourists like to travel to visit famous places and monuments in countries such as France, USA, England, among others. However, Brazil also has many tourist destinations and fascinating places that need to be discovered.

Great in beauty and territory, the Brazil is wonderful, from north to south of the country we find a diverse country, with different places to travel in Brazil that fill the eyes of tourists from all over the world. For those looking for travel tips and destinations to visit, in this article we have selected the best travel in Brazil to venture out and enjoy surreal landscapes. Pack your backpack and hit the road to enjoy one of the most amazing countries in the world!

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Places to visit in Brazil

Bay of Pigs, Fernando de Noronha – PE

We start our list of destinations to visit in Brazil with Fernando de Noronha. To the north of the island, close to Praia do Sancho, Baía dos Porcos is only 100 meters long with impressive landscapes. The nearby viewpoint provides an incredible view of the beach and Morro dos Dois Irmãos. Access to the beach can only be done on foot, by a light trail. The calm sea of Noronha has transparent waters perfect for free diving in one of the best Brazil travel.

Tourist destinations in Brazil: Baía dos Porcos, Fernando de Noronha - PE

Photo: Karol Moreira

Historic Center of Paraty – RJ

Almost nothing has changed in the 18th and 19th century buildings listed by the National Historic Heritage Institute. The colonial scene is best explored through walking tours or guided tours to learn about the history of the mansions and the city. In the colorful houses of paraty there are craft shops, bars and restaurants. In festive seasons, the city becomes the stage for different events, see the local agenda to organize your trip.

Travel in Brazil: Historic Center of Paraty - RJ

Photo: via Flickr – Serlunar

Pai Inácio Hill, Chapada Diamantina – BA

After a steep climb of 300 meters you arrive at one of the best places to visit in Chapada Diamantina. Morro do Pai Inácio is 1120 meters high, from the top you can see the main formations of the plateau such as Morro do Camelo, Morrão and Três Irmãos. Some say that Chapada Diamantina is one of the best travel in Brazil, if you like nature, it's worth adding to your wish list!

Places to travel in Brazil: Morro do Pai Inácio, Chapada Diamantina - BA

Photo: Rodolfo Bazetto

Praia do Aventureiro, Ilha Grande – RJ

The state of Rio de Janeiro is one of the main places to travel in Brazil. In Costa Verde, the Praia do Aventureiro is one of the postcards of Ilha Grande, in Angra dos Reis. A fishing village, home to just over 100 people, beautiful and secluded. Praia do Aventureiro is within the area protected by the Biological Reserve. On rough sea days, it forms good waves and attracts surfers. There is no electricity, inns, much less internet signal. It is possible to camp on the island upon prior registration and reservation of a boat for transport to the island.

Places to visit in Brazil: Praia do Aventureiro, Ilha Grande - RJ

Photo: Henrique Franco

Natural pools of Maragogi – AL

The state of Alagoas is one of the destinations in Brazil most visited by foreigners. The Alagoas coast is one of the best destinations to visit in Brazil, as it houses a huge diversity of natural attractions.

The natural pools of maragogi, also known as Galés de Maragogi, are formed by coral reefs and have crystal clear waters. During low tide, the pools are perfect for observing the different fish, corals and other marine life that live there. It is also possible to practice diving with snorkels or guided diving to a depth of up to 5 meters in one of the main national destinations in the country.

Places to travel in Brazil: Natural Pools of Maragogi - AL

National destinations. Photo: via Flickr – cysneirosfamily

Xingó Canyon – SE

One of the most beautiful tours in Sergipe is the Boat ride along the São Francisco River to the Xingó Canyon. With the right to bathe in one of the most iconic rivers in Brazil, tourists can still canoe through the canyons, do stand up paddle in the calm waters or practice rappelling on the cliffs. The starting point of the tour is in the city of Canindé, a 3-hour drive from Aracaju.

Places to travel in Brazil: Xingó Canyon - SE

Photo: via Flickr – carola2000

Dolphin Bay, Pipa – RN

The name of this place surrounded by the sea and cliffs, is given by the dolphins present in the waters that chose the place to hunt and from time to time, appear on the surface to leave the visitors amazed. Extremely preserved for not having any structure, with the exception of the Ecological Sanctuary on the cliffs. Its calm waters are also great for swimming, this beach is one of the best places to travel in Brazil, considered one of the best travel in Brazil

national destinations

National destinations. Photo: Photo: Ed. Pisces / Embratur

Moon Valley, Chapada dos Veadeiros – GO

Formed over 600 million years ago, the Valley of the Moon it gets its name because it houses rocks that were carved thousands of years ago by a river, which left it looking like lunar craters. A light trail takes us to the valley, which is close to the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, in Serra da Boa Vista. The landscape is completed by its various natural pools and crevices.

Chapada dos Veadeiros - GO

Photo: Wev's Brown

Urucá Waterfall, Uiramutã – RR

The municipality of Uiramutã, which has the highest percentage of indigenous population in Brazil, also has one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state of Roraima. The Urucá Waterfall is about 20 meters high, flowing into a stream with absolutely crystalline waters.

national destinations

National destinations. Photo: Kelson da Luz

Tambaba Beach, Conde – PB

25 km from the capital of Paraíba, high and steep cliffs protect the pure and natural beauty of the first northeast official nude beach. Tambaba Beach is divided into two parts: one that includes its natural pools and it is forbidden to be naked; and another where, from the inspection point, it is mandatory to take off your clothes.

There are also trails that lead to other beaches on the Costa do Conde, such as Marcelia and Arapuca.

national destinations

Photo: Jessica Lourenzo

Pelourinho, Salvador – BA

Pelourinho is another unmissable place to visit in Brazil. If you want to make the most of this Bahian historical heritage, go on Tuesdays. On this day of the week, in addition to marveling at the preserved mansions from the 17th and 18th centuries, you can also attend a mass to the sound of drumming in the church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, at 18:00. Without a doubt, Salvador and other destinations in Bahia deserve to be included in the list of the best travel in Brazil


National destinations. Photo: Lukas Grumet

Aroe Jari Cave, Chapada dos Guimarães – MT

It is the largest sandstone cave in Brazil with 1550 meters in length. Its main entrance is 10 meters high and 60 meters wide. Bring flashlights to explore the cave paintings that decorate the cave.

