Gramado and Canela are two charming destinations in Serra Gaúcha that have several tourist attractions for trips of different styles. Find out more about the tours that can be done in the region 

Visit Serra Gaucha should be on the travel list of all Brazilians, as the natural and gastronomic riches of the region fill the eyes of any tourist. Lawn and Canela, are two neighboring cities, which are just over 100km from the capital and have a pleasant mountain climate. It is very common to visit both places on the same trip, so one of the best tours to discover the main tourist attractions of both is the BusTour. A hop on hop off bus, which has stops where tourists can choose where and when to board or disembark, creating their own itinerary with complete freedom.  

Now, get to know the main attractions that these two cities that exude charm offer tourists.

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Family fun tours in Gramado 

Serra Gaúcha

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mini world 

THE mini world is one of the most sought after attractions for those visiting Gramado and Canela. The open-air park formed by replicas of buildings, constructions and monuments from around the world. It is a tour that appeals to all ages, as it stirs the imagination and activates the inner child that exists in each person. All replicas are rich in details 24 times smaller than reality and still have mini inhabitants to be enchanted even more.   


How about having fun in the snow? snowland is a park that offers attractions in the snow, such as ice skating, artistic and some adventures, such as the Snow Mountain, the first and only in Brazil! The temperature in the place varies between -5°C and -3°C, but with so many entertainment options that the park offers, there is no time to feel cold. 

world of chocolate 

Have you ever thought about seeing the biggest chocolate eiffel tower in the world? This is only possible in world of chocolate, the only park with chocolate sculptures in Latin America. On site there are more than 200 pieces carved with the delicacy that represent several famous tourist spots around the world and that still provide a delicious cultural tour through Switzerland, Africa, Egypt, India and several other countries. And the best thing is that there are ticket options that still guarantee tasting. 

Dreamland Wax Museum 

The Dreamland Wax Museum is a tour to see and photograph wax replicas of great world personalities, which are divided into 17 different scenarios. You can sing alongside rock stars and even meet your favorite movie character live (and in wax). The fun and creativity don't stop at this museum. 

Harley Motor Show 

Next to Dreamland, you'll find the Harley Motor Show, a bar that is also a museum with a decor dedicated to the coveted Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It's a perfect tour to get to know a variety of famous motorcycles and enjoy a beer and some snacks in this iconic place. 

Outdoor tours in Gramado 

Serra Gaúcha

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black lake 

One of Gramado's best-known tourist attractions, Lago Negro is the place to relax and take beautiful pictures. Its deep dark waters contrast with the trees that are on the outskirts of the park. Hydrangeas and azaleas flowers also attract attention and further highlight their beauty. There it is also possible to ride a pedal boat and have a picnic on the lawn. 

crooked street 

Rua Torta is known for its winding shape and also for remembering one of the most famous streets in San Francisco, California, in the United States, Lombard Street, which has been the scene of several Hollywood movies. Rua Torta is also charming, as it is full of flowers and trees that make the air even more magical and of course, a perfect postcard for photos. 

Saint Peter's Parish

The Parish of São Pedro was the first Catholic chapel Gramado is a popular place not only for religious people, but also for lovers of architecture, as it in itself is a work that draws attention for its beauty and charm, with a beautiful garden in return. In addition, it is special, as São Pedro is considered the protector saint of the city. 

Romantic tours in Gramado

tourist attractions Gramado and Canela

Tourist attractions Gramado and Canela. Photo: Cicero RC Omena / Flickr

stone paths 

The script stone paths It is considered a historical patrimony of Rio Grande do Sul, as it contains the largest architectural collection of Italian immigration. It is also considered a living and delirious museum for those who enjoy walks with plenty of gastronomy. On this 12km route it is possible to taste various types of food and get to know the culture and architectural beauties of the region. On the way you will find mills, colonial canteens, homemade pasta house, looms and a sweets house. Prepare your stomach to taste so many delights! 

maria smoke tour 

Another super charming and unforgettable tour in Gramado is the Maria Fumaça tour which passes through the train stations in the cities of Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Carlos Barbosa in a 23km route, which lasts about an hour and a half. It is literally a journey back in time, as he seeks to rescue Italian traditions with musical performances and tastings of typical drinks. 

Tours to enjoy nature in Canela 

tourist attractions Gramado and Canela

Tourist attractions Gramado and Canela. Photo: Fernando Stankuns / Wikimedia Commons

Caracol Waterfall 

Located within Parque do Caracol, which is a natural reserve in the municipality of Canela, Cascata do Caracol is the main natural attraction of Serra Gaúcha. It is 131 meters high and can be seen from the viewpoint located inside the park, at the ecological observatory, or from the staircase that leads to the bottom.


skyglass It is the largest cable-stayed platform in the world and the first steel and glass platform in Latin America. It is located in one of the most beautiful scenarios of the Serra Gaúcha, amidst the nature of the region and the Skyglass at the top of its 360 meters guarantees a unique contemplation. 

Fun in Cinnamon 

tourist attractions Gramado and Canela

Tourist attractions Gramado and Canela. Photo: Disclosure

Steam World

THE steam world guarantees a different trip, passing through the steam engines that transformed the history of humanity. The tour passes through different continents and shows how each country was impacted by these inventions. There are a number of attractions from the industrial age, steel mill, scale models, paper mill and hydroelectric power plant.

Alpen Park

THE Alpen Park It is an amusement park that offers attractions for all ages. Among them, the sleigh stands out, which guarantees a lot of emotion for visitors, as it can reach up to 40 km/h and the 50m high zip lines, to enjoy the exuberant landscape of the Serra Gaúcha. And of course there are also toy options for younger children.  

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