We have selected 15 destinations in Brazil that are the face of vacations and that will fit in your pocket

School recess is high season for hotels and inns, which often ends up increasing prices for most of the national destinations. However, if you choose the right trip, it is still possible to save a little even in high seasons and away from the busiest places. To help tourists looking for a nice place, but not extremely expensive at that time, the Urban Hotel selected 15 cheap national destinations for you to visit without breaking the budget. Check out this selection below and discover a good place to spend your holidays in Brazil. 

Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO)

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Photo: Augusto Miranda / MTur

One of the most sought after destinations in the state of Goiás, the Chapada do Veadeiros is a tour that will take you to waterfalls, rivers, trails and caves. In addition to admiring the plateaus that are the postcard of the region, visitors can practice adventure sports. Alto Paraíso is a city full of charm and esotericism, serving as a base to explore the natural parks.

Average daily rate: R$290.00

Monte Verde (MG)

Photo: Helio Mota / Wikimedia Commons

When it's cold, the city is perfect for enjoying good food, chocolates and downtown. green Hill. The sunniest days invite tourists for trails, tricycle rides and zip lines.

Average daily rate: R$200.00

Chickens (RN)

Photo: Lucas Czapski Simoni / Wikimedia Commons

It is a good opportunity to discover this unknown beach that is 170km from Natal. The destination has paradisiacal scenarios surrounded by cliffs, mangroves, dunes and natural pools, but the calm of the day gives way to the hustle of the night in the restaurants and bars.

Average daily rate: R$200.00

Atins (MA)

Photo: Fred Schinke / Wikimedia Commons

the village of Atins It is close to the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park and has entered the route of tourists who want to explore the region further. In addition to the stunning beauty of the landscapes, the place has sandy streets and restaurants with delicious food that will make you want to stay longer.

Average daily rate: not available on the platform

Ilhabela (SP)

Photo: Maristela Colucci / MTUR

A paradise of waterfalls, forests, beaches and mountains and a lot of comfort, pleasure and well-being in a passionate place. This is Beautiful island of dreams, the dearest on the coast of São Paulo: the best inns, quiet environment, ideal for those who need to relax!

Average daily rate: R$155.00

Vitória (ES)

Photo: Vitor Jubini / MTur

Vitória had a great expansion in business tourism, but its beaches still retain the charm that consecrated it. Victory it is also famous for its historical and gastronomic traditions, with a vibrant nightlife. There is no shortage of alternatives to enjoy the city, visit excellent bars, concert halls, hotels and award-winning restaurants.

Average daily rate: R$ 178.00

Porto Alegre (RS)

Photo: Renato Soares / MTUR

The very traditional capital of Rio Grande do Sul is an invitation to the gaucho culture, with its themed restaurants and bars that proudly show the charm of the gaucho culture, originating from Spanish, German and Italian immigrants. Enchanting landscapes such as the sunset at Usina do Gasómetro or taking cultural tours through canteens, wineries and steakhouses are the strong point of Porto Alegre.

Average daily rate: R$179.00

Belo Horizonte (MG)

Photo: Pedro Vilela / MTur

Belo Horizonte mixes modernity, beauty and tradition. The capital of Minas Gerais has bold buildings, breathtaking natural landscapes and delicious cuisine. Museums and cultural exhibitions are the main attraction of the city, which is also highly sought after by corporate tourism.

Average daily rate: R$198.00

Belém (PA)

Photo: Cayambe / Wikimedia Commons

Cidade das Mangueiras is a stronghold for people who enjoy good food and happy parties. In addition to Pato no Tucupi, tacacá and other delicacies are the flagship of the capital of Pará. The Amazon Rainforest reigns supreme in incredible tours. Be sure to check out the Teatro da Paz, Estação das Docas, the cultural center “Casa das Onze Janelas” and the traditional ver-o-peso Market, icons of Bethlehem.

Average daily rate: R$ 199.00

Curitiba (PR)

Photo: Renato Soares / MTUR

It is known as one of the best cities to live in Brazil and is one of the most beautiful and attractive Brazilian tourist destinations due to its cultural diversity, typical cuisine, historical attractions, parks and gardens. Curitiba is full of postcards, such as the Botanical Garden, the Teatro Ópera de Arame and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

Average daily rate: R$ 204.00

Manaus (AM)

Photo: Mário Oliveira / MTUR

capital of amazon, manaus It is a large metropolis and is located at the meeting of the Negro and Solimões rivers. It also stands out for being the ideal place for ecotourism, contact with nature and root culture.

Average daily rate: R$ 217.00


Photo: Roberto Castro / MTUR

And if you think it's just political news that lives Federal District do Brasil, you need to know and explore the busy streets, the bustling cultural life and the good restaurants. In one hour it is possible to circulate throughout the Monumental Axis: National Congress, Cathedral, Planalto Palace, Museum of the Republic and JK Memorial.

Average daily rate: R$ 218.00

Penha (SC)

Photo: Adriane Rado / Wikimedia Commons

The small resort entered the tourist route in 1991, when Beto Carrero World, the largest theme park in Latin America, was inaugurated. And Penha is not far behind when it comes to the beach. The calm waters of Prainha and Alegre beach are an invitation to take a dip in the water, practice water sports and surf.

Average daily rate: R$ 222.00

Recife PE)

Photo: Bruno Lima / MTUR

Those who enjoy a metropolis with several options of tourist attractions will find the capital of Pernambuco their favorite city, after all, there is a lot to see and do. And don't forget to visit Olinda, as this neighboring city Recife it has one of the most famous historic centers in the country and churches that are true masterpieces.

Average daily rate: R$ 229.00

Aracaju (SE)

Photo: Cleverton Ribeiro / MTur

The typical delicacies based on crab, crab and sururu, served at the beach huts are some of the delights you will find there. In addition to a shore full of attractions, Aracaju It has several options for tours such as a walk along the Orla de Atalaia and the end of the day at the Orla do Pôr do Sol.

Average daily rate: R$ 238.00

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