Chapada dos Guimarães - MT

Photo: Lucio Duarte Guimarães

Alter do Chão, Santarém – PA

With beaches that only appear on the ebb of the Tapajós River, the fishing village of Alter do Chão receives the nickname of Amazonian Caribbean. Still little known by Brazilians, Alter can be one of the best places to visit in Brazil and get to know the tropical beauty of the Amazon Rainforest up close. Fresh, warm waters with varying shades of turquoise and white sand make the islands popular resorts in the middle of the tropical jungle.

Places to travel in Brazil: Alter do Chão, Santarém - PA

National destinations. Photo: Marcos Cassiano

Porto de Galinhas - PE

70 kilometers from Recife, Port of Chickens is full of natural pools with warm and transparent waters full of colorful fish and rafts that float in the crystal clear sea during the low tide. Port of Chickens is another destination on this list of must-see places to visit in Brazil and fall in love with the nature of our country.

In addition to the famous natural pools, Porto de Galinhas also offers beaches with strong waves, such as Praia de Maracaípe, perfect for surfing. Muro Alto beach is a meeting point for lovers of water skiing, wakeboarding and jet-skiing.

Most beautiful places to visit in Brazil in 2021

National destinations. Photo: Christian Knepper

Gunga Beach, Barra de São Miguel – AL

Other must-see destination in Brazil, a Gunga Beach It is perfect for those looking to relax in calm waters while observing an impressive landscape, as well as for those who want some action and adventure on buggy rides or water sports.

At the entrance to Fazenda do Gunga, a viewpoint welcomes visitors with a panoramic view of the coconut groves and the sea. With calm beaches and pleasant weather almost all year round, the state of Alagoas is considered one of the main destinations and places to travel in Brazil.

National destinations.

National destinations. Photo: @Maceioalagoas

Mount Roraima – RR

On the same side as Urucá, Mount Roraima is the pride of the municipality of Uiramutã. It is the seventh highest point in the country with 2,875 meters of altitude, it is on the triple border between Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela and its walls are impressive for their shapes. In addition to the various rivers, waterfalls and crystal sculptures that complement the landscape.


National destinations. Photo: Waldyr Neto

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park – MA

If you are looking for adventure on one of your trips in Brazil, include Lençóis Maranhenses in your itinerary through the Northeast. Formed by kilometers of white sand dunes and freshwater lagoons, created by the accumulation of rainwater, the Maranhão sheets is considered one of the best places to travel in Brazil!

Be aware of the exact rainy season and the best time to make your trip to Lençóis Maranhenses, as you will need it to find the full lagoons and see one of the best destinations to visit in Brazil.


National destinations. Photo: Viaja Minas

Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Rio de Janeiro's most famous postcard cannot be left out of the list of destinations to visit in Brazil. THE Sugar Loaf it is 396 meters above sea level and therefore offers one of the most beautiful views of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The first cable car built in the country was the Sugar Loaf Cable Car, which connects the hill to Morro do Urca.

With tourist attractions of a major capital and some of the most famous landscapes in the country, the city of Rio de Janeiro is still the choice of most foreigners looking for travel in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

National destinations. Photo: José Edmilson Vasconcelos

Historic Center of Ouro Preto – MG

THE city of Ouro Preto originated in the old gold mines of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It was the main city of the Gold Cycle, it was the headquarters of the Inconfidência Mineira and the birthplace of several famous Brazilian Baroque artists. Today, because of the well-preserved buildings, it is declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. A short walk takes you back in time, such is the historical richness of the place. 

The circuit of the historic cities of Minas form one of the destinations in Brazil most adored by those who like baroque art, history and Brazilian culture. find different travel tips in Minas Gerais.

Black gold

National destinations. Photo: Victor Holz

Forno Beach, Arraial do Cabo – RJ

THE Forno Beach it is 1.5 km from the center of Arraial do Cabo, in Rio de Janeiro, and its access is only possible by sea or trail through preserved forests. The waters are as crystal clear and transparent as possible, which is great for seeing sea turtles among the coral reefs on a dive. And when hunger strikes, try the seafood at a floating restaurant. See our tips on Arraial do Cabo and discover everything about one of the best places in Brazil.

Places to go in Brazil: Praia do Forno, Arraial do Cabo - RJ

National destinations. Photo: Carlos Andrade

Algodoal, Maiandeua Island – PA

cotton it is not much commented on in lists that show places to travel in Brazil, but it is a super charming destination that deserves your visit. Algodoal is one of the villages that form the island of Maiandeua, in the northeast region of Pará. It has 19 square kilometers of beaches, in addition to mangroves, ecological trails, canoe trips and sport fishing as some of the attractions. The island's nightlife also attracts attention, many young people seek to know the destination in search of parties to the sound of reggae and regional rhythms.

Places to travel in Brazil: Algodoal, Ilha de Maiandeua - PA

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Poço Azul, Riachão – MA

Two wells of crystal clear water, surrounded by walls of red stones. Underwater, with a mask and snorkel, you can observe and swim among the fish. In addition to all that, the Poço Azul complex has several waterfalls along the trail to reach the site. There you can spend the night in chalets, or camp and get even closer to nature.

Places to go in Brazil in 2021: Poço Azul, Riachão - MA

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Lagoa do Paraíso, Jericoacoara – CE

30 minutes from the village of Jericoacoara is its most famous postcard. THE Lagoon of Paradise is one of the most desired destinations in Brazil and dazzles any tourist with its greenish and sweet waters. Spending the day taking pictures in the hammocks stretched over the water is a must for every visitor. Kitesurfing and diving are also popular activities due to the calm, transparent waters..

