Unmissable places in Campos do Jordão: discover the main attractions of the number 1 winter destination in the state of São Paulo

The favorite winter destination for people from São Paulo offers unmissable attractions for the whole family. Whether for those who want to enjoy a romantic walk taking advantage of the low temperatures of the city, or for those who want to taste the flavors of Campos do Jordão on a gastronomic tour, there is no shortage of reasons to explore a little more of this cozy destination.

If you don't go to north coast beaches or south of SP, visit the mountains of being a perfect getaway to rest in the interior of São Paulo. Check out the selection we made with 14 reasons for you to know in Campos do Jordão.

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City tour in Campos do Jordão

With Swiss and German traits, the beautiful houses that give charm to the city of Campos do Jordão can now be considered an attraction of the destination.

Photo: Flickr – juhninho

ride a cable car

The old electric cable car runs through much of the urban area of Campos do Jordão. The tour starts at the Emilio Ribas station, in Vila Capivari, and ends in the São Cristóvão neighborhood, 40 minutes later.

Photo: Nanda Bastos

Discover Home Green Home

On top of a hill is the hotel Home Green Home, which looks more like a European castle, the place makes for great photos!

Photo: Carina Arias

chest stone

Pedra do Baú, located in the neighboring municipality of São Bento do Sapucaí, is one of the spots sought by adventurers who seek to explore and contemplate the beauties of Serra da Mantiqueira. The rock formation that has a summit of 1850 meters of altitude!

Photo: Adriana Mendes

Capivari Lake

Riding a pedal boat on Lago do Capivari is another way to calmly and peacefully enjoy the beauties of the mountain region.

Photo: Daniel Velehov

local landscapes

Campos do Jordão is the highest city in Brazil according to the IBGE, with a maximum altitude of 1628 meters above sea level.

Photo: Gabriel Pevide

Spend an afternoon at Horto Florestal

Horto Florestal de Campos do Jordão has 8,300 hectares of preserved area with araucaria and coniferous vegetation. The space also has lakes, woods, a gym area, plant nurseries, showers, chapel, bike path, restaurant, handicraft store and many trails.

Places to visit in Campos do Jordão

Photo: Gabriel Pevide

food tour

Find different specialties in one of the best destinations from Brazil. The city has a great structure of restaurants, with cozy spaces and varied menus specialized in different dishes from around the world.

Places to visit in Campos do Jordão

Photo: Regio Vasquez

city cable car

The best way to see the city from above!

Photo: Paulo Cypriano

Night life

In addition to the great restaurants available, the destination has great nightclubs, bars and pubs.

must-see places in Campos do Jordão

Places to visit in Campos do Jordão. Photo: Disclosure

Stroll through the city streets

The charm of the half-timbered houses along with the nature that predominates in the region seem to have come out of a fairy tale, the best way to appreciate these beauties is walking.

Campos do Jordão

Photo: via mrebrasil

Flying Flowers Butterfly Garden

Learn more about these incredible insects that fascinate with their colors and charms. The Flores que Voam butterfly garden is a great option for a walk along nature in Campos do Jordão.

must-see places in Campos do Jordão

Photo: Tais Danila


Amantikir offers visitors a journey through different types of flowers and vegetation from different parts of the world. The place surprises by the scenarios mounted in this beautiful landscaping work.

must-see places in Campos do Jordão

Photo: Marcelo Valente

Boa Vista Palace

Palácio Boa Vista is known for being the official winter headquarters of the Governor of the State of São Paulo. Built with medieval-inspired architecture, the space has a museum where visitors can see rare paintings and works of art.

must-see places in Campos do Jordão

Unmissable places in Campos do Jordão. Photo: Alexandre Motta

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