Check out 15 villages on paradisiacal beaches to visit in the Northeast and enjoy all the tranquility of the most paradisiacal region in Brazil

Looking for a semi-desert destination to isolate yourself and enjoy nature with tranquility? The Northeast Region is full of paradise beaches that provide peace, high temperatures and divine scenarios that will surely recharge your energies.

We selected 15 villages in the most paradisiacal beaches in the Northeast to inspire your next trip in Brazilian territory. From Bahia to Maranhão, check out the quieter destinations on the northeastern coast.

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Atins – Maranhão 

Photo: Mayra Pavanello Munerato / Wikimedia Commons

The newest destination discovered by tourists visiting Maranhão works as one of the doors to the famous Lencois Maranhenses National Park. Unlike Barreirinhas, the village of Atins has little structure for tourists, but it is still less cozy. 

With few charming inns scattered along the coast and on rustic sandy streets, Atins is a great option for those looking to stay closer to the national park and want to stay in quieter places with less tourist flow. 

To reach the destination, the visitor needs to take a speedboat from the port of Barreirinhas and travel about 30 minutes along the Preguiça River. 

Where to stay: BKR Inn / Vila Vento
Where to eat: Rico's Restaurant / Luzia's Restaurant (Canto do Atins)

Tutóia – Maranhão

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Belonging to the sensational Rota das Emoções – a tourist route that integrates the states of Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão, the city of Tutóia is located between the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park and the Parnaíba Delta.

The region is full of natural beauties with beaches, lagoons, rivers, islands and small dunes that resemble a miniature of Lençóis Maranhenses.

Those staying in Tutóia will be able to check out other super interesting nearby destinations such as the city of Paranaíba, in the neighboring state of Piauí, and other destinations that surround the Lençóis Maranhenses. Among them, Barreirinhas, Santo Amaro and Atins.

Where to stay: Jagatá Inn / Pousada Vila Tutóia
Where to eat: Sarapó Restaurant

São Miguel do Gostoso – Rio Grande do Norte

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Another paradise destination in the Northeast that you need to visit is the city of São Miguel do Gostoso. The extensive beaches of the northern coast of the state are home to beaches surrounded by coconut trees and simple houses that bring an air of a fishing village to the small town.

São Miguel do Gostoso is close to other popular attractions in Rio Grande do Norte, such as Praia de Touros, the paradisiacal natural pools of Maracajaú and the wonderful peninsula of Galinhos.

Where to stay: Pousada La Dolce Vita / Vilamaré
Where to eat: Pantai Bar and Restaurant

Pipa – Rio Grande do Norte

villages in the northeast

Photo: Victorian Jr. / Wikimedia Commons

Honestly, Pipa is far from being a peaceful village with a peaceful atmosphere. The village located on the south coast of RN is between the capitals Natal and João Pessoa, and therefore is always full of tourists.

Despite the intense movement, Pipa has paradisiacal beaches that offer tranquility and privacy, a beautiful example is the beach of Baía dos Golfinhos, a protected area that is home to many mammals and surrounded by immense multicolored cliffs.

Other very quiet options are the beaches of Cacimbinha, Praia do Giz (located in the neighboring municipality of Tibau do Sul, and the beaches of Sibaúma.

Where to stay: Hotel Sombra e Água Fresca / Owl's Lair
Where to eat: Pipa Beach Club / Ú Bistro

Barra Grande – Piauí

villages in the northeast

Rustic villages in the Northeast. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Truth be told, the coast of Piauí is not much talked about among tourists who visit the Northeast region, but the state reveals great surprises. Despite being small, the coastal strip belonging to the state has great options of beaches, most of them close to the municipalities of Luís Correia and Parnaíba.

Praia de Barra Grande is part of the municipality of Cajueiro da Praia, in a small village with small inns and rustic and super cozy restaurants. Famous among kite surfers, Praia de Barra Grande is an ideal place for those looking to relax and discover a new paradise in Brazilian territory.

In addition to the beaches, Barra Grande offers other interesting tours for tourists such as boat trips through the mangroves to observe the seahorses of the region, a day trip to the mystical 7 Cities National Park, which houses several cave paintings and the beauties of the Parnaíba Delta.

Where to stay: BGK Inn
Where to eat: Pink Mango / La Pizza

Flecheiras – Ceará

paradise beaches

Rustic villages in the northeast. Photo: Otávio Nogueira / Flickr

Located in the municipality of Trairi, 124 km from Fortaleza, Flecheiras looks like a small oasis amidst the dunes and coconut groves that fill this part of the northeastern coast. 

Full of corals that form natural pools during low tide, Flecheiras is ideal for families traveling with young children. The village also allows quick day trips to other unmissable attractions in the state, including the villages of Mundaú and Guajiru.

Where to stay: Pousada Janelas do Mar
Where to eat: Maré Alta Restaurant

Jericoacoara – Ceará

villages in the northeast

Photo: Anderps / Wikimedia Common

The most famous destination in Ceará owns some of the most famous and idyllic postcards in Brazil.