Places to travel in Brazil: Lagoa do Paraíso, Jericoacoara - CE

Photo: Luiz Fumes

Archaeological Site of São Miguel das Missões – RS

The ruins of the old Cathedral and São Miguel tell the story of the Seven Peoples of the Missions, as the Jesuit reductions came to be known to catechize the indigenous peoples. Very well preserved, the Archaeological Site of São Miguel was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The tip here is to take the guided tour to absorb the great history of the place.

Places to visit in Brazil: Archaeological Site of São Miguel das Missões - RS

Photo: Andrea Gomez

Iguaçu Falls, Foz do Iguaçu – PR

the immense Waterfalls of Iguaçu form one of the main Brazilian postcards. Foreign tourists consider this one of the best Brazil travel, according to a review published on TripAdvisor. In fact, it is impossible not to be enchanted by the 275 jumps that flow around 1.5 million liters of water per second. All this natural scenery makes up one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

This paradise created by different rock formations located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, receives more than 1 million visitors a year, so it has an excellent tourist structure. For these reasons, Iguazu Falls deserves to be on your list of places in Brazil that are worth visiting.

Places to discover with lots of nature

Photo: Paraná Turismo

Pedra Furada, Serra da Capivara National Park – PI

THE Serra da Capivara National Park it is little known, but it contains more than 600 archaeological sites that bring us parts of human history, with cave paintings up to 12 thousand years old. The model archaeological excavation site is Boqueirão da Pedra Furada, where two of the park's most famous paintings are located: two animals that are symbols of the region; and the "Kiss".

National destinations for those who love history

Photo: Régis Falcão

Lagoinha do Leste, Florianópolis – SC

Praia is a must to discover in Brazil, but getting to Lagoinha is not a big deal. To access the most beautiful beach in Florianópolis, you have to face a one-hour trail through dense forest, through very steep stretches. But the effort is rewarded by the soft white sands that separate the sea from strong waves and form a perfect lagoon for swimming.

National trips to do in 2021

Photo: Anna Lysakowska

Canoa Quebrada Beach, Aracati – CE

broken Canoe is one of the most coveted destinations in Ceará and for a reason. The walls of the multicolored cliffs take over the landscape, the rustic rafts complete the scenery sliding through the calm green waters of the sea. Being 160 km from Fortaleza, the practice of day trips is common for tourists, but the sunset is usually only seen by those who choose to stay overnight in the village.

Not sure where your next trip in Brazil will be? See our tips about Ceará and discover one of the best places to travel in Brazil. 

Best destinations to visit in 2021: Northeast

Photo: Setur/Disclosure

Itaimbezinho Canyon – Cambará do Sul – RS

Remember the scenario of the soap opera Chocolate com Pimenta? It is located in Rio Grande do Sul, in the Aparados da Serra National Park at over a thousand meters of altitude. The Itaimbezinho Canyon takes our breath away and makes us feel tiny. Sometimes, springs flow along the edges in the form of waterfalls, adding even more to the show. One of the best destinations to travel in Brazil.

Places to travel in Brazil: Cânion Itaimbezinho - Cambará do Sul - RS

Photo: Cody Clark

Lawn - RS

Main destination to meet in Serra Gaúcha, and the Brazil with the face of Europe. Amid hills and mountains, the cold climate attracts wine and fondue lovers. At the end of the year, the Natal Luz event takes to the streets of the city with parades, music and Christmas decorations.

Best destinations to visit in 2021: Gramado - RS

Photo: CVC Disclosure

Genipabu Dunes - RN

The Genipabu Dunes tour is one of the main tours in christmas, in Rio Grande do Norte. Visitors enjoy the scenery riding a buggy through the dunes of the park. Between one landscape and another, it is possible to make stops to ride a dromedary or practice skibunda and aerobunda at the source of the Pratagi River and Lagoa do Jacumã. For those who want adventure, try asking your guide for the “with emotion” tour.

Places to travel in Brazil: Dunas de Genipabu - RN

Photo: Luiz Magnus Correia

Historic Center of São Luís – MA

THE Historic Center of Sao Luis it was built with influences from different European nationalities, such as Portuguese, Spanish, French and Dutch. The buildings form a museum that narrates different periods of Brazilian history. The entire old area is listed by Unesco as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, mainly for the beautiful mansions preserved from the 18th and 19th century, covered with Portuguese tiles.

A full two-day tour is all it takes to explore the main sights of the historic center, but it's always worth staying a little longer and enjoying a walk through the streets, museums and enjoying the local cuisine. Want more tips about São Luís? See other articles about Maranhão and make one of your best travel in Brazil.

Best destinations to visit in 2021: Historic Center of São Luís - MA

Photo: Government of Maranhao

Botanical Garden of Curitiba – PR

Inaugurated a mere 26 years ago, the Botanical Garden is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Curitiba. Your construction inspired by French gardens, it allows the visitor to learn more about the Brazilian flora. During the tour, get to know the Jardim das Sensações: a 200-meter trail that is covered blindfolded to really “feel” the aroma of the flowers.

Wonderful trips to do in 2021: Curitiba Botanical Garden - PR

Photo: Eduardo PA

Sunflower Fields, Uberlândia – MG

You sunflower fields in uberlândia form a yellow ocean in the heart of the Triângulo Mineiro. They are in the Cinco Estrelas farm and are planted for crop rotation, however, for the curious, the sunflowers that reach up to 1.60 meters in height are impressive. And they make great photos.

Places to travel in Brazil: Campos de Girassol, Uberlândia - MG

Photo: Dmitry Tur

Fervedouro, Jalapão – TO

Jalapão has become one of the main travel in Brazil. The wild climate full of discoveries brought fame to the land of dunes, fervedouros and golden grass.

Looking for an exotic location to add to your bucket list destinations to visit in Brazil? One of the most emblematic tours in Tocantins is certainly going to the Jalapão fervedouros. They are natural pools with high density due to water pressure, which makes it almost impossible to sink. Floating in the fervedouros becomes an incredible experience due to the scenery full of untouched natural beauties. See our travel tips for Jalapão and discover one of the best places in Brazil.

