Icon of national journalism and example of generosity, we separate some stories and curiosities that prove that Glória Maria is the biggest (and best) Brazilian traveler 

She is among the biggest references of Brazilian television, and for travel lovers, she is considered a true inspiration for audiences of different ages. For those who follow his adventures through the most unusual destinations in the world, it is practically impossible not to fall in love with the lightness as it dominates his travels. Who has never dreamed of boarding one of the most beautiful places in the world presented by this icon of journalism?

Glória Maria has the necessary characteristics for a true professional traveller. With sensitivity and humility, the Brazilian journalist brings a unique look at the experiences she lives in her travels around the world.

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As a reporter, she has interviewed big international names such as Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elton John and Madonna, but it was in her travels around the world that the journalist met.

If you want to be an assiduous traveler like her – who dedicates a good part of her life to travel -, know that charisma, respect and generosity are essential conditions to understand, in a sensitive way, the different cultures and customs that we experience during a trip. 

It's nothing new for anyone who knows the backstage of these adventures, Glória Maria is the right person to meet more than 160 countries visited, in addition to taking everything to make the most of the experiences that this world offers.

She is capable of exalting (and approaching) the world in her narratives and has become a representative of the strength and grandeur typical of the Brazilian people. Through her personal story of overcoming, always watered by her sympathy, intelligence and passion for life, Glória Maria is, without a doubt, the biggest and best traveler in the world. Brazil and we show the reasons for that.

Travel to Morocco in the Sahara Desert

Travel to Morocco, in the Sahara Desert. Photo: Playback / Instagram

Curiosities that prove that Glória Maria is the biggest Brazilian traveler

1. Glória Maria was born in the suburbs of the North Zone of Rio and entered television at the age of 16. She was also the first black reporter on Brazilian television and is now one of the most prestigious employees of the station.

2. Glória Maria started traveling on TV Globo and her first destination was the United States, to cover the inauguration of Democrat President Jimmy Carter, in January 1977.

Brazilian travel and tourism journalists

Journalist visited Mongolia, one of the dreams come true. Photo: reproduction

3. In another interview with Tatá Werneck, Glória Maria assumed: “I lost count of how many passports I have, I must have at least 15”.

4. In 1982 she fell in love with a gypsy and lived in Ibiza, Spain for 6 months.

Gloria Maria with her daughters in South Africa

Photo taken during a safari in South Africa with the daughters. Photo: reproduction

5. On a trip made at the invitation of NASA, in 2007, Glória Maria was one of the international journalists invited to have the sensation of experiencing zero gravity on a trip out of Earth's orbit. In the interview on the program More you, Glória tells how the experience was: “It was a real experience, it was not a simulation. You really fly, you leave Earth orbit and the experience begins…”.

Trip made at the invitation of NASA

During a trip made at the invitation of NASA out of Earth orbit. Photo: reproduction

6. In an interview with the program High hours, the journalist stated that she has visited more than 160 countries. Some of them no longer exist as a nation, as is the case with Yugoslavia, which created five countries after its division (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, among others).

7. The three most unforgettable countries for the journalist are the Will, India and Brazil. Iran, by the history of the Persian peoples, is considered a unique country by the journalist, full of culture and beauty. THE India, for being the country of spirituality and Brazil, because there is always something new to discover here.

Gloria Maria travels

Photo at the airport in Tehran, capital of Iran. Photo: reproduction

8. In 2005, in Nigeria, Glória Maria filmed the Argungu festival, a competition made by more than 15,000 fishermen in search of the biggest fish in the Matan Fada River. She was the only woman at the festival. 

9. In an interview with the program Mirror, on Canal Brasil, presented by actor Lázaro Ramos, Glória Maria tells about her experience of more than 35 years working at Rede Globo. And over the last few decades, it has covered numerous world travels, inter-war, politics, economics, and travel.

Reporting with the Kamayura Indians

Photo taken during a report with the Kamayuará Indians, in the Upper Xingu. Photo: reproduction

10. Working for decades at Globo, Glória Maria asked the station's bosses for a one-year sabbatical. And the broadcaster, without blinking an eye, gave the journalist 2 years to live her travel experiences, this time without cameras, as she wanted to fulfill her dream of working with children around the world.

11. These two years that followed completely changed the journalist's life. The first destination, on a trip to India, Gloria Maria was to work as a volunteer in Bodh Gaya, the city where Buddha was enlightened. On this trip, which lasted two months, she worked on projects to help homeless people, children and monks. 

Gloria Maria's Travels in India

During the sabbatical helping the monks of India. Photo: Playback / Instagram

12. After this experience, Glória traveled to Nigeria, where she was alone for two more months working on social projects dedicated to socially vulnerable African children.

13. Leaving Nigeria, on her way back to Brazil, Glória Maria sought to work as a volunteer in shelters for orphaned children in Bahia and it was in this experience that she met her beloved daughters, Maria and Laura. That unexpected mother's love was not in the journalist's plans, and according to her own: “they chose me as a mother”.

Gloria Maria with her daughters in Patagonia

Vacation in Patagonia with daughters Maria and Laura. Photo: Playback / Instagram

14. In the Himalayas, climbing on the Nepalese side, during an 8-day hike to Everest base camp, the journalist found a man about to die outside his home. Soon she insisted on helping the man, contradicted by the interpreter. After a lot of effort, she managed to move someone to take the man to the doctor. A few days later, when he started back down the trail, he found the man already healed. The most impressive thing is that everyone in the family was angry with Gloria, because when saving him, she interrupted the karma of the man who was about to die. 

15. Responding to a question from a netizen, about which was the most fascinating destination the journalist has been to, she says it's hard to say just one, but India has its own unique charm. The journalist has already been to the country of the River Ganges 6 times.

16. The experience in a Rastafarian village in Jamaica was one of the most viewed trips and even generated memes on the internet, but this was not the only time the journalist tasted curious substances. In an interview, he has already claimed to have tasted ayahuasca in a Santo Daime ceremony, on other occasions he has tasted hallucinogenic mushrooms and even LSD. The latter, in defense of the journalist, was only once, in her youth, in a time when everything was different.

Gloria Maria in Jamaica

During the iconic reportage in a Rastafarian village in Jamaica. Photo: reproduction

17. In an interview with Quem magazine, Glória Maria emphasized her love for travel: “I like meeting people, traveling. If they lock me inside a studio, I'll kill myself. I would become a sad old lady. My business is the world. As long as you let me go to him, I'm happy."

Gloria Maria riding a snowmobile

Riding a motorcycle in the snow (minus 20 degrees). Photo: Playback / Instagram

18. For business trips, Glória Maria said that she packs her bags in about 15 minutes, with basic luggage. She always takes three jeans, a coat and a t-shirt. So as not to be taken by surprise, she chooses to carry warm and cold clothes.

Travel and tourism journalists

Travel to Nigeria during journalist's sabbatical. Photo: Playback / Instagram

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