Traveling by car: itineraries and car travel tips to take a road trip enjoying the most beautiful roads in Brazil 

While the air network does not return to normal and borders do not fully reopen, domestic travel - and, above all, regional travel, close to their home city - stand out among the main choices of tourists. After a long period in quarantine, travelers are anxious to get back to their routes and, right now, getting to know the best roads in Brazil can be a good alternative to traveling by car and enjoying a few days off with the family. 

There are several routes that can be taken in your own state and in neighboring cities. This wide range of options can be explored by tourists who want to travel by car, visiting some scenic roads, which are sure to yield great memories.

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Do you want to travel, but don't have a suitable car for your destination? Even those who do not have their own car can take advantage of this facility, taking into account the economy and security offered by car rent. In addition, through leasing, it is possible to find the car that best fits the type of trip you intend to make. Now there are no excuses to discover your next itinerary visiting some of the most beautiful roads in Brazil and with total freedom.

Roads to travel by car

Brazil has great highways and perfect itineraries to be done by car, regardless of your region. Several destinations make it possible to get to know, up close and with total autonomy, the diversity of cultures and landscapes found here. Whether walking along roads surrounded by mountains of native vegetation, traditional communities, isolated beaches or even crossing between one tourist city and another. 

There is no shortage of itineraries for those passionate about driving and traveling to delight themselves along the way! And to inspire travelers who love to drive, we've separated 12 roads recommended for those who want to travel by car for Brazil

Maceio – Maragogi

12 roads in Brazil for those who love to travel by car

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Predominant in the region, the beaches are the main postcard of the northeastern landscapes. And in Alagoas it is no different. The route has 125 kilometers of distance between the cities and can be enjoyed little by little, enjoying the best of the sea air that makes up the destination and the small towns that appear on the way, almost always with a paradisiacal climate and ideal for a contemplation trip. The route is fully paved and surrounded by seaside scenery, full of coconut trees and small coves.

Ilhéus – Itacare

Felipe Reis/Flickr/Creative Commons/Flickr

Also known as Estrada Parque Itacaré, the route is 65 kilometers long and runs along most of the coast of Bahia. Along the way, it will be possible to find conservation units, beaches, waterfalls, walkways, tunnels and scenic viewpoints.

Therefore, for those who have time, it may be a good idea to delay the itinerary a little and enjoy the surprises that appear along this part of the Bahian coast. 

Recife - Natal

12 roads in Brazil for those who love to travel by car

Photo: Disclosure

There is an integrated itinerary that lovers of beautiful roads love! Between Recife and Natal, it is possible to find several surreal landscapes to discover between the two capitals, with the right to a stretch to Paraíba, for the more adventurous drivers. The initial route connects two emblematic cities of the Northeast, famous for their natural riches and typical Northeastern culture. 

Anyone who can make stops during the trip will not regret it. If there is no time to arrive, it may be worth extending your trip and enjoying some moments in João Pessoa as well, another route that some drivers choose. Set aside a few extra days in your schedule to take it easy, in addition to resting a little before completing this 287-kilometer route. 

Maranhao – Ceará

Photo: Diário do Nordeste

Known as the Route of Emotions, the route passes through parts of Maranhão, Piauí and Ceará, including some famous iconic Brazilian landscapes, such as Lençóis Maranhenses and the unforgettable village of Jericoacoara. The help of a large car or 4×4 car is necessary to avoid any inconvenience along the way. A conventional car can even handle the trip, but with difficulties. Some tourists choose to rent a Jeep Renegade to be part of this journey, making the experience much safer. 

For those who want, taking a break in Barreirinhas (MA) and getting to know the Delta do Parnaíba (PI), are also great options. Get ready to discover roads that pass close to dunes, lagoons, villages and quiet beaches with a desert climate.

Ubatuba – Rio de Janeiro 

roads to travel by car

Photo: Matheus Usero/Wikimedia commons/Wikimedia Commons

Would traveling watching the sea be a dream? For those who appreciate it, this is the most assertive bet for a well-signposted road with closed vegetation corridors and views of the coast for most of the trip. Departing from the capital of São Paulo, the route from São Paulo can also include cities such as Bertioga, São Sebastião, Ilhabela, Caraguatatuba and Ubatuba. On the Rio side, it is the turn of the scenery to give vent to Paraty, Angra dos Reis and the view of Ilha Grande Bay, and can continue to the capital of Rio de Janeiro. 