Places to travel in Brazil: Fervedouro, Jalapão - TO

Photo: via Flickr – melcape_01

Ponta Negra, Natal – RN

The most popular beach in christmas town, Ponta Negra has as its trademark Morro do Careca, a dune 120 meters high and surrounded by vegetation, with closed access. The landscape is completed with a sea full of bathers, surfers, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and stand-up paddle runners. 

Places to travel: Ponta Negra, Natal - RN

Photo: Esdras Rebouças Nobre

Inhotim, Brumadinho – MG

The world's largest open-air contemporary art center, the inhotim institute houses more than 20 galleries that house works by 85 artists from 26 different nationalities: installations, sculptures, drawings, photos and videos. All this surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden, which boasts one of the largest collections of living species among all the botanical gardens in the country.

Places to travel in Brazil: Inhotim, Brumadinho - MG

Photo: Fabricio Azevedo

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

The city of Rio de Janeiro is among the main places to visit in Brazil, considered the largestBrazilian postcard. The Marvelous City is known worldwide and among the main destinations, Copacabana Beach marks the heart of carioca culture with 3 km of extension that fills with movement day and night.

Among the beach attractions are the Copacabana Fort, numerous bars and kiosks, as well as iconic spots such as the statue of writer Carlos Drummond de Andrade. And if you like to party, traveling to Copacabana during Carnival can be one of your best trips in Brazil.

Wonderful trips in Brazil: Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Photo: Felipe Matesco

Anavilhanas Archipelago, Novo Airaão – AM

THE Anavilhanas Archipelago is the described image of what we see when we think “Amazon”. It is one of the largest group of river islands, linked by the Rio Negro on the border of Manaus and Novo Airão. More than 400 islands that keep an extremely rich ecosystem, the kind that can only be found in the largest tropical forest in the world.

To see more information about the Amazon and other places in Brazil, check out our travel tips and discover new destinations to visit.


Photo: Alex Pazuello


Tabuleiro Waterfall, Serra do Cipó – MG

THE Tabuleiro Waterfall it is about 180 km from Belo Horizonte, with its 273 meters of waterfall, it is the third largest waterfall in Brazil. After a trail of about an hour, you arrive at the deep well, perfect for bathing, which is formed by the waterfall.

Places to travel in Brazil: Cachoeira do Tabuleiro, Serra do Cipó - MG

Photo: André Egreja

Quitandinha Palace, Petrópolis – RJ

Palácio Quitandinha was built to be the largest hotel-casino in South America, but with the ban on gambling in Brazil, it ended up becoming a condominium, and what a condominium. Elegance and luxury still prevail in the rooms open to visitors. With guided tours it is possible to know everything about the magnificent building.

Wonderful trips in Brazil: Quitandinha Palace, Petrópolis - RJ

Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: via Flickr – cascagrossa

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

can't think about places to visit in Brazil without thinking about the huge statue on top of Mount Corcovado. Christ the Redeemer is one of the best known Brazilian symbols, and also the most visited. With its 38 meters in height, it is the second largest statue of Jesus in the world and is on the list of the 7 wonders of the modern world, making it one of the best places to travel in Brazil. 

Places to travel in Brazil: Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Photo: Carlos Ortega

Meeting of the Waters, Manaus – AM

The convergence of the Negro and Solimões Rivers is a must-see in manaus. Due to the different densities and speeds, the waters of the two rivers do not mix, causing an impressive effect. The black and warm waters of the Rio Negro run side by side with the muddy and cold waters of the Rio Solimões for 6 km before actually joining together. It is at that moment that the Amazon River begins to be named as such.

Places to travel in Brazil: Encontro das Águas, Manaus - AM

Photo: Rinaldo Santos de Almeida

Rio Sucuri, Bonito – MS

THE Sucuri River is in Bonito, at Fazenda São Geraldo. It has one of the clearest waters on the planet, as well as calm, which provide an underwater view that reaches incredible distances. There the tour is to float down the river with a snorkel to observe the fish and the underwater scenery.

Places to travel in Brazil: Rio Sucuri, Bonito - MS

Photo: André Suratti

Dolina da Água Milagrosa, Cáceres – MT

25 km from Cáceres is a 200-meter high cave that ends in a lagoon of crystal-clear waters, whose colors oscillate between green and blue. THE Miraculous Water Doline It is one of the best diving spots in Mato Grosso and rumor has it that its waters have incredible medicinal properties.

Wonderful trips in Brazil: Dolina da Água Milagrosa, Cáceres - MT

Photo: CVC Disclosure

Pedra Azul, Domingos Martins – ES

Pedra Azul State Park is the main attraction of the city of Espírito Santo and Pedra Azul, the rock formation almost 2 thousand meters high, is the postcard. The park is an attraction for those who seek contact with nature. It has several trails and great diversity of fauna and flora.

Places to travel in Brazil: Pedra Azul, Domingos Martins - ES

Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: Alexandre Ricardo

Praia do Espelho, Caraíva – BA

THE Mirror Beach one of the most enchanting beaches in southern Bahia. Its blue waters form natural pools and colorful cliffs complete the landscape along with the coconut trees. The tents have a unique style, full of charm, which invite you to spend the day relaxing on the straw mats or on the sun loungers.

Places to travel in Brazil: Praia do Espelho, Caraíva - BA


Patacho Beach, Porto das Pedras – AL

Clear sands, translucent and greenish waters, landscape composed of majestic coconut trees this is Praia do Patacho in Porto de Pedras in Alagoas. Practically deserted, good weather all year round, it exudes peace. During low tide, the sea dries up, forming natural pools hundreds of meters from the shore. See other tips about tourist attractions in Alagoas and places in Brazil. Access our destination guides and find itineraries and the best travel in Brazil.

