Discover the main tours to do in New York, one of the American cities most loved by tourists

For many people, the dream of visiting the United States only really comes true when they make a trip to the famous Big Apple, but you know for sure what the tours to do in New York that can't be missing from your script? When searching for them you will find that your stay may have to be longer than expected to cover all the main tourist attractions.

To help you, we made a list of 12 of these must-see tours in New York, so you can optimize your time while getting to know the best of the city.

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Must-see tours in New York

central park

Photo: 12019 / Pixabay

Not visiting Central Park on your first trip to New York is the same as not having traveled there, after all we are talking about one of its main tourist attractions.

The park has a large area to be explored by bike, on foot or even on a run if you are the sporty type, with Strawberry Fields being one of its most famous spots, honoring singer John Lennon. Even in winter, it is worth dedicating a few hours to Central Park, enjoying not only the incredible scenery, but especially the ice skating rink.

Times Square

Photo: Foundry / Pixabay

Between the tours to do in New York, Times Square is undoubtedly the most vibrant and the one that allows you to feel the full pulse of the city.

The signs and shops scattered on all sides, along with the frenetic traffic of cars and people, stimulate anyone, and to contemplate all this there is no mistake: go to the highest red step you can find in its center and join the dozens of tourists who take time to enjoy the scenery and take lots of pictures.

5th Avenue

Photo: tookapic / Pixabay

5th Avenue is one of the top tours in New York for those who want to make great purchases. In fact, it's worth a visit even if your budget is tight, as it's not always the opportunity to see Prada, Chanel and other incredible brands up close.

And if your goal is to find good electronics, you won't be disappointed: it's on this avenue that the Apple store is located, the one all made of glass and full of products.

Rockefeller Center

Photo: GLady / Pixabay

There is no doubt that the city's buildings offer incredible views, and going to Rockefeller Center, more specifically the GE Building, you will have one of the best. There are 360º views over Manhattan to enjoy both day and night, but here's a tip: during sunset the tour is even better.

Make the most of your time there to pay a visit to CBS, one of the local broadcasters and another important tour to do in New York.

grand central

Photo: Free-Photos / Pixabay

It is impossible to talk about tours to do in New York not to mention Grand Central, the city's main subway (and train) station and one of the most incredible in the world. Maybe you even use it to get to some tourist spot, and it would be almost a sin not to take the opportunity to get to know it better.

After all, it's not just any station: it's a space with a unique architecture, full of shops and good restaurants, including the coveted Shake Shack.

Brooklyn Bridge

Photo: 12019 / Pixabay

Do you intend to get to know Brooklyn in your trip to new york? So you must necessarily walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, or Brooklyn Bridge, to enjoy the view.

The bridge connects the neighborhood to Manhattan and can also be traveled by bike or even by car, but let's agree that this last option takes some of the fun out of the tour, right?

Statue of Liberty

Photo: AlcazarMX / Pixabay

The Statue of Liberty is the main symbol of the city and must be on any list of tours to do in New York. To see it up close, there is no way to escape: you have to go by sea, taking the route on one of the ferries that take tourists to the place.

It is also possible to enjoy it from afar from some points of the city.

high line

Fotol: Mike Peel / wikimedia Commons

The High Line is one of the places where you can see the Statue of Liberty, in addition to being another great city park built in an old elevated area where some trains passed.

In addition to the view it provides, the High Line also has an extensive green area and hosts incredible events in the warm seasons, such as concerts and movie screenings. The famous Chelsea Market is close by, so if you get hungry just go buy something and have a picnic.

New York Public Library

Photo: Andrew E. Larsen / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

A great tour to do in New York in both winter and summer is the New York Public Library, which has free admission and welcomes both locals and tourists.

As you don't live in the city, you certainly won't be able to borrow any books, but just seeing the spectacular architecture of this place up close and the environments full of books and exhibitions, the visit will have been worth it.

9/11 Memorial

Photo: Hold my ARK / Pexels

The 9/11 Memorial is dedicated to the victims of the 9/11 attack, and as soon as it opened, it entered the lists of “what to do in new york”. There, it is possible to know the names of the victims and visit the museum that tells a little more about the episode.

While there, also visit the Freedom Tower, or One World Trade Center, considered the tallest building in the country.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Photo: Steve Kelley / Wikimedia Commons

New York, like every good tourist city, could not fail to have an amazing church to be known, such as St. Patrick's Cathedral. Best of all is that it is possible to take a tour of it without paying anything, being able to know more about its history and its neo-gothic style.

For the more religious there is always some celebration taking place, making the visit even more memorable.


Photo: NATATrip / Pixabay

If you like art, Chelsea is the neighborhood you can't miss on your bucket list. tours in new york, because its galleries with modern and contemporary works are always receptive and, best of all: free of charge (unless your objective is to acquire some work).

By the way, new exhibitions are opened every Thursday, where you don't have to pay to enter and enjoy the buffet service offered.

The city still has many other must-see spots, such as Wall Street and the Natural History Museum. There are dozens of tourist attractions for all tastes and pockets, and you can choose from tours to do in New York to compose your travel itinerary.

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