Those who can enjoy the itinerary taking breaks, staying overnight in the cities of the famous Costa Verde, will have great options for ecotourism itineraries, including speedboat rides visiting some islands surrounded by native Atlantic Forest. 

Ouro Preto – Porto Estrela

Photo: Creative commons/Wikimedia Commons

This route between the cities of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro is also known as the Royal Road. In its complete version (1,630 kilometers long), the route passes through Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Nature and history lovers will be delighted with the tourist offer found along the way.

Part of the Ouro Preto – Porto Estrela stretch corresponds to 515 kilometers divided between asphalt and dirt road and, therefore, making the correct choice of car when traveling is important. In addition to enjoying bathing in waterfalls, visitors can also get to know part of Brazilian history up close, reliving the path of the Portuguese Crown of the 17th century. 

São Roque

12 roads in Brazil for those who love to travel by car

Photo: Guaspari Winery/ Publicity

For those who appreciate good gastronomy in the countryside, an itinerary in São Roque, also known as Estrada do Vinho, can be a good alternative. During the trip, it is possible to know and, above all, experience the history of the city, with visits to cellars and wineries. 

The trip can be short for those leaving São Paulo, as the city is only 50 kilometers away from the capital, but the tourist attractions and activities are vast, perfect for a quick trip to enjoy the weekend in peace. It is also important to highlight: enjoy and stay in the city to enjoy the script more calmly and safely. 

Serra Gaúcha

Photo: Leonid-Streliaev/Disclosure

Serra Gaúcha puts on a show when it comes to landscape and itineraries for travel by car it can be an enriching experience. There are four emblematic sections that are worth knowing: Romantic Route, Vale dos Vinhedos, Caminho das Pedras and the tours to the National Parks.

Each of them offers a bit of history, culture and European air visiting the German and Italian colonies of Brazil. If the idea is also to enjoy the wineries and gastronomy from Rio Grande do Sul, there will be plenty of options to delight in. 

Serra do Rio do Rastro

Photo: Raphael Ribeiro Silva/ Wikimedia Commons

There are 35 kilometers connecting Bom Jardim da Serra to Lauro Müller. And, once again, the landscapes alone are a reward for the entire journey. The winding road can be fully enjoyed and is always on the list of the most beautiful roads in Brazil, with some stops along the way to visit viewpoints, some kiosks on the highway and admire the scenery provided by this part of the Atlantic Forest. 

Mangaratiba – Angra dos Reis

12 roads in Brazil for those who love to travel by car

Photo: Disclosure

This route is fabulous all year round. Travelers begin the tour departing from Mangaratiba, a quiet coastal town on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro. The city is known for being the gateway to the Costa Verde, located 100 kilometers from the capital of Rio de Janeiro, an essential stop for anyone heading to Angra dos Reis. 

The route is full of scenic landscapes, allowing for a moment of constant contemplation. Along the route made around the coast of Rio de Janeiro, it is possible to see an infinity of islands that surround the charming city of Angra dos Reis. 

Graciosa Road

roads to travel by car

Photo: Otávio Nogueira/ Wikimedia Commons

Estrada da Graciosa is a route that goes from Curitiba to the coast of Paraná, totaling less than 100 kilometers. Leaving the capital of Paraná, it is possible to visit the cities of Morretes and Antonina, famous for the train ride, in addition to the extensive Atlantic Forest still preserved. Once again, the stops are a suggestion to get to know the flavors and enjoy the view provided by this little piece of Brazil.

Magic Island Roads: Florianópolis

roads to travel by car

Photo: Disclosure

The South, in addition to offering gastronomy and traditional culture formed by immigrants, also has a place reserved for formidable beaches and outdoor activities on sunny days. 

On the east coast of Florianópolis, in Santa Catarina, there are more than 20 beaches that you can visit in this itinerary. This is an opportunity to visit the famous Jurerê Internacional, for the most party-goers. In the neighborhoods of Lagoa da Conceição and Barra da Lagoa, close to the center, it is worth enjoying the quiet with a village atmosphere that borders part of the coast of Ilha da Magia. 

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