Paraty is a historic city stage for major events and attractions, as well as a reference when it comes to culture and natural beauties. Check out the 11 best places to visit in Paraty. 

One of the oldest cities in Brazil, where much of the country's gold was exported during the Colonial period, paraty, at the Rio de Janeiro, keeps in its existence a piece of Brazilian history. In addition, in its corners of old mansions and fishermen's houses, the city exudes culture, always with a beautiful natural setting around it. In this way, whether to visit the Literary Fair of paraty, one of the most renowned national events that takes place annually, or to enjoy a day at sea, this little national gem is worth a visit.

See now the 11 best places to visit in Paraty!

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Walk in the historic center

Free from the presence of cars, explore the historic center It is without a doubt the first mandatory stop. As one of the first planned cities in Brazil, the streets draw attention for allowing the invasion of the high tide, a system developed to clean and drain the city's sewage in past centuries. Surprisingly, the beautiful churches, dedicated to the cults of the wealthy, the middle class and slaves, frame the scene, displaying their riches and finishes in colonial and baroque styles. Street artists and artisans sell in their shops and stalls a series of souvenirs from the city, and even works of art, decorative objects and a multitude of other items.


Historic Center is one of the best places to visit in Paraty. Photo: Rogério Cassimiro / MTUR

cylinder diving

How about taking advantage of the boat ride to go to one of the many diving spots on the islands of paraty? After all, the city, which has a calm sea and clean water, is one of the best national spots to explore the seabed. Whether you are a professional or not, it is possible to schedule an appointment at one of the dive companies downtown. In addition, you can swim near colorful shoals, in always fresh water.


Scuba diving is one of the attractions in Paraty. Photo: Disclosure

schooner ride

With a beautiful coastline, preserved forest and islands with crystalline waters, the Bay of Paraty is certainly a great place for water activities. Schooners and small trawlers, sailboats, motorboats and all kinds of boats carry out tours and invite tourists to explore the Atlantic beauties. Us tours, the landscape of the city seen from the sea is complemented by the paradisiacal islands, where you can enjoy eating traditional caiçara food.


Schooner ride is one of the attractions that attract the attention of tourists in Paraty. Photo: Disclosure


As a tourist hub that attracts people from all over the world, Paraty has options for all kinds of tastes. From Brazilian to international cuisine, some of the restaurants, such as Banana da Terra, in the historic center, use typical Brazilian ingredients, in dishes made on a whim, showing the best of our cuisine. However, others like Punto Divino, in the same region, are an example of the Italian cuisine of Tuscany and Sicily.


Photo: Disclosure

Art galleries and studios

With its rich culture mixing African, indigenous and European traditions, the streets and shops are one of the attractions in paraty and offer a variety of options for workshops and handicrafts. In short, at the city's fairs, visitors can find artifacts and pieces of art with a very rich ethnic and cultural diversity. Eventually, the highlights are the pieces made in basketry, papier-mâché and works and sculptures in wood. The Casa da Cultura, in the historic center, offers an exhibition of arts and cultural relics that help to tell a piece of the history of the city and the country.


Photo: Alma Demetrio Junior


One of the most sought after neighborhoods in the city, Trindade, is located 30km from the Paraty interchange, accessible by the BR-101. Full of beautiful beaches, trails full of adventure and its hidden waterfalls, the small village undeniably has an interesting menu of restaurants, options for those who like to camp and for those who prefer a little inn. In short, among the outstanding beaches, is Praia do Meio. With clean waters and a beautiful rock formation, tourists can still cross a small river and, through a small trail, still get to know Praia do Cachadaço.

Photo: Disclosure

Mamanguá bag

The only Brazilian fjord, a geographic formation in which an arm of the sea advances between high mountains, is well worth a visit. Arriving by boat, it is possible to enjoy the mountains covered in vegetation and even stop at one of the 33 beaches along the Saco do Mamanguá. With eight caiçara communities along its length, tourists can stop at some of the small bars and restaurants to enjoy a fresh meal, or take the opportunity to buy fish and seafood, straight from the boats. At the bottom of the fjord, it is possible to find a mangrove area.

Photo: Bruno Trevisan Dini

Lula beach

Surrounded by well-preserved forest and emerald waters, Praia da Lula is one of the must-see attractions in Paraty. However, the easiest way to get there is by means of schooners and boats that take tourists from the port of Paraty to the place. The boats moored close to the beach make the scenery even more beautiful. You can enjoy the clear waters and snorkel, as well as rest on the sand and take a nap after a good meal.

Photo: Disclosure

Toboggan Waterfall

Among the magnificent waterfalls in the municipality, Cachoeira do Tobogã is undoubtedly one of the most visited. 7.5km away from the interchange that gives access to the city, on Estrada Real, which connects Cunha to Paraty, the waterfall won over visitors because of a large smooth stone, which ends up functioning as a toboggan, in the water flow, which ends up leaving the person to slide into a natural pool. To get there, the visitor needs to cross a small trail that starts behind the Tourist Information Center of Caminho do Ouro.

Photo: Clarissa Carino

Still Maria Isabel

One of the most famous cachaças in Brazil abroad, Maria Izabel has been produced in Paraty, at Sítio Santo Antônio, since 1996. Made in an artisanal way, it is in the national ranking of the best drinks. From the planting of the sugarcane, through fermentation, distillation and storage, all the steps have the involvement of the owner, Maria Izabel. Cachaça lovers can visit the alembic, to learn a little more about the production of the drink, try and compare one of the bottles. Leaving the Paraty interchange, towards Angra dos Reis, the driver walks about 8 km to the place.

Photo: Disclosure

Praia do Sono

One of Paraty's wild beaches, with crystal clear waters and almost untouched vegetation, is an excellent spot for diving or for those who want to enjoy a peaceful day by the sea. With easier access by boat, those who like adventure can reach the beach through a trail, which starts in a residential condominium. Also, camping lovers can stay at a campground on the beach.

Photo: Alvaro Rodrigues

For all this historical, cultural, environmental and gastronomic wealth, the best places in Paraty deserve your visit, whatever your age, as there will always be a program to relax, teach and have fun.

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