Check out 14 cheap trips to do at the end of the year, without breaking the budget

Meet cheap travel at the end of the year It may be difficult, but it is not impossible. That's why we've separated some unmissable places to travel in high season, without spending too much.

With the rise of the dollar, many international destinations end up leaving for a much more expensive price than expected, but nothing will stop you from taking those desired vacation days to discover a new place and renew your energies for the next year.

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Because of this context, exploring regions in South America and Brazil can be viable alternatives for the high season. And, let's face it, we are surrounded by so many splendid places, it's even difficult to choose just one place to travel.


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Want to choose your end of year destination? Paradise beaches, ruins, colonial mansions, mountains, fields and a lot of beauty in different places in Brazil.

Check out some cheap travel that can be part of your roadmap at the end of the year:

Chapada dos Veadeiros – GO

Photo: Augusto Miranda / MTur

Certainly, this is a tour that takes you to one of the most sought after destinations in Goiás. THE Chapada do Veadeiros it is surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, trails, plateaus and caves. The more adventurous visitors can practice various sports in the nature of the cerrado.

In addition, one of the best places to stay in the region is the city Alto Paraíso, with a larger structure of inns, perfectly serving as a base to explore the beauties of Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park.

Ouro Preto – MG

Photo: Mtur

Get ready for a real time travel, this is the city of Black gold, in Minas Gerais. With several famous architectural monuments, such as the church of São Francisco de Assis and different historical buildings, the destination is perfect for those who love Brazilian popular culture.

But want to save even more? The city offers several options of hostels, with shared or private rooms, always with more affordable prices.

Cusco – Peru

Photo: Pedro Szekely / Flickr

a hostel in cusco it can cost around R$25 to R$40 per night. In arequipa, a hostel leaves for R$15. A good meal in a mid-range restaurant costs on average R$20, but there are options at popular fairs for only R$7.

Peru is a country with a low cost of living, but perfectly structured to receive tourists. More and more Brazilians visit Cusco and other Peruvian cities, but arriving in any of them it is possible to notice the number of Europeans who travel through the country – almost always in the “backpacker” style.

The city of Cusco was the great capital of the Inca Empire, today much of its history can be witnessed in the colonial architecture or even in the archaeological sites that surround the city. Are you thinking about visiting Machu Picchu and other Peruvian destinations? Check out our travel tips about Cusco and be surprised by the low prices.

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Photo: Jorge Láscar / Flickr

Buenos Aires it is the city that never sleeps, the capital and most populous city in Argentina is really interesting, being also one of the largest on the continent. Buenos Aires has a captivating, cosmopolitan culture and atmosphere with many attractions for those who enjoy art, shopping and fabulous gastronomic itineraries.

Depending on which region you live in, flying to Argentina can sometimes be cheaper than going to the Northeast of Brazil. With a large number of daily flights and the devaluation of the Argentine peso, it becomes a good alternative for Brazilians who want a cheap international trip. Visit Buenos Aires and fall in love with the Buenos Aires capital.

Algodoal - Pará

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Escaping from the busy summer beaches is the proposal of the small village of cotton, in northern Brazil. A perfect retreat for those looking for direct contact with nature. Formed by semi-deserted beaches with sandbanks, the highlight is the charming villages of houses on stilts, sandy streets and a quiet climate by the sea. The small village is known to have 0% of air pollution.

The only transport options are carriages, bicycles and boats, all following an inland atmosphere, with restaurants with rustic structures and traditional foods, with dishes and snacks prepared based on fish and seafood, all very simple, but very pleasant.

Ubatuba - SP

Photo: Renato Soares / MTur

On the north coast of São Paulo, the beaches of Ubatuba are undoubtedly very popular during the end of the year holidays. A different route is to visit Praia da Sununga, outside the high season, this is a of the quietest in the region.

In addition, there is no shortage of accommodation options, it is easy to find inns and small hotels, but if you really want contact with nature and a cheaper trip, consider making your reservation at a seaside camping, located in front of the beach .

Embaú Guard - SC

Photo: Anztowa / Wikimedia Commons

On the coast of Santa Catarina, Embaú Guard, gained fame for the big waves, the natural beauty of its beaches and the charming inns and hostels spread over its dirt streets. With a rustic and cozy atmosphere, the village allows tourists to have fun along the ecological trails, beaches, mountains and coasts.

