Tourist cities in Minas Gerais carry important cultural and historical legacies, creating new experiences for those traveling by car.

Minas Gerais is a destination surrounded by culture and history, as it holds true architectural treasures such as museums, churches and cities dating back to the 18th century.

In gastronomy, the state also enchants, with typical delicacies that please even the most demanding palates. But it is important to know that there are many other attractions that can be explored in different tourist cities in Minas Gerais

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Travelers who are looking for places with a lower flow of people and a variety of outdoor activities will find great alternatives. For those coming from neighboring states, this can be a good opportunity to rent a car, drive along the roads and contemplate the natural beauties that accompany the journey. The idea also extends to those arriving at the capital's airport, Belo Horizonte. There are several cities to visit in Minas Gerais that can surprise you with the offer of attractions, regional culture and beauties. 

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Tourist cities in Minas Gerais to travel by car

And to help travelers find the perfect places to visit during their stay in Minas Gerais, we have separated 11 options of cities to visit in the state that go beyond Belo Horizonte, providing enriching experiences for those who are traveling by car. Check out!

Black gold

11 tourist cities in Minas Gerais to visit by car

Photo: Pixabay

With unique architectural complexes, the city, located 100 kilometers from Belo Horizonte and listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, offers several religious and cultural attractions, such as the São Francisco de Assis Church and the Inconfidência Museum.

For those who are not content to keep only knowledge, one option is to take advantage of the talent of local artisans and take home a souvenir. Lavras Novas, a district that belongs to Ouro Preto, complements the offer of attractions and provides visitors with moments of adventure. It is possible, for example, to take quad bike or kayak tours, as well as practice rafting or abseiling. 


Photo: Pixabay

The city, located 35 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, attracts visitors interested in peace and art. And this can be provided for those who visit Inhotim, the largest open-air museum in the world. Inaugurated in 2006, the place received more than 3 million visitors and has works spread between galleries and gardens.

Other attractions of the city are the Historic and Landscape Ensemble of Serra da Calçada, which leads to the Forte de Brumadinho and has an extensive range of flowers and animals, and Casa Branca, a district where it is possible to carry out radical activities perfect for the more adventurous traveler. .

Santana do Riacho

11 tourist cities in Minas Gerais to visit by car

Photo: Upslon/ Wikimedia Commons

This destination, located 123 kilometers from the capital of Minas Gerais, has archaeological sites that prove human existence there for over 10,000 years. Some of these sites are in the Serra do Cipó National Park, which has rivers, canyons, walls and waterfalls, allowing for various sports activities.

Another important district of the city is Lapinha da Serra, which further increases the options of adventure tourism attractions in the municipality and has a calendar of religious events, such as Saint Sebastian's Day and the Festa de Nossa Senhora Aparecida, both already consolidated. in the region. 

Santa Barbara

Photo: Disclosure

Religious tourism is the protagonist of the city of Santa Bárbara, which is 111 kilometers from Belo Horizonte. Its postcard is the Matriz de Santo Antônio, where it is possible to find masterpieces by Mestre Athayde, for example.

The municipality is also the gateway to the Caraça Sanctuary, a natural and historical heritage of the state. On this trip, visitors can walk freely along the trails and visit waterfalls. In addition, tourists can visit the Neo-Gothic Church, which connects the side wings of the old building and the ruins of the old college and the apostolic school. Perfect for a road trip from Belo Horizonte.


11 tourist cities in Minas Gerais to visit by car

Photo: Alex Costa Maciel/ Wikimedia Commons

Tiradentes, neighboring Ouro Preto, makes it clear in its name that history and culture are rooted in the city. With a more classic architecture and a more peaceful climate, the destination becomes an ideal option for those who really want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy moments in a more carefree way.

There are several options of museums and historic centers to visit, in addition to the churches, which guarantee the image of religious tourism. Everything can be taken advantage of in the simplest of details. To make the experience even more delicious, it is worth taking a ride in a gardener or buggy through the city, in addition to enjoying the numerous restaurants located in the historic center of Tiradentes.

