Discover, in a practical way, situations where travel insurance can save you from problems

Everyone has heard that buy travel insurance is a fundamental step before undertaking any trip, whether for tourism or business. However, little is known in practice, in which travel insurance can help. Here we separate 12 real cases where a Travel insurance it can both break a branch and get you out of very serious problems. 

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Situations where travel insurance can help

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Your flight was delayed or canceled

You had a connecting flight and it got canceled or is very late. What to do? In these cases, travel insurance can help, being responsible for fees that may be charged for flight rebookings or for possible accommodation and food expenses if you have to wait at an intermediate destination.

Did you need medical attention

You were traveling and ate something that didn't do you any good, but you don't have the money to pay for an appointment. That's ok: travel insurance covers your hospital expenses. In case it is something more serious and depending on the contracted plan, you will still be entitled to a companion, accommodation after hospital discharge and even rescheduling of passage to return to Brazil.

You had to cancel your trip

An unforeseen event happened and you had to cancel your plane trip. And now? Well, in this case, some insurance companies also help you get this investment back. However, this will depend on the contracted plan and the reason for the cancellation, which will have to be justified. 

Did you need dental care

That annoying toothache is getting in the way of your trip outings. That's when you can also activate travel insurance, which offers accredited dental clinics to solve your problem and make you smile even more in the photos. 

You had to buy medicine abroad

Let's assume that you, on your trip abroad, became ill and needed urgent care. In this case, depending on the contracted plan, the travel insurance covers the reimbursement of the medicines purchased, both in cases of sudden illness and personal accidents.

Your luggage has been lost

You arrived at a destination by plane, but your suitcase did not. Lost luggage is a more common problem than it seems. In cases like this, travel insurance is responsible for tracking your luggage with the airline and, if it doesn't return within a stipulated period, they pay compensation so you don't get lost. 

You needed to present travel insurance at immigration

Well, in some countries travel insurance is not only necessary but also mandatory. This is a requirement of several European countries that are part of of the Schengen Treaty, in which the tourist must have a plan with a minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros. For the complete list of countries that are part of the treaty, Click here.

Did you need legal assistance while traveling

You have been involved in an accident and need a lawyer abroad. Some travel insurance plans guarantee legal assistance to help you in these cases, paying lawyers' fees and helping to solve your problem. 

You lost an important document

In the excitement of a trip abroad, you ended up losing your passport. In such a situation, travel insurance also provides assistance and guidance so that you know exactly how to solve this problem in every part of the world. 

You are going on an exchange program and need to save

You will finally fulfill your dream of studying abroad. However, you will eventually find the weather and food in a totally different place strange. Therefore, travel insurance is a way to save money, since any expense related to your health can be very expensive in the chosen destination.

You got sick at dawn in another country

You've felt unwell on a trip to another country, but it's already the wee hours of the morning. What to do? Some travel insurance, such as Allianz Travel, they offer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning they are available for any emergency that may arise. 

You don't know how to speak other languages

You are abroad, you need medical attention, but you have difficulty speaking another language. The travel insurance contracted here in Brazil offers 24-hour service and in Portuguese, making communication much easier at those times when we most need help. 

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