Promo Flights: 123miles format the cheapest air ticket purchase method for those who have flexible days to travel 

Round trip air travel for less than 200 or 300 reais? The search for the best air ticket offer brought a new modality of purchase offered by 123 miles, which promises to be one of the most economical options for Brazilian tourists looking for really cheaper trips.

The new format called promo flights, makes it possible airline tickets more economical for travelers who have flexibility of up to 24 hours before or after the round trip days. Does it look different? Everything is much simpler than you might think and we are going to explain the details of promo flights 123milhas work and are able to guarantee the best air prices.

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Promo flights of 123miles 

123miles promotion flights

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With much cheaper offers, for example, flights from R$172 (round trip) on the Sao Paulo – Porto Alegre or Rio de Janeiro – Fortaleza for just R$401 (round trip), the 123 miles created a way to guarantee tempting conditions for anyone passionate about travel.

How do Promo Flights – 123miles work?

123miles promotion tickets

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As we mentioned, to have the best experience, it is worth paying attention to some points. To get the special rates, it is extremely important to have up to 24 hours of flexibility before or after departures.

Once the purchase is made, in until 20 days, an email with the form to fill in the passenger data arrives in your inbox. 123miles also guarantees confirmation with flight details and tickets issued up to 10 days before the trip. Enough time for them to issue the ticket guaranteeing the best value.

How do tickets with flexible dates 123miles work?

The dynamics are simple. To ensure the best deals, there needs to be flexibility on the day of departure. For example, for a trip that leaves on the 14th and returns on the 22nd, there are three possibilities to consider:

  • Departure on the 14th, return on the 21st
  • Departure on the 15th, return on the 22nd
  • Departure on the 16th, return on the 23rd

That's why they require a 24-hour margin on travel dates. Will that affect your script? Will you know everything at the last minute? Not. To avoid this, within 10 days before the trip, the tourist receives the data. In addition, cancellation does not include a fine if it is made 15 days after the purchase of the trip.

How to find the best prices on Promo Flights?

123 miles

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  • Visit the official offers page of 123 miles;
  • Choose your travel destination and origin;
  • Select the departure and return date (not forgetting to have a little flexibility to be able to board before or after the selected days within 24 hours);
  • Buy the ticket and wait to receive the form to fill in the passenger's data;
  • Have doubts? One help Center is at your disposal for any urgency;
  • The values you will find are valid for economy class;
  • Tickets include fees and carry-on luggage weighing up to 10 kg;
  • The amount can be paid in up to 12 installments on your credit card;
  • THE 123 miles issues tickets via bank slips or PIX;
  • You don't need to have miles or frequent flyer program to guarantee the offers;

How do Promo Flights – 123miles payment methods work?

123milhas was one of the pioneers in creating easier forms of payment for tourists. Including issuing airline tickets with PIX, bank slip and offers in installments on the credit card in up to 12 installments.

Cancellation Rules – Promo Flights 

Let's say that, in the meantime, something happened that, as much as you want to solve it in time, did not allow the date to be confirmed or will not allow you to have the desired flexibility.

No problem. The cancellation allows the tourist to withdraw from the promotional flight without paying a fine within 15 days after the date of purchase (after which there is a fine of 15%). Remember: once your flight is confirmed, there is no way to get a refund.

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