Paris is one of the most visited places in Europe, there are so many attractions around the city that it is difficult to know where to start. To help you with this task, we have separated which are the most interesting tourist spots to visit in the city of light

Paris, the capital of France, is one of the most charming and romantic cities in the world. It is not by chance that around 30 million tourists pass through the city every year.

The city has also always served as an inspiration and setting for several films, music, events in the world of fashion, painting, photography and many other artistic expressions and movements. Furthermore, many of parisian sights are known as true icons of architecture and world art, such as the Louvre Museum, the largest art museum in the world and the most visited.  

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There are numerous interesting options in France's most populous city: museums, monuments, restaurants, parks and even cemeteries. To help you make the most of the City of Light, we've separated 11 attractions amazing places to see in Paris.

Cool sights to visit in Paris

Louvre Museum

Photo: Jean-Christophe BENOIST / Wikimedia Commons

The Louvre Museum is the most visited in the entire world and is one of the main attractions in Paris. It is worth booking a day of your trip to see the space there are more than 35 thousand works of art on display in 14 km of rooms and corridors. “Mona Lisa” (Leonardo da Vinci), “Vênus de Milo” (Alexandre de Antioquia) and “The Lacemaker” (Johannes Vermeer) are just a few examples of works that make up the Louvre collection. The museum's location is also privileged: right in the center of the city, between the River Seine and Rue de Rivoli.

Museum d'Orsay

Sights in Paris

Photo: Ricardo André Frantz / Wikimedia Commons

Still in the center of Paris, another important museum deserves attention. The Musée d'Orsay, opened in 1900, impresses with the beauty of its architecture and the grandeur of its structure. The museum's collection includes works by renowned painters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Klimt and Munch.

Eiffel Tower

Photo: NonOmnisMoriar / Wikimedia Commons

Even if you've never traveled to France, you've certainly seen this tourist spot several times in movies and series. In addition to being one of the main symbols and tourist attraction in the country, the Eiffel Tower is also the most visited monument with paid admission in the world.

There are 324 meters divided into 3 levels and 1,665 steps. If you're not afraid of heights, going to the top of the tower can be an unforgettable experience!

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

Sights in Paris

Photo: GuidoR / Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for an indescribable view of Paris, this could be your right stop. Remember Quasimodo, a character in the legendary work of Victor Hugo? On your trip to Paris it is possible to pay a visit to his house, also known as the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. The cathedral, located along the River Seine, began construction in the 10th century and received the final touches 200 years later. The delay was worth it and today the work is considered one of the main tourist attractions in the city.

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery

Sights in Paris. Photo: Pxhere / Creative Commons CC0

Anyone who thinks that a cemetery cannot be a tourist attraction has certainly never visited the Père-Lachaise Cemetery. the biggest green space in Paris. The aesthetics of the place impresses visitors with trees that perfectly frame the burial chambers of the 19th century. The cemetery also arouses curiosity for several personalities who were buried there, such as singer Jim Morrison, singer Edith Piaf and French painter Eugène Delacroix.

Arch of Triumph

Photo: iankelsall1 / Pixabay

The Arc de Triomphe is undoubtedly one of the most interesting monuments in Paris. Its construction was ordered by Napoleon Bonaparte, in 1806, in commemoration of military victories. Because of this, on the walls of the arch it is possible to read the name of the battles fought during the French First Republic and the Napoleonic Empire and also of the soldiers who fought in those periods. The arch, located in the center of the capital, is made up of several impressive sculptures and is considered a landmark in French history.

Sena River

Sights in Paris

Photo: jkb / Pixabay

In addition to being very pleasant, the boat ride on the emblematic River Seine shows several tourist attractions in the city. It is also worth it to enjoy an afternoon walking along the banks of the river to admire the landscape and a little of the local daily life.

Luxembourg garden

Sights in Paris. Photo: jocagui0 / Pixabay

Considered one of the most beautiful parks in the world, the Jardin Luxembourg is one of the favorite places for tourists looking for an outdoor walk in Paris. The space has impeccable landscaping in the greatest Parisian style. The large garden is also an ideal stop for tourists and locals alike for picnics, cultural activities and family outings.

Ile de la Cite

Photo: leo gonzales / Wikimedia Commons

The city's ground zero, the Île de la Cité, or the Island of the City, is where the kilometers of all the capital's roads begin. It is the largest of the islands on the River Seine and is the heart of the city, the place where Paris was founded. The region is famous for housing important tourist and historical points of the country, among them: the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Sainte Chapelle, the Palace of Justice, the Conciergerie Ordinance, among other attractions.

Disneyland Paris

Photo: bunzellisa / Pixabay

Disneyland Paris is made up of two parks: the Walt Disney Studio Park and Disneyland Park. The park has numerous rides, presentations and shows with Disney characters, restaurants, among other attractions. The attraction is just 40 km from Paris and is a great option for leisure for children and adults.

Les Invalides

Sights in Paris

Sights in Paris. Photo: stephanemartin / Wikimedia Commons

The monument is a grand architectural complex built in the 17th century. The purpose of the building was to serve as a residence for retired French soldiers or those who needed to get away from service. In addition to being known for its vast artistic wealth, the place also attracts visitors for housing the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte.  

Which company do the tours in Paris with?

If you are planning to visit Paris and want to make sure that you can enjoy most of the main attractions, it is interesting to hire the services of a local host who can give you all the tips for your trip.

THE France Among Friends specializes in receiving Brazilians in the country. They are based in Paris, but develop exclusive itineraries with Portuguese-speaking guides for different regions of France.

Closing some of the tours with local companies can be advantageous, one of the main tips to avoid wasting a lot of time in lines is to buy tickets and tours directly with them. If you don't want to use public transport or rent a car, the reception also offers transfer services with your own driver. That way you can enjoy your trip with more security and tranquility.


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