Discover 15 beautiful beaches that you cannot miss on a trip to Ceará

that the Ceará it is full of beautiful beaches is no secret. There are dunes, colorful cliffs, white sand and incredibly blue waters. In addition, some of them have a great structure, with fully equipped and very comfortable beach kiosks. Others are more isolated, perfect for those who prefer greater contact with nature.

Meet some of the beaches you can't miss on a trip to Ceará.

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Mundaú – Trairi

Less than 150 kilometers from Strength it's quiet Mundaú, one of the most beautiful beaches you will discover in Ceará. A perfect place to forget to check the time on the clock and relax in a paradise setting.

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Morro Branco Beach – Beberibe

The colorful cliffs that contrast with the sea in blue tones would be enough reasons for a walk in the Morro Branco beach. But this lost paradise about 80 kilometers from Strength It still has impressive dunes and the beautiful handicrafts produced with colored sand. Buggy and raft rides are among the options to further explore the unique look that the place has in store.

Photo: Claiton Luis Moraes / Wikimedia Commons

Jericoacoara – Jijoca

The charming fishing village will make you fall in love at first sight. Peace dominates the soft sand streets in Jericoacoara. Walk barefoot to Praia Malhada, perfect for a swim in the sea. Don't forget to visit the Holed stone along the trail, on foot or on horseback.

Photo: Jade Queiroz / MTUR

Flecheiras – Trairi

the municipality of betrayed, located in western Ceará, is a plate full of natural attractions perfect for relaxing and getting in touch with nature.  arrows is the best known and most easily accessible. The beach has calm waters and attracts tourists with its beautiful natural pools, which appear daily during the low-end period.

Photo: Gustavo Albano


Canoa Quebrada – Aracati

One of the most famous and lively beaches in Ceará, broken Canoe it is known for its incredible cliffs, dunes and the bustling kiosks that enliven tourists. Be sure to take a buggy ride to discover the stunning scenery that this village discovered by hippies in the 1970s has in store.

Photo: Otávio Nogueira/ Flickr

Cumbuco Beach – Caucaia

Only 23 kilometers away from Strength, a Cumbuco beach is the paradise of the dunes in the Ceará. Considered one of the most beautiful and popular in the state, it is still perfect for those who want to enjoy nautical tours.

Photo: Otávio Nogueira/ Flickr

Lagoinha – Paraipaba

One of the most popular beaches in Ceará, pond is ideal for day trips departing from Strength. With a good structure of hotels, restaurants and bars, the catamaran ride to the Almecegas Lagoon it is where you can register one of the most beautiful sceneries of the place.

Photo: Setur Ceará

Almofala – Itarema

190 km from Strength is the beach of pillow, one of the most visited in the region of Itarema. In addition to mangroves, rivers and a beautiful landscape, it is where sea turtles seek refuge to rest and feed. Because of this, it is also there that the Tamar project.

Photo: Mateuz TUF / Wikimedia Commons

Barra dos Remédios – Camocim

About 360 km from the capital of Ceará is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Ceará and which has not yet been discovered by tourists. THE Medicine bar It is a true desert paradise, full of dunes and crystal clear waters. There are no beach tents or accommodation options.

Photo: Alex Uchoa

Praia das Fontes – Beberibe

Located in the municipality of drink, a Praia das Fontes offers tourists colorful cliffs, dunes and lagoons, such as Uruaú Lagoon, one of the largest in the state. With a good structure around, it has good hotels, restaurants and even resorts in its surroundings.

Photo: Dudu Viana / Flickr

Redonda Beach – Icapuí

on the border with large northern river is at Round Beach. 200 km from Strength, the place has a good structure of kiosks, hotels and also reserves coconut trees and cliffs that make up a scenario of pure contemplation. Buggy and raft rides are among the attractions.

Photo: Helder da Rocha / Wikimedia Commons

Ponta Grossa – Icapuí

With the cliffs as its postcard, the Ponta Grossa beach got this name because of the stones that take care of its extension. Natural pools are formed when the tide is lower, ideal for calm baths. Be sure to admire the scenery at sunset, when everything gains more colors and contrasts.

Photo: GLandovsky / Wikimedia Commons

Porto das Dunas – Aquiraz

Better known as the Beach Park Beach, Porto das Dunas is just 30 km from Strength and, in addition to the water park and hotels in the complex, it offers calm, clean and warm waters all year round. When the tide is low, natural pools are formed, ideal for children to have fun.

Photo: Disclosure

Praia do Futuro – Fortaleza

THE Future beach is the most popular of Strength and an unmissable place for anyone who is in the capital of Ceará. With an extensive strip of sand, strong waves and ideal for the practice of water sports and green waters, it has several beach huts with a structure similar to that of resorts. Perfect for enjoying a happy hour with friends.

Photo: ME/Portal da Copa

Guariju Beach – Trairi

very close to the famous Jericoacoara it is Guariju, a destination that has not yet been discovered by mass tourism, but which has a setting worthy of a movie. With a spacious strip of sand and a calm sea of greenish waters, it is very popular for water sports, such as sailing and windsurfing.

Photo: Photo: Hotel Zorah Beach

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