We prepared this post with 15 unmissable places to visit in João Pessoa. Discover the beauties of the capital of Paraíba!

There are several lplaces to visit in João Pessoa that are often forgotten when it comes to traveling through the northeast. It is true that the capital of Paraíba is not among the most visited destinations, but what many do not know is that jampa – as it is affectionately known – is an incredible city to visit.

In addition to a charming historic center and many options for cultural tours, the capital of Paraíba has beautiful beaches and great living areas. Well structured, the city has a great diversity of restaurants, well equipped shopping places and excellent hotels and inns. 

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So if you're looking to travel to the northeast, include João Pessoa in your travel itinerary. You will see that there is a lot to see and do there. You can enjoy the sea or play sports on its well-preserved waterfront, walk along the extensive boardwalks or immerse yourself in art and culture in the Lower City. 

Want more? Arrive at the easternmost point of our continent and see the sunrise at the Cabo Branco Lighthouse. Dive into natural pools full of fish and buy beautiful travel souvenirs. You can do it all in these 15 places to visit in João Pessoa. Let's go?

Check out the 15 places to visit in João Pessoa

Now, you will discover how much incredible things are possible to do in a trip to the capital of Paraíba. 


Photo: Disclosure Secretary of Tourism Paraíba

when visiting João Pessoa, be sure to take the tour to the natural pools of Picãozinho. One of the most traditional in the capital of Paraíba, it reveals a paradisiacal setting just a few kilometers from Praia de Tambaú in the sea. 

The natural pools of Picãozinho can only be visited during low tide and its crystal clear waters are full of fish. It is a great option for those who enjoy diving.

Seixas natural pool

places to visit in João Pessoa

Photo: Disclosure Secretary of Tourism Paraíba

As in the case of Picãozinho, the natural pools of Seixas are among the places to visit in João Pessoa. Accessible through Praia da Penha, they can be visited by catamaran or speedboat. Its waters are crystal clear, in bluish and greenish tones, and form the largest coral pools on the coast of Paraíba. In them, it is possible to do scuba diving or snorkeling – surface diving. 

Ponta do Seixas

Photo: Disclosure Secretary of Tourism Paraíba

The easternmost point of the Americas, Ponta do Seixas is a beach with a wide strip of sand and calm waters. The waterfront is well supplied by kiosks and restaurants and, despite being a little far from the city center, it is a great option to spend the day. 

Red sand

places to visit in João Pessoa

Photo: Disclosure Secretary of Tourism Paraíba

During low tide, a dark sandbar appears between João Pessoa and Cabedelo, forming the Ilha da Areia Vermelha. Accessible by boat, this stretch of sand is surrounded by crystal clear waters and offers an incredible view of the entire coastline of the capital of Paraíba. The boats that take tourists there also provide chairs and umbrellas to enjoy the place in comfort. 

Sunset tour at Praia do Jacaré

Photo: Ruy Carvalho/ Wikimedia Commons

A mandatory stop for anyone visiting João Pessoa, the sunset tour at Praia do Jacaré is a spectacle on its own. If the beautiful natural view of the sun setting over the Paraíba River wasn't enough, tourists can still enjoy the moment to the sound of Jurandy do Sax. The musician plays bolero every day aboard a boat that cruises along the river.

Historic center

places to visit in João Pessoa

Photo: Disclosure Secretary of Tourism Paraíba

The Historic Center of João Pessoa is full of buildings that tell about its formation and portray the culture of the region. The old and very colorful houses form an incredible scenery. The buildings are full of Rococo, Art Nouveau and Art Deco details and date from the 20's and 30's. Antenor Navarro Square is one of the most famous tourist spots there. From there, it is possible to start the tour of the Lower City, where the main attractions are.

White Cape

Photo: Rafael Passos

Upscale neighborhood on the east end of João Pessoa, Cabo Branco has a well-preserved waterfront with a wide range of services. The beach, of the same name, has an extensive strip of sand and many kiosks. 

The neighborhood also houses the Cabo Branco Station – construction designed by Oscar Niemeyer -, a place for those who enjoy art, science and culture. There, there are spaces for people of all ages, where workshops and exhibitions are held.


places to visit in João Pessoa

Photo: Disclosure Secretary of Tourism Paraíba

One of the best beaches in João Pessoa, Praia de Tambaú is located in the neighborhood of the same name. It is surrounded by most hotels and has a wide boardwalk, well served by kiosks and restaurants. The strip of sand has many coconut trees and the sea is calm.

Another great option for those who want to enjoy the sea, Praia do Bessa is quieter, with less structure, but with an incredible view. Located in a residential area, it is perfect for those looking for peace. The sea is greenish and, as in Tambaú, the strip of sand is full of coconut trees.



Photo: Disclosure Secretary of Tourism Paraíba

Despite being another city, hairline it looks more like a neighborhood in João Pessoa, given its proximity. Therefore, it is one of the places to visit when visiting the capital of Paraíba. The beaches there are beautiful, with warm and transparent waters. Intermares beach is a surfer's point, due to its strong waves. Camboinha beach pleases those who just want to take a dip in the sea, with calm waters and natural pools.

Costa do Conde

Photo: Cacio Murilo / MTur

30 km away from João Pessoa, the Costa do Conde is another great option for a tour to do from the capital of Paraíba. With 20 km of extension, the region has a rustic look, with cliffs that reach 40 meters in height and many coconut trees. Costa do Conde is made up of seven different beaches: Praia de Gramame, Praia do Amor, Praia Carapibus, Praia de Jacumã, Praia de Tabatinga, Praia de Coqueirinhos and Tambaba. 

San Francisco Cultural Center

places to visit in João Pessoa

Photo: Toddy Holland

The Centro Cultural São Francisco is a complex that houses the Igreja de São Francisco, built in 1840, the Convento de Santo Antônio and the Museum of Sacred Art. The site began to be built in 1589 and is one of the historical points to visit in João Pessoa.

The complex also houses the Hotel Globo, the Casa dos Azulejos, the Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church and Convent and the Casa do Artista Popular, which brings together pieces of handicrafts from Paraíba. The buildings can be visited with the help of a guide, who shows all the details of the architecture and tells about the history of each one of them.

Cabo Branco Lighthouse


Photo: Disclosure Secretary of Tourism Paraíba

Located on top of a cliff, the Cabo Branco Lighthouse offers a unique view of the easternmost part of the Americas, where the sun rises first on the continent. It is one of the most important tourist spots in João Pessoa and is located in the Cabo Branco neighborhood. 

House of Tiles

places to visit in João Pessoa

Photo: MURUCUTU / Wikimedia Commons

Former home of Commander Antônio dos Santos Coelho, the house covered in blue Portuguese tiles has become one of the tourist attractions in João Pessoa. The beautiful building attracts attention and houses a government administrative body. Although it is not possible to visit its interior, it is worth a stop to appreciate the facade of Casa dos Azulejos. 

Tambau Fair

places to visit in João Pessoa

Photo: Disclosure Secretary of Tourism Paraíba

The Feirinha de Tambaú is held on the beach of the same name and brings together pieces made in the region. In addition to being a great place to buy souvenirs from the trip, the fair is also a tour of the culture of Paraíba through the exhibits.

Did you like our tips? So, schedule your trip to the capital of Paraíba right now and don't leave these 15 places to visit in João Pessoa out of your itinerary.

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