Beaches, waterfalls, forests, mountains, historic cities and many other tourist attractions can be found all over Brazil. Owner of a blessed territory surrounded by natural beauty, our country offers destinations for all types of travelers, from backpackers to the most demanding tourists.

With the rise in the dollar, many Brazilians are stopping visiting abroad and preferring to visit closer destinations, preferably in the national territory.

We have separated 11 destinations that have been standing out more and more in the taste of tourists and allow great days of rest, beautiful landscapes and great memories.

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São Miguel dos Milagres – Alagoas


Photo: Camila do Couto

The small town on the north coast of Alagoas is framed by a sea of crystalline and warm waters, with immense coconut trees, which form paradisiacal beaches.

The movement in this little part of the state is very peaceful, the infrastructure of the city is due to the few charming inns spread along the coast of the municipality and the restaurants specialized in regional cuisine.

Tefé – Amazonas


Photo: Peter Schoen

672 km away from the Amazonian capital Manaus, the municipality of Tefé enchants everyone who wants to get to know the unforgettable beauties of the Amazon Forest. The region is made up of several islands, hundreds of lakes, rivers, streams, freshwater beaches and tourist attractions for nature lovers to find no fault with.

The practice of ecotourism in Amazonas can be carried out in the Mamirauá Development Reserve, located on the Solimões River, in the Alto Amazonas region. Visitors can come across several species of primates on a walk accompanied by birdsong from the Amazon. Jaguars, porpoises and sloths can also be found in space.

Taquaruçu – Tocantins


Photo: Leo Nishihata

Taquaraçu can be considered the paradise of waterfalls in Tocantins. The municipality is just 30 km away from Palmas and has about 80 waterfalls cataloged in a region where tranquility prevails. The district is highly sought after by practitioners of extreme sports, such as abseiling, as it has numerous gigantic waterfalls, such as Roncador, one of the most sought after by tourists.

Bombinhas – Santa Catarina


Photo: Maria Cerny

Bombinhas stands out for its beautiful beaches with strikingly colored waters that bathe the peninsula. Perfect place for diving, the municipality receives many sports fans, families and groups of friends who want to use and abuse beautiful beaches.

Its beaches surrounded by Atlantic Forest vegetation are preserved thanks to the strict environmental rules imposed by the municipality that guarantee the preservation of the sanctuary. Among the main attractions are Praia da Sepultura, Ilha do Arvoredo and the Mirante Eco 360º.

Lapa – Paraná


Photo: Luiz Ricardo Rech

A destination rich in historical, cultural and religious tourism, the city of Lapa in Paraná is charming for housing old and well-preserved houses and monuments. The rich rustic and plentiful cuisine was influenced by the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais, the highlights are the Carreteiro rice, the turned of beans, the suckling pig, the pork chop, barbecue, grits and farofa.

Be sure to visit the Tropeiro Museum, Theatro São João, Igreja Matriz de Santo Antônio, the Museum of Arms, the Historical Museum of Lapa, Sanctuary São Benedito and the Monge State Park.

Capitol – Minas Gerais


photo: Rafael Fernando

Representing the beautiful beauties of Lake Furnas, the city of Capitólio is a mandatory stop for lovers of ecotourism. Canyons, waterfalls, trails, viewpoints and emerald green water lakes are part of the city's attractions.

Afuá, Marajó Island – Pará


Photo: Forum Magazine

Affectionately nicknamed the “Venice of the Amazon”, the municipality is located on the famous Marajó Island, and like every riverside town in this region, it is surrounded by native forest with countless Amazonian landscapes.

The place stands out for its wooden houses built on stilts, always very colorful and neat, which form a palette of strong colors, drawing attention in the midst of the landscape. Another fact that makes the place even more magical is the lack of access for cars, making the environment even more rustic, in Afuá the main means of transportation is the bicycle.

Mangue Seco – Bahia


Photo: Carolina Campos

The beautiful fishing village in the extreme north of Bahia on the border with the state of Sergipe and has sandy streets with rustic structure. Its almost deserted landscapes were the stage for the soap opera “Tieta”. There are almost 30 km of dunes with soft sand dotted by coconut trees in front of an extensive coastline that invites visitors to explore the region by buggy.

The small center of the village, with a square, a church and some houses on the banks of the River Real, is home to some inns and homemade restaurants whose main dish is the aratu moqueca, a crustacean found in the mangroves.

Torres – Rio Grande do Sul


Photo: Cassiano Fuentes

Considered by many gauchos as the most beautiful stretch of the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, the municipality of Torres is on the border with Santa Catarina and unlike the typical beaches of the state (extensive and flat) the city has beaches with hills and viewpoints. Praia da Guarita is considered the postcard of Torres, with an impressive combination of coves and cliffs.

Nobles – Mato Grosso


Photo: Daniel Arantes

The city of Nobres is gaining fame for the crystal clear rivers and waterfalls with crystal clear water that surround the region. Destination still little explored in Mato Grosso, the city that is just 140 km from Cuiabá is very similar to Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul and offers walks in the middle of nature, adventure activities and visits to caves.

piranhas – alagoas 


Photo: Claudio Maranhao

On the banks of the São Francisco River is the pyrotechnic city of Piranhas. The calm city preserves its old historic center amidst the beauties of the iconic old chico. Piranhas became nationally known for being the city where Lampião's head, and others of his gang, were exposed after the beheading.

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