Enjoy and visit the huge sandbar cut by the Madre River, the crossing can be done by boats on the beach. Want to eat well? Choose one of the restaurants and bars that liven up the village of Guarda, even at the end of the year.

Mendoza – Argentina

Photo: Jorge Martinez / Flickr

Wine lovers are sure to be enchanted by the city of Mendoza, Argentina. Located in the west of the country of the “hermanos”, the city is a perfect alternative for those looking to taste good wines at a great cost benefit.

Mendoza is a city with an interior air, and it doesn't take much time to get to know it, just walk through its charming streets starting from Plaza Independencia and admire its buildings and handicrafts that are displayed in the stalls along the way.

An unmissable tour in the region is to take a guided tour of at least one of the more than 1200 wineries that are around. Find lush landscapes and discover the history and the entire production process of the drink.

Bento Goncalves – RS

Photo: Renato Soares / MTUR

Escaping the high prices of Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha, the neighboring city of Bento Gonçalves is known as the land of wines and good gastronomy. There, accommodation is cheaper and wine tourism, which takes visitors to Vale dos Vinhedos, is one of the main attractions in the region.

Visitors have the opportunity to get to know up close how a wine factory works, in addition to tasting some titles. Its privileged location allows tourists to discover nearby cities and attractions, such as the Christmas decorations Luz de Gramado, Rota dos Espumantes in Garibaldi and the surprising Maria Fumaça tour.

Fortaleza - CE

Photo: Jade Queiroz / MTUR

There is no lack of attractions in the capital of Ceará, from the most popular beaches to those less explored by tourists, restaurants and several accommodation options. Walking along the shores of the beaches of Iracema, Meireles and Mucuripe at dusk is a mandatory activity during the trip.

Venture into buggy rides on the dunes of Morro Branco and Cumbuco, are also very cool options. And if you still have time, cool off with the Beach Park toys.  

João Pessoa – PB

Photo: Cacio Murilo / MTur

João Pessoa is full of beautiful beaches that are part of the northeastern coast. Its accommodation and airfare prices are lower than other capitals in the Northeast region. There it is possible to stay in four-star hotels with more affordable rates, both in the center and closer to the beaches.

The most sought after places by tourists visiting João Pessoa is certainly the seafront, with the huge boardwalk between the beaches of Cabo Branco, Tambaú and Manaíra, which at night brings together many people practicing sports. If you have more time in the city, be sure to visit the little explored south coast of Paraíba, especially Coqueirinho, beach full of colorful cliffs and to Costa do Conde.

Port of Pedras - AL

Photo: Marco Ankosqui / MTur

Just 125 km from the capital Maceió, Port of Stones It is a small municipality in Alagoas, with a quiet countryside atmosphere and face. Along the beach, some fishing villages sprout among the coconut trees. The caiçara culture is present in fishing, in the way of making handicrafts, in the cuisine and in the way of life of the natives. Want a quiet place for a cheap trip at the end of the year? For sure, this part of the Northeast region can be your next destination.

Finally, spending the day in the shade of coconut trees, cooling off in the calm sea, tasting some local delicacy or simply resting in a paradisiacal setting, are the reasons that most attract tourists to Patacho beach.

Florianopolis - SC

Photo: Caio Vilela / MTur

floripa may seem like an expensive destination to travel to in Brazil, as it is one of the most popular beach towns for tourists to enjoy the summer. But, as it is a city with a large coastline, by making reservations in advance it is possible to enjoy beaches like Joaquina, Galhetas and Ingleses, for fair prices. It is worth remembering that the city also offers many good accommodation options for Airbnb.

Lagoinha - CE

Photo: Evaldoheber / Wikimedia Commons

Finally, located 124 km from Fortaleza , many visitors prefer to take a day trip from the capital of Ceará to the beach, but there are good options for quiet inns and restaurants to enjoy more days in the region.

Lagoinha has a landscape that seems to be so impressive, covered with reddish dunes and coconut trees that accompany the edge in the shape of a half moon. Therefore, if you want a cheap trip for the end of the year, the entire coast of Ceará is worth a visit.

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