Travel in Brazil: Praia do Patacho, Porto das Pedras - AL

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Itawi Albuquerque

Joaquina Beach, Florianópolis – SC

Joaca, as it is nicknamed, is the beach of the “high” waves. Joaquina has been frequented by big names in surfing, hosting national and even world championships. There is also popular sandboarding, a type of surfing on the sand, practiced on the dunes that are considered the best in the south of the country.

Places to travel in Brazil: Praia da Joaquina, Florianópolis - SC

Photo: Teresa Duarte

Blue Lagoon, Nobres – MT

Lagoa Azul is known as the Enchanted Aquarium, ideal for families looking for tours, ecotourism and places to travel in Brazil. And no wonder, the lagoon is 6 meters deep with crystal clear waters and more than 30 species of fish that can be observed while floating. The beauty of the well lies in its very blue waters due to the strong presence of limestone.

Travel in Brazil: Lagoa Azul, Nobres - MT

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: CVC Disclosure

Abade Pirenópolis Waterfall – GO

At the end of a trail surrounded by the forest there is a waterfall of 22 meters, forming a well of greenish waters. The Abade Waterfall, in addition to the clear waters and bucolic landscape, is also very popular for rappelling on its walls.

Places to travel in Brazil: Cachoeira do Abade Pirenópolis - GO

Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: Flickr – alan_adriana

Historic Center of Olinda - PE

Other unmissable destination to visit in Brazil and the historic center of Olinda. The place refers to the beginning of Portuguese colonization in Brazil and still has buildings preserved since the 16th century, when the city was the seat of the Captaincy of Pernambuco. Getting to know the center on foot is the best way to immerse yourself in the history of the place. For those who are moved by Carnival, stop by the Casa dos Bonecos Gigantes, where the dolls that parade during the party are kept.

national destinations

National destinations. Photo: Claudio Maranhao

Ilha do Mel – PR

Ilha do Mel is quiet, with a fishing village atmosphere and guaranteed peace. Access to the paradise island and its 35 km of beaches is by boat from Paranaguá or Pontal do Paraná. Once on land, it's hard not to fall in love with the wild scenery of a desert island, often surrounded by Atlantic forest.

The tourist structure of Honey Island it is small, but present in inns, campsites and restaurants. To get from one tourist spot to another on the island the only way is to walk. And don't worry about crowds, access is restricted to 5,000 visitors a day, making it a perfect destination for those looking for nature and different trips. places to travel in Brazil.

Places to travel in Brazil: Ilha do Mel - PR

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: flickr – natanchor

Abrolhos National Marine Park, Caravelas – BA

This National Park is yet another surprising destination for those who want to visit the main places to visit in Brazil. 70 km off the coast of Bahia is one of the best diving spots in the world. The Abrolhos Archipelago is made up of 5 volcanic islands and is surrounded by crystal clear waters, where visibility reaches a depth of 20 meters.

Do you like diving or snorkeling? Once underwater, discover dozens of coral species whose labyrinths hide a vast and diverse marine life. For those in love with the bottom of the sea, the Abrolhos National Park can be considered one of the best trips in Brazil. 

national destinations

National destinations. Photo: Joao Ramos

Delta do Parnaíba - PI

THE Delta do Parnaíba is a rare phenomenon that, in addition to the Parnaíba River, is found at the mouth of the Nile River in Egypt and at Me Kong in Vietnam. The mouth of the river forms an archipelago formed by more than 70 islands, with an area of 2,700 square kilometers and is composed of water bodies, mangroves, dunes, lagoons, wild animals, rivers and beaches with paradisiacal landscapes.

Travel in Brazil: Delta do Parnaíba - PI

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: David Jales

Manaus Municipal Theater – AM

The Municipal Theater of Manaus is right in the center of the city. It was opened in 1896, being a perfect representation of the region's wealth at the time of the rubber boom. Built in the style of the “Belle Époque”, it is the greatest architectural and historical pride of the Amazonian capital with its imposing facade and luxurious interior decoration.

Places to travel in Brazil: Municipal Theater of Manaus - AM

National destinations. Photo: Paulo Neves

Ver-o-Peso Market, Belém – PA

Offering the most diverse flavors and aromas of Pará, the Ver-o-Peso Market is one of the most famous postcards of the capital of Pará. The open-air market is located on the shores of Guajará Bay and is the perfect setting to try exotic typical fruits and regional delicacies, such as tacacá and açaí with fish. In addition to them, it brings together several stalls of fruit, fish, medicinal herbs, spices, sweets, essences and handicrafts.

Places to travel in Brazil: Mercado Ver-o-Peso, Belém - PA

National destinations. Photo: Antonio Mokarzel

Bonete Beach, Ilhabela – SP

Home to a small fishing village that depends on solar energy and without internet access, Praia do Bonete is a paradise straight out of the letters of Pero Vaz de Caminha. With the Nema River flowing on one side and a sea perfect for surfers, with waves up to 3 meters high, on the other. This paradise even makes it worth the 15 km of walking to get there.  

Best destinations in Brazil: Praia do Bonete, Ilhabela - SP

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Manoel Moraes Jr.

Itaúnas - ES

Itaúnas State Park offers several attractions in its area of 3,600 hectares. From hiking, horseback riding and buggy, canoe or jeep rides, to forró parties that start at midnight and go until sunrise. For residents of Espírito Santo, this is one of the best places to visit in Brazil. All this set in a setting of dunes, beaches, sandbanks and mangroves. The reserve also houses a unit of the Tamar Project that, in the summer, guarantees the spawning of turtles.

Places to travel in Brazil: Itaúnas - ES

National destinations. Photo: Caio Poggian

Carneiros Beach, Tamandaré – PE

One of the most deserted beaches on the Pernambuco coast, Carneiros Beach is bathed by a very calm sea with transparent waters. The coral reefs close to the coast form natural pools of warm water and practically at the water's edge is one of the beach's postcards: a very charming church, dedicated to São Benedito, surrounded by coconut trees that stands out on the 8 km of shore. . 

