It is possible to meet Capitol on a 2-day itinerary, or even a weekend? We have prepared an itinerary for you to make the most of the city's main attractions and enjoy all the beauties that Mar de Minas has to offer!

Who said that in Minas there is no sea? Surprisingly Capitol, one of the destinations that was recently discovered by tourists, is there to prove otherwise. the municipality of Capitol, in MG is part of the Nascentes das Gerais Tourist Circuit and became known for being the main city for those who want to know the banks of the river. Furnas Lake, its main attraction.

In addition to the lake, which dazzles visitors because of the canyons with giant walls and green waters, the city undoubtedly has impressive natural beauties such as beautiful waterfalls, trails and varied cuisine.

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Boat trip on the sea of Minas. Photo: Klaus Balzano / Shutterstock

Accommodation options for your 2-day Capitólio itinerary vary greatly. Of the most sophisticated, such as the Lake Hote Spal, which has a water park structure and is located in front of Furnas Lake, up to the Hostel Paraíso, which has a great cost benefit and a location in the central region of the city.  

When it comes to tasting the cuisine of the region, the Turvo's Restaurant It features dishes with a variety of fish, which is the house specialty, such as traíra à moda and stuffed tilapia, all of which are well served. However, if you prefer to try a little of Minas Gerais cuisine, the Tropeiro Restaurant It features free-range chicken, tropeiro beans and several typical snacks from the region.

2 days in Capitol

First day


Discover the Furnas Canyons Viewpoint on your 2-day itinerary in Capitólio. Photo: Luciano Queiroz / Shutterstock

Furnas Canyons Lookout

Starting the script with the postcard of Capitol – needless to say that this is a mandatory stop on your itinerary, right? Admission is free and you will have a breathtaking panoramic view of the canyons. However, a little care is needed, as there is no protection and the place is quite high.

Dicadinha Waterfall

To take advantage of the time, very close to the Mirante dos Canyons is the Dicadinha waterfall. With different points for bathing and crystal clear water, access is free. A great option for a swim before heading to the boat tour, which is another must-see attraction.

Boat trip on the Sea of Minas

This is certainly the main attraction of Capitol. THE Furnas Lake It is one of the largest artificial lakes in Brazil and was formed due to the construction of the dam of the Furnas Hydroelectric Power Plant. In addition, the flooded area of the region formed this charming and peculiar scenario, revealing small rivers, waterfalls and canyons that flow there.

Access is via the Ponte do Rio Turvo, from where the boats depart and where there is mainly the entire structure of restaurants. There are several options for boats, from the simplest and cheapest, such as the catamaran, to the fastest, such as speedboats. This last option, despite the higher price, navigates to more points in less time – the tour lasts about three hours and costs R$70 per person.

Second day


Blue Lagoon is the perfect option for your weekend in Capitólio. Photo: WIkimedia Commons

Sun Trail

Wake up very early to enjoy the day of your weekend in Capitólio and start the 4-kilometer walk (round trip). the path of Sun Trail It is worth visiting three different waterfalls that are located inside the Trilha do Sol park. Access to this tour is charged at R$40 per person, but the place is worth it for the forest with bromeliads, ferns, orchids and the crystal clear waters of the wells. There is a restaurant on site.

Church and Central Square

If you have time and, depending on where you are staying, it is certainly worth visiting the Church and the Capitol. It is a short tour that allows you to get to know a little bit of the city, in addition to the natural beauties.  

Ecoparque Waterfall or Pedreira da Lagoa Azul

Finally, to close the day in Capitólio – MG, we have two tips. You can opt for more waterfalls at Cascata Ecoparque, which has natural pools of transparent water perfect for the whole family – and all ages. In this way, the waterfalls flow into the Lago de Furnas dam, making the view incredible and access is R$40 per person. Another option is a visit to the Pedreira da Lagoa Azul. The site, an old quarry that had its activities interrupted and where an unusual water table was discovered, has a perfect setting for photographic records. Visiting is free, but as access is very difficult, it may be necessary to rent a 4×4 vehicle, around R$150 per person.

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