Are you going to travel to the City of Light and want to prepare? We separate essential tips for those who want to visit Paris and do not want to have unpleasant surprises

Paris It is one of the most coveted destinations in the world. The city is incredible and can provide wonderful experiences to tourists of the most diverse profiles. visit paris is the dream of many Brazilians, however, like everything else in life, it is essential to be careful and prepare properly to enjoy all these wonders.

After all, we are talking about a place with another culture, another language, another currency. With that in mind, we selected 17 tips every Brazilian should know before traveling to Paris.

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Attention the currency

As you may know, the current currency in France is the euro. It is not recommended to take dollars or reais, you may end up losing money with the conversion. So don't forget to prepare and change money before your trip. The exchange can be made at banks, exchange offices or at airports.

Consider bringing your credit card

Most establishments in the city accept credit card payments. In addition to being more practical and safer, you can also take advantage of the trip to earn miles. The disadvantage of this option is the payment of IOF for purchases outside the country (6,38%).

study the language

Unlike Spanish or English, languages that Brazilians are more used to, French can be very difficult for those who do not know how to speak the language. Of course, it is not possible to become fluent before the trip, but it is advisable to try to learn a few words to ask for information or be able to read signs, for example.

enjoy the internet

The internet is a great ally for tourists, isn't it? In addition to websites with information to help you travel more and better, like this one, there are several others that can contribute to the success of your trip. A good tip is, before arriving at the destination, to search for the city map on the internet, check the weather in the region and use apps to learn important phrases in French.

beware of scams

Unfortunately, in all parts of the world there are people who scam tourists and Paris is no different. There are several types of scams and they happen mainly in places, streets and shops, which attract more tourists.

They may try to distract you, talking to you in the local language, to steal your wallet or cell phone. It can also happen that they approach you to do a kindness, like tying a ribbon in your hug, and in the end they ask for money for the service provided and be rude if you refuse to pay. It is not necessary to be afraid to walk around the city, in general Paris is extremely safe, but tourists are always very targeted and it is always good to be careful.

Take only what you need

Avoid taking large amounts of money or objects of great value when walking around the city. Also pay attention to how you carry your cell phone and your bag, don't leave these items on tables.

Find out how to call Brazil

If you want to call a family member in Brazil, just enter 00 + country code + city code + phone number. However, this option is still more expensive than hiring an internet plan and using WhatsApp to communicate, for example. Also, you can take advantage of the internet for other occasions.

Consider buying an international SIM

Generally, the costs of roaming international flights on Brazilian operators are expensive. Buying an international chip can be a more economical and practical way out. It's worth searching!

Get ready to move around Paris

Compared to other metropolises in the world, the city is relatively small and predominantly flat. Walking around Paris is a very pleasant activity, but know that the city has efficient public transport. There are several options: metro, bus, RER (trains), boat. It is interesting to check the public transport official website of the city to know the routes and see all the lines.

Rent a car if you want more convenience

If you don't want to worry about learning how the city's transport system works, renting a car can be a good alternative. Several companies, such as France among Friends, offer the service. It is much more comfortable knowing that you can count on a Brazilian driver to take you on the tours.

Discover good places to stay in the city

Hosting is another item that deserves your attention. It is important that it guarantees your comfort, safety and is close to the main attractions of the city. There is no shortage of options: they range from luxurious hotels, like the Shangri-la hotel, to more economical alternatives, such as the Avenir Hotel. It is essential to research in advance to be able to make reservations at the hotel that best suits your profile!

Search for options for cool and cheap places to eat in Paris

French cuisine is featured all over the world and enjoying the city's dishes is one of the unmissable experiences of the trip. Fortunately, you can do this without breaking your travel budget, but you need to research. Restaurants like Le Temps des Cerises and Chez Omar, both located in the Marais district, offer full meals at an affordable price.

Decide when is the best time to visit Paris

Paris is wonderful all year round, but depending on your goal and traveler profile, it may be more appropriate to go at a certain time of year. In summer, for example, the streets tend to get busier and more festive. Spring makes the city more colorful and with milder temperatures, ideal for photography lovers. For those who like the cold, and want to enjoy a more romantic climate, winter and autumn are good options.

Decide which tourist attractions you want to see

There are a multitude of tourist attractions in the city and it is practically impossible to see them all in just one trip. Therefore, it is recommended to make an itinerary so that you can get to know and enjoy each place calmly.

Hire a receptive company

To avoid problems, and to have a more peaceful and profitable trip, it is interesting to hire a receptive company based in France and specialized in receiving Brazilians. THE France among Friends, is a company specialized in these services and can answer all your doubts about the destination.

Buy tickets in advance

Purchase your airline tickets as soon as you are sure how many days you will be able to stay in Paris. That way, you increase your chances of finding cheaper tickets.

Check the required documents

Brazilians do not need a visa to enter Paris, as long as the duration of the trip does not exceed 3 months. If this is your case, just make sure you have a valid passport until the date you return to Brazil.  

Did you like the tips we selected? It's important to get organized so you can enjoy all that the City of Lights has to offer. Do you have a trip to France scheduled or do you want to start planning to make the visit? get in touch with France among Friends. receptive company based in France and specialized in receiving Brazilians in the country.


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