Places to travel in Brazil: Praia dos Carneiros, Tamandaré - PE

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Thiago Santos

Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Teresópolis – RJ

THE Serra dos Órgãos National Park It has 20 thousand hectares of native forest full of waterfalls and a great diversity of fauna and flora, 2,800 species of plants, 462 species of birds, 105 of mammals, 103 of amphibians and 83 of reptiles, including 130 endangered animals. It is certainly a paradise for adventurers, the park has the largest network of trails in Brazil. There are more than 200 km of trails of all difficulties.

National destinations to visit in Brazil: Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Teresópolis - RJ

National destinations. Photo: Luiz Antonio Moschini

Pedra Furada, Urubici – SC

Pedra Furada is at the top of Morro da Igreja, considered the highest inhabited point in the south of the country with 1822 meters of altitude. The stone is a rock formation with a “hole” 30 meters in circumference. It is possible to take a trail there, however, for this you need the help of a guide and permission from the aeronautics, as it is within the military area.

Places to travel in Brazil: Pedra Furada, Urubici - SC

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Luis Henrique Schroth

Sunset Dune, Jericoacoara – CE

The small village of “Jeri” is one of the main choices when it comes to national destinations to travel in Brazil. During the day, beautiful beaches and quiet weather with lots of sun and sea bathing. In the late afternoon, a classic scenario takes over Jericoacoara, but at Duna do Pôr do Sol the spectacle is one of the most incredible. Around five-thirty the sun dips into the sea and the 30-meter dune gradually changes colors, going from yellow to pink.

Places to travel in Brazil: Duna do Pôr do Sol, Jericoacoara - CE

National destinations. Photo: via Flickr – AoSvivos

Caracol Waterfall, Canela – RS

Cascata do Caracol is the biggest natural symbol of the city of Rio Grande do Sul. There are 131 meters of waterfall, an ecological staircase of 927 steps leads to the base of the waterfall. Over there, there is still a viewpoint that is about 150 meters from the ground, providing incredible views.

Places to go in Brazil: Cascata do Caracol, Canela - RS

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Felipe Roos

Sancho Bay, Fernando de Noronha – PE

For its crystalline waters and coral banks, the Sancho beach is considered one of best destinations in Brazil for free diving. To get there, you face a trail made from the top of a cliff with a viewpoint with a spectacular view. There begins the two flights of stairs, with 200 steps, embedded in the rock, in addition to a stone staircase, which leads to the white sand.

National destinations to visit in 2021: Baía do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha - PE

National destinations. Photo: Marcos Felipe Teixeira

Moreré natural pools, Boipeba Island – BA

Bahia has different destinations to visit, as the state is diverse and has become one of the best places to travel in Brazil. At low tide it is possible to feel inside an aquarium in the natural pools of Moreré. The transparent waters are full of colorful fish of various species that, already used to humans, come to eat at the hands of tourists.

Places to travel in Brazil: Moreré natural pools, Ilha de Boipeba - BA

Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: Michael Strugale

Pomerode - SC

Known as the “most german city in brazil” by the large flow of German immigrants who went there, Pomerode preserves cultural traits of its settlers such as the bands that play typical immigrant marches, choirs interpreting German songs, folk groups that interpret with their costumes and choreographies of the immigrants' dances.

Places to travel in Brazil: Pomerode - SC

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Amanda Luiza

Campos do Jordão – SP

The city of Campos do Jordão It is one of destinations in Brazil most popular among tourists from São Paulo, and is very popular during the winter due to its lower temperatures. The attractions of the German-looking city of São Paulo are its bars and restaurants that serve a variety of craft beers and draft beer and typical German food. In addition to the many artisan chocolate shops. See all our tips with places to visit in Campos do Jordão.

Places to travel in Brazil: Campos do Jordão - SP

National destinations. Photo: Admilson Santos

Graciosa Beach, Palmas – TO

It is the main “beach” of the city that does not have an outlet to the sea. The 520 meters of waterfront are part of the Lajeado Hydroelectric Power Plant, and are full of bars and restaurants. Perfect for lunch, a bath, or relaxing until late afternoon when the sunset makes a spectacle of itself.


Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: Gisele Ramones

Guarita Beach, Torres – RS

Praia da Guarita is considered the most beautiful in Torres, in Rio Grande do Sul. The high season is in the summer, when the wide strip of golden and beaten sand is taken over by bathers and surfers. The sea is rough, with good waves for surfing and other water sports. In addition to sportsmen, nature lovers also feel at home in the place, which is surrounded by native vegetation.

Places to travel in Brazil: Praia da Guarita, Torres - RS

Photo: Milena Dorr

Monumental Axis, Brasília – DF

The Monumental Axis is an Aavenue which is located in the center of the Plano Piloto of Brasilia. Popularly known as the “body of the plane”, it extends for sixteen kilometers, connecting the Rodoferroviária de Brasília and Praça dos Três Poderes. Along it are several monuments, such as the Buriti Palace, the JK Memorial and the Rainha da Paz Military Cathedral.

Places to travel in 2021: Eixo Monumental, Brasília - DF

National destinations. Photo: via Flickr – Sheriff

Jalapão Dunes – TO

The landscape is spectacular, with huge golden sand dunes that reach 40 meters high, surrounded by the vegetation of Serra do Espírito Santo and cut by a stream. Watching the sunset from the top of the dunes is a breathtaking sight.

