Planning a trip to Uruguay? Check tips essential of the country's must-see tourist attractions and discover the best the country has to offer

Increasingly sought after by Brazilians, our neighbors have great cuisine, impressive architecture and beautiful natural landscapes.

There are several ways to explore the small country and experience the day-to-day life of a Uruguayan. Cycling through the streets of Montevideo, taste a nice parrillada with wine in Colonia del Sacramento, enjoying the beaches of the coast and a walking tour, are some of the essential programs to do in the country. In this article we have selected 13 attractions to do in the country.

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Tourist attractions to discover in Uruguay

Take a Walking Tour in downtown Montevideo

The ancient region of Montevideo it has numerous inviting streets to take a long walk. This is also the part where emblematic buildings of the capital are concentrated, such as the Solís Theater, the Salvo Building and the Estévez Palace, the former presidential seat that now houses a museum inside. At night, this is one of the liveliest areas, with many options for restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

must-see attractions in Uruguay

Must-see attractions in Uruguay. Photo: Fred Matos

Discover Cabo Polonio

Located in the department of Rocha, the Cabo Polonio It is a small fishing village without electricity, with a bucolic setting. The village is in front of a secluded part of the coast which makes the place special. In front of the charming lighthouse built amidst the rocks, groups of sea lions gather to sunbathe in the afternoons.

Tourist attractions in Uruguay. Photo: Flickr – mutineer

Visit Colonia del Sacramento

The small colonial town gives us the impression that time has stopped. Rich in culture, the colonial town is an ideal tour for those who spend a few days in the country's capital. Colonia del Sacramento it is just two hours from Montevideo.

must-see attractions in Uruguay

Must-see attractions in Uruguay. Photo: Flickr – baronreznik

rock lagoon

More than 200 species of birds live protected in the rock lagoon, another place of Uruguay for those who enjoy nature and tranquility. Some companies offer a guided safari, which in addition to bird watching promise walks through the woods around the lagoon and other environmental activities within the protected area.

Photo: Flickr – ngianelli

Go to a Parrillada in the markets of Montevideo

At parrillas are usually sold in a portion with several types of cuts and meats and in separate cuts (also known as parrilladas). Usually the dish is always offered with bread, pate and olive oil.

Photo: Flickr – a_maninha

try chivito

You chivitos are very well filled sandwiches traditional in Uruguay. The snack can be found in any corner of the country. Whether in stalls, cafeterias and even in restaurants, the snack is very popular in the country and it is normal to find numerous options with variations of ingredients.

Photo: Flickr – bootsintheoven

Enjoy an afternoon at Playa Bikini

to populace Playa Bikini is the favorite of those who visit Punta del Este. The beach has a quiet cove suitable for all tourist profiles. In the summer, the attraction becomes a hotspot for young people who frequent the city, due to the large number of clubs with djs and live music.

Tourist attractions in Uruguay. Photo: William Gustavo Moreira

Explore Punta del Diablo

With rustic hotels built with wood in front of an extensive beach, the Punta del Diablo It has perfect waves that always attract surfers in this part of the Uruguayan coast. This is one of the first beaches for those leaving Brazil for the Uruguay per cop, in Rio Grande do Sul. The destination still little explored by tourists.

Photo: Flickr – elliz

Go to Casapueblo

The eccentric construction on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, by the artist Carlos Paez Vilaró, is the main postcard of the trendy Punta del Este. gives Punta Ballena a Mediterranean feel.

must-see attractions in Uruguay

Must-see attractions in Uruguay. Photo: Disclosure

drink a tannat

The most characteristic grape Uruguay results in a wine with a strong personality, full-bodied, which combines very well with its succulent beef cuts and strong cheeses.

Photo: Manuel Gayoso

Punta del Este

Punta del Este is just two hours from Montevideo and has a very different routine from the Uruguayan capital. Far from the colonial past, the former fishing village has become a bustling resort that has become a land of grand mansions, luxurious resorts, casinos and a vibrant nightlife.

Uruguay tourist attractions

Photo: Loren Moreno

Climb a Uruguayan lighthouse

THE Uruguay It has 700 km of coastline that are divided into the Atlantic Ocean and the Rio de la Plata. The stretch is basically divided into three departments: Rocha, Maldonado and Montevideo. During the route, the traveler can check the 5 lighthouses that help navigation through the waters of the Uruguayan coast.

must-see tourist attractions

Photo: Flickr – gaboo41

Stroll along the Rambla of Montevideo

The most pleasant part for a leisurely stroll is the Rambla de Montevideo. The boardwalk that follows the avenues by the sea is a great place to walk, ride a bike and enjoy the capital's sunset. The Rambla passes through different neighborhoods of the city, from Ciudad Vieja to the residential area of Carrasco.

Uruguay tourist attractions

Photo: André Ribeiro

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