Located in one of the most romantic destinations in Brazil, the hotels and inns in Gramado and the region in Serra Gaúcha have everything you need for a trip full of charm and comfort

In fact, the warm climate of the mountainous region of Rio Grande do Sul is an invitation for those who want to relax by the fireplace accompanied by a good wine while enjoying the low temperatures of the place.

THE Serra Gaúcha it is definitely a piece of Europe in Brazilian territory. Cradle of European immigrants, all the municipalities that involve the Serra Gaúcha and part of the southern Brazilian region carry their origins still preserved. In this way, the customs of the natives are passionate, always very traditional, the local resident will hardly give up the comfort and the abundant table, and in the day to day he shows a little of the lifestyle and culture of the immigrants who chose Brazil to live. install.

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Flowery streets, wine production in family wineries, chocolate factories, train rides and buildings with architecture influenced by German, Italian, Polish and many other peoples who formed the region. For those who want to be even more enchanted by the landscapes of the interior of Rio Grande do Sul and region, we have separated 12 accommodation options that are more than recommended for when you are in the destination. Check out these hotels and inns in Serra Gaucha.

Hotels and B&Bs in Serra Gaucha

Hotel Saint Andrews

Inspired by European castles and overlooking the Quilombo Valley, one of the main luxury accommodations in Serra Gaúcha is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Gramado. THE Hotel Saint Andrews surprisingly it has only 11 exclusive suites, distributed throughout the mansion complex. Undoubtedly, the fine and sophisticated atmosphere is present in every detail of the decoration, making the environment even more elegant with works of art and classic and contemporary elements. The accommodations undeniably do not skimp on glamor and boast comfort in a true king's chamber.

The entire environment was designed and created to order in order to propose an exclusive experience for couples and families who want to enjoy the most luxurious accommodation in Gramado.


Photo: Publicity Hotel Saint Andrews


Photo: Publicity Hotel Saint Andrews

Rua das Flores, 171
Vale do Bosque, Gramado – RS
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3295-770
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Sky Hotel

From the hearty breakfast – elected several times in a row as the best in Gramado – to the warmth of a family hotel. If what you want is to immerse yourself in the culture and the traditional German way, it is worth considering the Sky Hotel as your lodging in Serra Gaúcha. After all, created by German descendants, the entire structure and concept follows European influences designed by the Krauspenhar family itself.

The alpine-style architecture is completed with the buildings in Gramado, and in the internal areas, an infrastructure is certainly complete with all accommodations equipped with air conditioning, TV, minibar and central heating.


Photo: Disclosure Hotel Sky


Photo: Disclosure Hotel Sky

Avenida das Hortênsias, 680
Center, Gramado - RS
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3286 4716
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Renaissance Hotel

Also in Gramado, 2km from the city centre, the Renaissance Hotel It is an excellent option for those who want hotels and inns to visit the main attractions of the Serra, with a strategic location. In fact, the complex is surrounded by a green area and offers a complete infrastructure to receive families, couples and groups. With easy access to local attractions, it is worth considering this accommodation if the idea is comfort and practicality in Serra Gaúcha.

A heated and covered pool to relax enjoying the cold of the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, fitness room, children's space for children with playroom, own restaurant and all the comfort in spacious accommodations equipped with air conditioning, TV, minibar, Wi-Fi and central heating. In addition, the apartments follow the special, luxury and suite standards.


Photo: Disclosure Renaissance Hotel


Photo: Disclosure Renaissance Hotel

Av. Borges de Medeiros, 51
Três Pinheiros – Gramado – RS
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3286 3643 / 3286 6872
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Dall'Onder Grande Hotel

For wine tourism lovers, the Dall'Onder Grande Hotel, in Bento Gonçalves, is the largest lodging in the “terra das vinículas”, where one of the main tours of Serra Gaúcha also leaves. First of all, the steam train journey known as Maria Fumaça is a nostalgic tour that relives the old railroad tracks passing through the municipalities of Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Carlos Barbosa. During the entire journey, wine tasting, juices and sparkling wines are available for all passengers.

Above all, the hotel has 22,000 square meters of built area, offering maximum comfort to guests in accommodations available in executive category, superior luxury, suite, executive suite and presidential suite.


Photo: Publicity Dall'Onder Grande Hotel


Photo: Publicity Dall'Onder Grande Hotel

Rua Herny Hugo Dreher, 197
Bento Goncalves – RS
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3455 3555
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Continental Canela Hotel

In the heart of Serra Gaúcha, the Continental Canela Hotel offers 172 complete accommodations, prepared to guarantee maximum comfort to its visitors. Above all, the hotel is one of the largest in terms of number of apartments and is located in an area of 5 hectares of native forest, with a complete structure for leisure and relaxation for all ages.

In fact, following the concept of leisure and luxury accommodation, several activities are available for guests to enjoy, such as trails with ecological walks, soccer field, games room, gym, enchanted castle for children and adult and children's thermal pools. In addition, with options of regional and international cuisine in à la carte preparations, the hotel's restaurant is also open to the public and is open every day.


Photo: Publicity Hotel Continental Canela


Photo: Publicity Hotel Continental Canela

Rua José Pedro Piva, 220
center, cinnamon
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3282 5600
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Abode of the Canyons

For those looking for a more exclusive inn in the surroundings of Serra Gaúcha, located in a landscape of envy, the inn Abode of the Canyons It is located on the edge of the canyons of the Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral national parks, on the border between the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

Therefore, between the valleys of the mountains and the coast, the visitor eventually contemplates the sunrise in the sea and the sunset in the canyons. The stone chalets – unique in the region – are fully equipped with a king size bed, fireplace, spa bath, telescope, TV and a balcony overlooking the outside area. In addition, the inn also has a bistro, panoramic viewpoints and an indoor heated pool overlooking the canyons, for example.