Places to travel in Brazil: Dunas do Jalapão - TO

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Fabricio Azevedo

Mariana – MG

A stroll through the historic center of this small town in Minas Gerais would take you back in time to the 18th century. The churches, museums and colonial houses portray the opulence of the first capital of the state. It is home to great gems of baroque art, in the Museum of Sacred Art, there are works by Aleijadinho and Mestre Athayde.

national destinations

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Maira Bertoldo

Maquiné Cave, Cordisburgo – MG

Discovered in 1835, the Cave of Maquiné is easily accessible, there are 7 "halls" in 650 meters inside the cave. Stalactites, stalagmites, columns, curtains and travertine dams are the main attractions. One of the rooms, the 16-meter Salão do Altar, was used as a location for the soap opera Império.

national destinations

National destinations. Photo: Jacque Alves

PETAR Caves – SP

THE Alto Ribeira Tourist State Park (Petar), in the south of São Paulo is known for the more than 350 caves in its territory. Giant halls, dunes, waterfalls, abysses up to 240 meters deep, 'breaks' and climbing. There are caves of all kinds. The park houses the largest cave in the state of São Paulo, with 8 km long, the Santana Cave is the most beautiful and visited in Petar.

national destinations

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Roberval Koura

Enchanted Well, Sengés – PR

Sengés is located in the Vale do Itararé region, less than 3 hours from Londrina. There you can find an abundance of rivers, streams, rapids and waterfalls with clear waters. One of them is Poço Encantado, a large spring that forms a blue lagoon. The movement of the sand at the point where the water emerges is most impressive. To visit, you need authorization from PISA Reforestation.

national destinations

National destinations. photo: Stephen Boyd

Blue Grotto, Chapada Diamantina – BA

Inside Fazer Pratinha, in Chapada Diamantina we find the Blue Grotto. Translucent lake that takes on bluish tones when a beam of sunlight invades an opening in the rock, which also makes it possible to see the bottom of the cave, which reaches 70 meters. Due to its depth and great visibility, it is perfect for diving and floating.

national destinations

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Sec Tur Bahia

Cataguases Island, Angra dos Reis – RJ

Among the islands in Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro, the Cataguases Island It is the closest to the mainland. The biggest attraction is the sea, with calm and clear waters, with shades of green and blue, besides being ideal for diving. the sand is white, fine and soft and the vegetation, quite dense, is an extra detail in the landscape. To access it, you have to go by boat or rented. 


Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: Joachim Rembold

Guarda do Embaú, Palhoça – SC

THE Embaú Guard It is considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the country and one of the main places to visit in Brazil. The shore is long, with fine white sand. The waves break right at the mouth of the Rio da Madre, which is the gateway to the beach since, to gain access, you have to swim or canoe across the river at high tide.

The village of Guarda do Embaú is only 50 km from Florianópolis and is located within a preserved area, which makes the beach very quiet, receiving great movement only during holidays.

national destinations

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Rennan Mager

Buracão Waterfall, Chapada Diamantina – BA

The name says it all. It is a waterfall inside a big “hole”. But the hole is actually a canyon 3 meters wide and 90 meters high and the waterfall is a waterfall 85 meters high that feeds the river with dark waters. To get there, you have to walk along an easy level trail, which takes about an hour.

Places to travel in Brazil: Cachoeira do Buracão, Chapada Diamantina - BA

National destinations. Photo: Fabiano Zig

Praia do Frances, Marechal Deodoro – AL

It is one of the most coveted destinations on the south coast of Alagoas. THE French Beach stands out for the wall of coral reefs that emerges during low tide, forming a huge pool of blue waters in front of the shore. The waters are almost always warm and do not reach great depths. 

national destinations

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Andre Holzmeister

Pantanal Matogrossense - MT

The 135,000 hectares of the park are home to the typical fauna of the Pantanal Matogrossense, such as alligators, capybaras, deer, jaguars, giant otters and tuiuiús, the symbol of the Pantanal. This region is considered one of the best places for nature fans looking to travel in Brazil.

Want to explore the Pantanal region? There are two classic ways to get to know the region well: day trips by speedboat made by local agencies or more complex itineraries with boat-hotels, making an expedition through the Pantanal rivers.

National destinations.

National destinations. Photo: Sec Tur MT

Mysterious Lagoon, Bonito – MS

Lagoa Misteriosa is an isolated lake in the middle of nature with water of various shades of blue, one more beautiful than the other. It is 50 km from the center of Bonito, in the middle of Serra da Bodoquena. The Lagoon has that name because until today they have not discovered exactly how deep it reaches. Professional divers have reached 220 meters.

Want more tips about places in Brazil? See our destination guides and find ready-made itineraries and ideas for travel in Brazil.

Places to travel in Brazil: Lagoa Misteriosa, Bonito - MS

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Sucuri Agency

Lagoinha, Paracuru – CE

Just 100 km from Fortaleza is Lagoinha beach, a beach with reddish sands, blue and calm sea perfect for windsurfing and surrounded by dunes. Perfect setting for those looking for peace. The place still comes with an “plus”: there is a rumor that the 15 km of waterfront was used by French pirates, who would have left their treasures buried in the dunes.

Places to travel in Brazil: Lagoinha, Paracuru - CE

Places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Disclosure

Blue Lagoon, Ilha Grande – RJ

Certainly Ilha Grande deserves to be highlighted in the list of best destinations in Brazil. Dozens of paradisiacal beaches and islets with dense vegetation form a true amusement park for those who love nature.

Lagoa Azul, a mandatory stop on the island, is a natural pool with a sandy bottom, some rocks and predominantly intense blue water. Who ever made one of the best travel in Brazil You know it's no exaggeration to call this place a paradise. There are many attractions, including snorkeling or scuba diving, floating with “noodles” or watching the “sargentinhos” fish. 

Tourist destinations to visit in Brazil: Lagoa Azul, Ilha Grande - RJ

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Leandro Macedo Gonçalves

First Beach, Morro de São Paulo – BA

Sao Paulo hill It is one of destinations in Brazil most popular among tourists and has seven paradisiacal beaches, all with crystal clear waters and natural pools. The name of the beaches is according to the location. The differential of Primeira Praia, the closest to the center, is that in its 300 meters of white sand, summer houses and inns take over. In addition to being able to venture out on a 340-meter long and 70-meter high zipline, anyone who visits Morro de São Paulo falls in love with one of the main national destinations in the country.