São João del Rei

11 tourist cities in Minas Gerais to visit by car

Photo: Pixabay

The bell rings! Not to signal the arrival of a new visitor, since the tradition of hospitality is part of the city of São João Del Rei, but to announce that the mass is about to begin or that it is time for the traditional Ave Maria.

It is possible to find several mansions and townhouses, where there are noble metal materials that attract many visitors: tin. One of these mansions is Solar dos Neves, belonging to the family of former president Tancredo Neves. For those who appreciate religious tourism, it is also the opportunity to visit the Church of São Francisco de Assis, which has golden altars and is the seat of the Sunday morning mass. 


11 tourist cities in Minas Gerais to visit by car

Photo: Lisses hk/ Wikimedia Commons

The city, which has already held the title of capital of Minas Gerais, still attracts many tourists, either because of the mansions that are on the site, or because of the churches that consolidate religious tourism or the manual work of the resident artisans.

There are monuments and townhouses that make the architectural style unique, listed as a National Monument. The municipality is surrounded by mountains and has a slower pace and is not as popular as neighboring Ouro Preto. Traveling by car through the city, the tourist will be able to know these attractions and even take home some souvenirs, along with the memories that are provided only by the place. 

Catas Altas

11 tourist cities in Minas Gerais to visit by car

Photo: Glauco Umbelino/ Wikimedia Commons

The countryside atmosphere with colorful houses in Catas Altas will appeal to travelers who want to rest and have contact with a lighter routine and with a scenery surrounded by mountains. One of the most important attractions is the Bicame de Pedra, an aqueduct built in stone to carry water from Serra do Caraça to the city. 

Wine lovers will like to know that the visit to the destination is the perfect opportunity to get to know the drink, which is fermented there with jabuticaba. But don't forget: if you're going to drink, leave the car at the place of stay and enjoy walking around the city. During the weekends, the nightlife is more active, with most shops and restaurants open. 


11 tourist cities in Minas Gerais to visit by car

Photo: Disclosure

The city of the prophets. This is the title that is still carried by Congonhas, another municipality that belongs to Estrada Real and can be perfect for traveling by car. Its postcard is the Basilica of Senhor Bom Jesus, listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It is a work that demonstrates the representation of the 12 prophets, sculpted by Antônio Francisco Lisboa, known as Aleijadinho, one of the biggest names in Brazilian baroque art.

Religious tourism is also completed with the Sala dos Milagres, where the faithful deliver offerings in gratitude for graces; the Ladeira Museum, with a collection from the city of the prophets; and the Congonhas Museum, which has exhibition rooms, a technical reserve, a library, among other spaces. A true history lesson for lovers of Brazilian culture.


Photo: Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton/ Wikimedia Commons

Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, the city still preserves its rich historical and cultural heritage, safeguarding important facts, such as the address of personalities such as Juscelino Kubitschek, former president of the republic, and Chica da Silva, a freed slave.

The destination still has natural wealth that makes it possible to see beautiful trails and waterfalls up close. Among its main attractions are the Municipal Market of Tropeiros, which brings together producers and tourists; the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santo Antônio da Sé, a listed church by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute; and the Biribiri State Park, with waterfalls and trails ideal for the more adventurous, in addition to so many other natural attractions that are worth the entire trip. 

Poços de Caldas

11 tourist cities in Minas Gerais to visit by car

Photo: Disclosure

Those who enjoy contact with water, especially hot springs – considered beneficial to health – and waterfalls, will fall in love with Poços de Caldas. The destination offers great alternatives for ecotourism and adventure tourism, such as the Véu das Noivas Waterfall and the Antas Waterfall.

Busier than other mining towns, it manages to please the most diverse profiles of travelers. Those who love culture can take the opportunity to visit the city's historic buildings, while those who value relaxation can take the opportunity to relax in some of the parks or gardens available.

What did you think of these itineraries for visiting historic cities in Minas Gerais? There is no shortage of options to take advantage of the proximity of these destinations and enjoy a trip by car.

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