The dream of any compulsive traveler, the Caribbean is a destination filled with paradisiacal beaches and stunning scenery. There are 14 countries bordering the Caribbean Sea, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala and countless islands with intense vegetation with white sand bathed by a sea of intense blue, among them, the Cayman Islands, Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands, Cuba Island, Saona Island, Beata Island, Turtle Island, Turneffe Islands and Providence Island.

Caribe is a word derived from the term “Caribbean”, used to refer to members of the Amerindian ethnic group, the most common in that territory during the late 15th century. Amerigo Vespucci, famous Italian navigator, said that when Europeans arrived in the region they were called by the indigenous people of “Charaibi”, which means “wise men”.

The excellent structure of the hotel chain offers rooms for all tourist profiles. Hostels, inns, hotels and large all-inclusive resorts can be found in droves near the main tourist attractions.

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Diving enthusiasts go crazy when they have their first contact with the region's marine fauna, featuring a huge variety of species such as sea turtles, dolphins, lionfish, moray eels, sharks and countless colorful fish.

Abner Teixeira Palmilla Beach

Palmilla Beach. Photo: Abner Teixeira

Cayo Francisquí Arriba, Archipelago de Los Roques, Venezuela.

Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela. Photo: Cayo Francisquí Arriba

Coco Cay, Bahamas - RViana

Coco Cay, Bahamas. Photo – Flickr RViana

Flickr EnDie1 Jamaica

Interaction with Dolphins in Jamaica. Photo: Flickr EnDie1

Grace BayGiulio Meinardi

Grace Bay. Photo: Giulio Meinardi

Malmok Beach in Aruba, Netherlands Antilles. Marquicio Pagola

Malmok Beach, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles. Photo: Marquicio Pagola

Pablo Pola Damonte Follow El Castillo Ruinas de Tulum Mexico

Ruins of Tulum, Mexico. Photo: Pablo Pola Damonte

Dominican Republic - Abyner teixeiar

Dominican Republic. Photo: Abyner teixeiar

Turtles in Barbados Chris Symonds

Sea Turtle in Barbados. Photo: Chris Symonds

caribbean diving Alejandro Cock-Peláez

Diving in the Caribbean. Photo: Alejandro Cock-Peláez

Dominican Republic - Andrey Voronov

Dominican Republic. Photo: Andrey Voronov

VIK hotels group

Beachfront resorts. Photo: VIK hotels group

Enrique colomb Playa Salguero, Santa Marta, Colombia

Amazing Caribbean sunset. Photo: Enrique colombo

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