Viewpoint in Urubici: the Cachoeira Papuã Tourist Park reveals a breathtaking landscape in its 120-meter high glass viewpoint

Imagine entering 300 meters over a precipice 120 meters high and, with glass at your feet, being able to observe the impressive nature inside. 

What if I told you that this is possible in one of the most impressive scenarios in the Santa Catarina mountain range, would you believe it? 

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Well, believe me. 

Opened in October 2020, the Papuã Waterfall Tourist Park reveals a breathtaking landscape in its glass gazebo 120 meters high. In addition, it offers a privileged view of two imposing waterfalls. 

Urubici is a destination famous for the cold climate of the Serra Santa Catarina and for the beautiful landscapes, which include canyons, peaks and waterfalls. And the new tourist complex was built to let the experience in this city of Santa Catarina even better.

Thinking of visiting the Santa Catarina mountain range? So, don't miss this one. Urubici must-see attraction.

The impressive glass viewpoint of Urubici

Urubici glass gazebo

Photo: Disclosure

THE Papuã Waterfall Tourist Park was built to provide an unparalleled experience to tourists who go to city of Urubici

An interesting fact is that the entire complex was designed to ensure accessibility and facilitate contact with the nature of the region, formed by large cliffs and canyons. 

That way, anyone can visit the impressive Urubici glass gazebo, which is not possible in other peaks in the city, accessible only by trails in the middle of the forest. 

Urubici glass gazebo

Photo: Disclosure

In the Cachoeira Papuã Tourist Park, wooden walkways lead to the main viewpoint, where part of the floor is made of glass and reveals the impressive view of the cliff. Along the way, there are signs with information about the flora present there. 

In addition, the complex has a restaurant and restrooms. Visits can be made every day from 8 am to 6 pm, with payment of a fee. 

The Cachoeira do Papuã Tourist Park is 1.8 km from the entrance to the park that leads to Cascata do Avencal, another imposing waterfall in the region.

Did you feel like visiting the impressive Urubici glass viewpoint? So, get to know other attractions to include in your trip to this little corner of paradise in the Santa Catarina mountains.

More attractions in Urubici

Papuã Waterfall Tourist Park

Urubici glass gazebo. Photo: Disclosure

The city of Urubici is in the middle of Santa Catarina's mountains. There, temperatures are mild and, during the winter, they can be negative (the lowest temperature recorded was -17.8 degrees at the highest point in the region). 

Due to the cold weather, Urubici is part of the Caminho das Neves travel itinerary – along with Lages, São Joaquim, Urupema and Bom Jardim da Serra. 

The quiet town is 915 meters above sea level, in a valley surrounded by mountains, and most of the sights are in the midst of the lush nature that surrounds it.

The main attractions of Urubici are waterfalls, caves, canyons and mountains, which can be visited from the many trails in the ecological parks in the region. 

From the top of the mountains, the viewpoints reveal incredible scenarios, as is the case of the 120-meter high glass viewpoint overlooking the Papuã Waterfall.   

Discover other attractions in Urubici to include in your trip to the Cachoeira Papuã Tourist Park:

Church Hill

For those who like heights, Morro da Igreja is a great option in Urubici. highest point of Serra Geral, is 1822 meters high and offers a privileged view, which goes from Pedra Furada to the south coast of Santa Catarina, 100 kilometers away.

The site can be visited free of charge, but prior appointment is required at the headquarters of the Sao Joaquim National Park

Pedra Furada Trail

The trail that leads to Pedra Furada, Urubici's postcard, is 5.8 kilometers long – round trip. It begins on the road that gives access to Morro da Igreja and runs along cliffs from 1583 to 1767 meters in altitude. 

Pedra Furada is a natural sculpture in which you can see an opening 30 meters in circumference in a rock at the top of a hill. 

Beyond it, an incredible view is revealed at the end of the trail. As in the case of Morro da Igreja, the visit to Pedra Furada can only be done with prior appointment and accompanied by a licensed guide.

Avencal Waterfall

Among the many waterfalls that can be found in Urubici, the most famous is the Cascata do Avencal. 

The waterfall, 100 meters high, can be visited both at the top and at its base. The lower part is accessible via a 4-kilometer dirt road and a 400-meter path over rocks. 

The top of the waterfall can be seen from various angles in the two parks set to your right and left. There are two viewpoints in the park on the right, including a glass one, smaller than the one at Parque Turístico Cachoeira Papuã. 

The park on the left, in turn, offers more radical leisure options. An example is the zipline that goes over the cliff. There are also horseback riding, trails and pedal boats. 

Wedding Veil Waterfall

Another important Urubici waterfall is the Véu de Noiva Waterfall, located on a private property on the way to Morro da Igreja.

This name was given because the way water flows over a stone wall resembles a bridal veil. 

The waterfall has a great structure to receive visitors, including an inn and restaurant.

Rio dos Bugres waterfall

Another imposing waterfall in Urubici is the Cachoeira do Rio Bugres, 220 meters high. It is the highest in the city and is located between sandstone walls. 

In addition, at its base there is a cave hidden behind the waterfall. It is a beautiful place that can be visited from a medium difficulty trail along the bed of the Rio dos Bugres.

River Seven Falls

When visiting Urubici, it is also worth visiting the trail of Rio das Sete Quedas which, as the name suggests, is made along the river bed and reveals a sequence of seven small waterfalls.

The trail passes through Peixinho Waterfall, Arco-Íris Waterfall, Paixão Waterfall, Pé de Cortiça Waterfall, Surpresa Waterfall, Saudade Waterfall and Vitória Waterfall.

It is an incredible tour that cannot be left out of your itinerary.

Urubici still has other incredible attractions, such as the Espraiado Canyon, the Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Grotto and the Serra do Corvo. 

In the city center, the Igreja da Matriz is one of the obligatory stops. With Gothic style, the architecture draws attention among the simple buildings in the city, mainly for its four similar entrances.

See how much there is to do in Urubici? Discover the glass viewpoint of the Cachoeira Papuã Tourist Park and take the opportunity to visit the other attractions of this paradise of Santa Catarina.

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