Photo: Publicity Address of the Canyons


Serra Gaúcha has beautiful and cozy hotels and inns. Photo: Publicity Address of the Canyons

SC 290, Serra do Faxinal, km 28
Praia Grande – SC
[email protected]
Tel: (48) 3532 1590 / (11) 4063 4172

Cambara Eco Hotel

Also in the Aparados da Serra National Park, in Cambará do Sul, 1500 meters away from the center and 120 km from Gramado, the Cambara Eco Hotel It is located in front of a lake with more than 21 thousand m² surrounded by a surprisingly untouched nature, with trails through native araucaria forest and different options for leisure and rest.

In “Terra dos Cânios” the visitor is surprised by the beautiful landscapes of the extreme northeast of Rio Grande do Sul. At first, the hotel offers two categories of accommodation, suite category and luxury category, both of which are fully equipped with TV, minibar, hairdryer, digital safe, among other accessories to ensure much more comfort during your stay.


Serra Gaúcha has hotels and inns for all tastes. Photo: Disclosure Cambará Eco Hotel


Photo: Disclosure Cambará Eco Hotel

Road to Itaimbézinho Canyon
Aparados da Serra, Cambará do Sul – RS
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3251 1703
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Pousada Cravo e Canela

Member of the Roteiros de Charme group, Pousada Cravo e Canela It is a typical example of small and exclusive European hotels, a good option among hotels and inns in Serra Gaúcha. As a result, in a centenary mansion with an intimate atmosphere, in the center of Canela, next to the Catedral de Pedra – one of the main postcards of the Serra – the Pousada oozes peace with a plot of 8 thousand square meters with trees and gardens of native species. .

Fireplaces, bar, massage room, sauna, heated pool with whirlpool and many other perks are offered at the inn, since it does not dispense with care in every detail of the neo-classical decoration full of warmth.


Photo: Publicity Pousada Cravo e Canela


Photo: Publicity Pousada Cravo e Canela

Rua Lieutenant Manoel Correa, 144
Downtown, Canela – RS
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3282 1120
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Alpestre Hotel

An ideal retreat for those who want to enjoy spa and leisure services while enjoying good quiet days in the Serra Gaúcha, the Alpestre Hotel It has an immense garden that surrounds the entire complex. In addition, the hotel also stands out as one of the best luxury accommodations in Gramado, full of refinement and good taste.

With spacious accommodations to receive the most demanding groups and families, living room with fireplace, fitness space, garden bar, indoor thermal pool and outdoor pools, children's playground, tennis court and numerous options are offered to make the guest feel at home. home.


Photo: Publicity Hotel Alpestre


Photo: Publicity Hotel Alpestre

Rua Leopoldo Rosenfeldt, 67
Center, Gramado - RS
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3286 3555
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Hotel Laghetto Toscana

Located 700 meters from Rua Coberta, in the tourist center of Gramado, the Hotel Laghetto Toscana undeniably offers a high standard structure with accessibility for people with reduced mobility. That is, a thermal pool, sauna, fitness center, games room, lobby with fireplace and other amenities are offered to make your stay even more surprising.

In addition, the development has 107 apartments prepared to ensure maximum well-being for guests. Accommodations are divided into four categories: Studio, Studio Vale, Master and Master Vale.


Photo: Publicity Hotel Laghetto Toscana


Photo: Publicity Hotel Laghetto Toscana

Av. of Hydrangeas, 2600
Planato, Gramado – RS
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3295 9797
book here.

ModeVie Gramado

For those who want, in addition to exclusive accommodation, to enjoy gastronomic experiences in the Serra Gaúcha, certainly the ModeVie Hotel follows the luxury-boutique accommodation concept and is close to where Gramado's main attractions and events take place, such as Igreja Matriz, Rua Coberta and Palácio dos Festivais.

With easy access to other postcards of the mountain region of Rio Grande do Sul, the development also offers a health and wellness space with body and facial therapies, relaxing massages, baths and longevity treatments. Undoubtedly, an excellent choice of accommodation in Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha. 


ModeVie Gramado is one of the best hotels in Serra Gaúcha. Photo: Disclosure


Photo: Publicity ModeVie Gramado

Augusto Zatti, 160
Center, Gramado - RS
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3295 1075
book here.

Petit House on the Mountain

With European air, the Petit House on the Mountain is a charming accommodation in Serra Gaúcha, pet friendly in the center of the city, which is optional for those who want to visit Gramado with pets. In fact, the development is a more exclusive extension of Casa da Montanha, a hotel known for its leisure facilities. In this way, those staying at the Petit hotel can also enjoy the amenities of Casa da Montanha, which is just a few meters away.

Accommodations inspired by small central European lodgings are likely to please and guarantee comfort in an intimate atmosphere, accommodating up to four people. Finally, the generous breakfast has regional varieties with pies, breads, chocolate croissants and other delicacies.


Petit Casa da Montanha is a successful option in Gramado, Serra Gaúcha. Photo: Disclosure 


Photo: Publicity Petit Casa da Montanha

Rua Garibaldi, 254
Center, Gramado - RS
[email protected]
Tel: (54) 3295 7575
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