Its enchanting views formed by beaches, dunes, lagoons and mangroves attract couples in love, families with children and groups of friends from all over the world to enjoy the peace that the village offers.

Among its main attractions are Lagoa do Paraíso, Duna do Pôr do Sol, Pedra Furada and of course the beach that bears the same name as the village.

Where to stay: Kalango Village / Beach house
Where to eat: Tamarindo Restaurant

Barra de Camaratuba – João Pessoa

paradise beaches

Rustic villages in the Northeast. Photo: Junior Jurandir / Wikimedia Commons

The fishing village of Barra de Camaratuba is one of the highlights of the northern coast of Paraíba. The village is part of the Mataraca district, located near the border with Rio Grande do Norte and shelters wild scenery surrounded by exuberant nature.

The region concentrates a vast area covered by Atlantic Forest, with deserted beaches, lagoons, mangroves and an ecological protection area rich in fauna and flora.

Where to stay: Pousada Manga Azul
Where to eat: Camaratuba Restaurant

Tamandaré – Pernambuco

villages in the northeast

Villages to discover in the Northeast. Photo: DlauriniJr / Wikimedia Commons

It is impossible to talk about the beauties of the coast of Pernambuco and not mention the beaches of Tamandaré. It is in the destination that the most deserted beaches of the south coast of Pernambuco are located, with calm seas, white sand and natural pools scattered throughout the coastline.

Where to stay: Coral Beach Tamandaré
Where to eat: Tapera do Sabor Restaurant

Porto de Pedras – Alagoas

paradise beaches

Villages to discover in the Northeast. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Porto de Pedras is indeed one of the most incredible destinations on the Alagoas Ecological Route. The small village located between Japaratinga and São Miguel dos Milagres has some of the most beautiful attractions on the coast of Alagoas and because it does not have so many hotel options, it is considered one of the most peaceful and cozy destinations in the state.

Be sure to check out the amazing Praia do Patacho, Praia de Lajes and Associação do Peixe-Boi, in addition, you can enjoy the proximity to other famous destinations and make a day trip in Maragogi and even in Porto de Galinhas, in Pernambuco. .

Where to stay: Pousada Beijupirá
Where to eat: Marinete's Fish

São Miguel dos Milagres – Alagoas

villages in the northeast

Villages to discover in the Northeast. photo: offtotravel

Other rustic village to discover in the Northeast is the charming São Miguel dos Milagres. Incredible and almost deserted beaches, charming inns and a cozy little town are what you will find in this magical piece of the Alagoas coast.

One of the must-see tours in São Miguel is the famous raft tour that takes visitors to the impressive natural pools that are located about 1 km from the coast. Upon arriving at the pools, tourists can do a fun snorkeling trip to observe the colorful fish that live in these crystal clear waters.

Where to stay: Pousada Villa Pantai / Paru Boutique Hotel
Where to eat: Uí Bistro

Itacare – Bahia

paradise beaches

Paradise beaches in the Northeast. Photo: Marinelson Almeida / Flickr

Itacaré is on the wish list of every tourist visiting Bahia. The destination is part of the incredible Rota do Cacau and is 250 km from Salvador.

The village has a peaceful climate and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the state. If you are looking for a village to visit in the Northeast with good infrastructure, scenic landscapes and a fun nightlife, add Itacaré to your bucket list.

Where to stay: Vila Barracuda Boutique Hotel
Where to eat: Flor do Cacau / Manga Rosa Restaurant

Praia do Forte – Bahia

villages in the northeast

Rustic villages in the Northeast. Photo: Cleferson Comarela / Wikimedia Commons

Another great surprise on the coast of Bahia is the fantastic Praia do Forte. Beautiful beaches with warm water, natural pools, white sand, vast coconut groves and calm seas. These are the characteristics that make Praia do Forte an unforgettable destination.

Where to stay: Pousada Paraíso do Forte / Iberostar Praia do Forte
Where to eat: Donana Restaurant

Caraiva – Bahia

paradise beaches

Rustic villages to discover in the Northeast. Photo: Gabriel Castaldini / Wikimedia Commons

With sandy streets and a rustic feel, Caraíva is one of the most popular tours to take a day trip from Porto Seguro and Arraial d'Ajuda.

To reach the isolated village it is necessary to cross a river by canoe, so Caraíva does not have cars and even an internet signal can be a little difficult to find. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caraíva River, this paradise peninsula is the ideal place for those seeking privacy and tranquility.

Where to stay: Caraíva Bela Vista Inn / Pousada Colors do Mar
Where to eat: Central Cuisine

Mangue Seco – Bahia

villages in the northeast

Paradise beaches in the Northeast. Photo: Nico Kaiser / Flickr

Surrounded by dunes and coconut trees, Mangue Seco is located between Bahia and Sergipe and became known after serving as the setting for the telenovela, Tieta, based on the work of Jorge Amado.

The village of Mangue Seco has the perfect characteristics of a cozy and rustic destination: sandy streets, untouched nature, little movement of tourists and residents, and jaw-dropping natural attractions.

Where to stay: Hotel Resort Eco O Forte
Where to eat: Seafood Restaurant

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