Places to travel in Brazil: Primeira Praia, Morro de São Paulo - BA

Places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Darlan Geremia

Poti Canyon - PI

The Poti River Canyon was carved by the passage of the Poti River through a geological crevice located in the Serra da Ibiapaba between Piauí and Ceará. The beauty of the place already attracts travelers and adventurers from various parts of Brazil and abroad. Some rocks have very old cave inscriptions, carved in bas-relief on the rocks of the slopes.

Tourist destinations in Brazil: Poti Canyon - PI

Different places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Hans Braegelmann

Prudentópolis - PR

Want to take a nature trail? Find another one of the places to travel in Brazil. Known as the “Land of giant waterfalls”, the municipality of Prudentópolis in Paraná is located in the central-south region of Paraná and has more than one hundred waterfalls cataloged.

Travel in Brazil: Prudentópolis - PR

National destinations. Photo: Roberto Donato

Barra dos Remedios Beach, Camocim – CE

Ceará is one of the states with the most destinations to travel in Brazil, among them the municipality of Camocim. Deserted and isolated, Praia dos Remédios is hidden between dunes and offers no structure for tourists, apart from buggy rides with accredited guides. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Ceará, where the waters of the Rio dos Remédios meet the sea and arms of very blue waters meander through small white dunes. 

national destinations

Places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Rosanetur

Formiga Waterfall, Jalapão – TO

Another destination in Brazil unmissable! Despite being small, the fall has a large volume of water that forms a crystalline well in the midst of trees. The emerald green pool has pleasant temperatures and is not too deep, making it perfect for diving and swimming.

national destinations

Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: Nielcem Photographer

Praia do Carro Quebrado, Barra de Santo Antônio – AL

The famous multicolored cliffs that surround the edge of Praia do Carro Quebrado have made it one of the favorite destinations for Maceió residents. The coconut groves and the greenish sea make up the paradisiacal landscape. At high tide, waves break on the cliffs and cover the strip of sand.

national destinations

National destinations. Photo: Cicero RC Omena

Capitol - MG

Other place to meet in Brazil and the capitol city. The destination has many natural attractions. Waterfalls, natural pools, mountains that can be explored in many ways. Known by many as the “Mar de Minas”, Lake Furnas is the main attraction of the municipality, which also has the largest number of vessels (boats and motorboats) in the state.

national destinations

Places to travel in Brazil. Photo: Tais Pires

Maraú Peninsula – BA

Bahia is one of the main states in the Northeast and one of the most surprising trips in Brazil. THE Maraú Peninsula it is one of the most reserved areas in the state thanks to the difficult access to the region. Beautiful 40 km of beaches, reefs, mangroves, fields and natural pools are surrounded by the Atlantic Forest with a varied fauna and flora. The peninsula also offers other types of attractions aimed at ecotourism such as waterfalls, ecological trails and different places to visit.

national destinations

Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: Andre Holzmeister

Bombinhas - SC

THE city of bombinhas is on the coast of Santa Catarina. In the few 34.5 km the city concentrates one of the beautiful Brazilian beaches. The jagged coastline gives rise to numerous beaches, cliffs, viewpoints, some coves and islands, which have fine white sand, bathed by emerald green waters that present, most of the year, high visibility.

national destinations

National destinations. Photo: Maria Cerny

Av. Paulista, Sao Paulo – SP

Avenida Paulista represents the soul of Sao Paulo City, in its 3 km of extension it is possible to experience the essence of São Paulo in its dozens of bars, restaurants, shops, shopping centers, museums, parks, bookstores, cultural centers, theaters and cinemas. There is also one of the most important cultural centers in Brazil, the MASP. Do you like parties, alternative itineraries and lots of nightlife? If you still don't know the city of São Paulo, this destination can be included in your list of the best places to travel in Brazil. 

national destinations

Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: Disclosure

Ubajara Grotto, Ubajara – CE

The Ubajara Grotto extends over 1,200 meters with approximately 750 meters of depth, in relation to the entrance, but the visitor only has access to an extension of approximately 450 meters, among the eight artificially lit halls. Until the 1950s, the surroundings of the cave were inhabited and residents held religious celebrations within Ubajara. Despite not being very well known, this is one of the destinations in Brazil that should be on your travel list.

national destinations

National destinations. Photo: via Flickr – mauc

Natural Swimming Pools, Maracajaú – RN

The dip in the Maracajaú natural pools provides the experience of appreciating the different species of fish and corals is the main attraction. Snorkeling is available for beginners, for the more experienced it is possible to go deeper with the use of a scuba. Before going, pay attention to the weather and the tide level. The beauty of the beach and the high visibility in the water is only taken advantage of on sunny days and when the tide level, which fluctuates daily, is lower. Travel to Rio Grande do Norte and discover one of the Brazilian places most desired.

Take the opportunity to get to know Maracajaú in an integrated itinerary passing through Natal or Pipa, this trip can certainly be a great choice of destination in Brazil.

national destinations

National destinations. Photo: C Sales

Museum of Contemporary Art of Niterói, Niterói – RJ

Designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, the MAC has become one of Niterói's postcards and one of the tour choices for those looking for destinations in Rio de Janeiro. The museum also brings together works belonging to contemporary art, all dating from the 20th century, from abstract arts to works depicting the illusion of the Brazilian Monarchy in a collection of 1,217 artistic pieces. 


Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: Rodrigo Soldon

Campeche Island, Florianópolis – SC

THE Campeche Island enter the list of places to visit in Brazil, as it is the only island in the country listed as a National Archaeological and Landscape Heritage. Its crystal clear turquoise waters are just part of the island's appeal. The greatest wealth, however, are the dozens of rock inscriptions protected in archaeological sites and accessible by trails accompanied by guides.

national destinations

National destinations. photo: pixabay

Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande – RJ

The beautiful beach of Lopes Mendes has 3 km of very white and fine sand. If you like paradisiacal places, this will certainly be one of your best trips in Brazil. In the left corner, the sea is calmer, which makes it favorable for free diving if you take a snorkel. In some parts the sea is more agitated, forming good waves for surfing.


Places to visit in Brazil. Photo: SC Tur Angra dos Reis

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