The adventure capital of São Paulo presents tourists with exuberant nature, trails, waterfalls, parks, good cuisine, excellent accommodation options and perfect spaces for those who want tranquility.

Surrounded by mountains, rivers and rich vegetation, sprouts It is a true paradise for lovers of extreme sports and offers almost endless attractions for those who are addicted to emotion. The best of everything? The city is less than 250 kilometers from São Paulo.

Known as the adventure capital, the city's main activity is rafting, a sport that attracts people willing to slide in the rapids of the agitated Rio Jacaré Pepira aboard an inflatable boat. Despite being the most popular activity in the region, the city of São Paulo has incredible surprises in store for those who also dare to explore other attractions.

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sprouts presents visitors with beautiful waterfalls, trails, parks, a varied and tasty cuisine, a wide and prepared hotel chain, friendly and receptive residents, as well as perfect spaces for families and couples who do not necessarily want a weekend with a lot of adrenaline. .

There is room for everyone in the pleasant and charming city, which makes it a very democratic destination for those who want to enjoy all kinds of tours. Check out a weekend itinerary ideal for having fun as a couple, with family or friends.

Friday – Happy Hour with beer tasting at HZB

The city of São Pedro is on the way for those arriving from São Paulo towards the charming neighborhood of Patrimônio, in Brotas, the main access to waterfalls and natural walks. Therefore, a strategic stop before arriving at the destination city is the HZB brewery (Halb Zeit Bier) which, specifically on Fridays, starting at 9 pm, has live music in a relaxed and lively atmosphere in São Pedro.

On site, the fermentation of pure craft beers that are prepared according to the traditional German school by its owner takes place right there, in full view of the regulars, in huge tanks.

The value of beer is quite attractive, as well as its flavor and variety. There are 8 labels available to taste to the sound of good old rock n' roll: Pilsen, Red Lager, Stout, Weiss, IPA, Dunkel Weizen, Oatmeal Stout and Bock. The ingredients used in the preparation of the beers are pure and the HZB brewery does not use preservatives or chemicals in its production.

A suggestion is to taste the delicious Frikadellen, fried pork and beef dumplings, and harmonize with the refreshing Red Larger, with a sweet aroma that magically contrasts with the flavor of the meat.

2 days itinerary in brotas

HBZ Brewery. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

HZB Brewery. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

Saturday – ATV ride, horseback riding and dinner at Brotas Bar

If the idea is to visit a place with several tours and attractions for all tastes, valuing comfort without giving up contact with exuberant nature, be sure to visit the Nook of the Waterfalls.

Located on the road that connects the Patrimônio neighborhood to the center of Brotas, the park is the largest in the city and is located in an area with 120 thousand hectares, in one of the regions with the largest remnant of native forest in the municipality. But that's not all: the place has an incredible infrastructure, in addition to monitors, guides, maps and all the necessary reinforcement to take the visitor to experiences of all levels of difficulty with great comfort and safety.

2 days itinerary in brotas

Nook of the Waterfalls. Photo: Better Travel Guide

The space has a day-use system, where it is possible to walk the trails and access beautiful waterfalls that are inside the park for the price of R$ 70 per person. For those who want peace and quiet with an incredible view of the mountains, there is a beautiful infinity pool. THE Nook of the Waterfalls It has several viewpoints and decks throughout the property from where it is possible to have panoramic views of an incredible horizon.

Nook of the Waterfalls. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

Some activities offered can be hired separately, such as horseback riding, quad biking, zip lining and tree climbing. It is very difficult to concentrate all the experiences in just one day, so we suggest splitting the attractions on Saturday and Sunday, starting with the ATV and horseback riding on Saturday.

On the quad bike tour, which lasts approximately 1.5 hours, the visitor can venture out at high speed along the dirt tracks, climb mountains, cross small bridges and observe the exuberant nature and climate of the farm along the way.

Nook of the Waterfalls. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

The scenarios change as the ATV advances, allowing the tourist to discover beautiful places in the park. A monitor goes ahead indicating the route and assists visitors whenever necessary. Halfway through the route, a break at one of the waterfalls Nook of the Waterfalls to cool off in your fall.

2 days itinerary in brotas

Nook of the Waterfalls. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

After the adventure, it's time to recharge with lunch at the park's restaurant, which serves delicious food typical of the farm. The Mirante da Cuesta restaurant is in a beautiful setting, with views of the mountains, a balcony and an indoor lounge. The system is an all-you-can-eat buffet, with a fixed price of R$ 50 per person.

Mirante da Cuesta Restaurant. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

Time to head out for the ride. With docile and well-treated horses, horseback riding can even be practiced by children. The monitors accompany the visitors and pay attention to the behavior of the animals, which travel through beautiful landscapes, inside the forest and the farm, for about two and a half hours.

There are ascents, descents and trails through the forest along the way. At one point, the animals cross the Jacaré Pepira River. A break is the moment for the animals to rest and for the tourists to descend to a waterfall surrounded by greenery. On full moon nights the Nook of the Waterfalls also offers a night ride.

2 days itinerary in brotas

Nook of the Waterfalls. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

After a wonderful day at the Nook of the Waterfalls, Saturday night deserves a special place to celebrate the itinerary of a lively weekend. The moment also demands the perfect menu to recharge the energies of day trips. There is nothing better than choosing one of the most famous restaurants in the city which, in addition to delicious dishes, offers incredible decor and a show of sympathy.

Built in a centenary mansion in the center of the city, the Sprouts Bar It is the perfect combination of rustic and sophisticated, in addition to being the only themed restaurant in the region. With several environments dedicated to the city's adventure sports, especially rafting, the decoration of the house is a great tribute to the city. On the ceilings, luminous kayaks contrast with the dark environment, leaving the place still charming and discreet.

THE Sprouts Bar presents a surprise in every detail, such as lamps that recreate the shape of the helmet used in adventure sports. In addition, it has a permanent exhibition on the city's daily life on the upper floor and the trophies won by the Rafting de Brotas team, which is sponsored by the establishment.

Apart from the special decoration and exquisite dishes, the Sprouts Bar also appreciates service. The friendliness leaves an atmosphere, although modern and playful, very welcoming. Proof of this is Mr Edson, the oldest waiter in the house, who guarantees doses of sympathy and good laughs at the table.  

When tasting the menu, the tip is to order at the entrance a portion of drumsticks and coalho cheese cake, both dry and tasty. A suggestion for a main course is the salmon, which is accompanied by a delicate lemon risotto. For those who appreciate good meat, the Argentine picanha arrives at tables steaming on a hot plate. To accompany, order the beer that bears the name of the city, Brotas Beer and, for dessert, a petit gateau that is handmade in the restaurant itself, the kind that melt in your mouth.

In this wave of experiences and sensations, a table in the shape of a boat is the perfect space to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city and toast with friends and family a weekend – which is not over yet – full of adventures and experiences.

Sprouts Bar. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

Sprouts Bar. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

Sunday – Zipline, Tree climbing, Waterfalls and visit to Adega Casarão

Sunday is a day to be enjoyed a lot, after all, the adventure is coming to an end.  A tip is to wake up very early and return to the Nook of the Waterfalls to carry out the other tours.  

How about starting with the tree climbing and zip line combo? the tree climbing of Nook of the Waterfalls it is a totally safe circuit guided by a monitor that guides the visitor to use safety equipment. The park's vertical activities are made up of 13 stages carried out on platforms and trees.

The structure has a reasonable height and requires concentration to cross the logs, nets, stairs and bridges along the way. At the end, a mega zipline of 250 meters takes the visitor to the maximum adrenaline on the descent. The entire activity lasts an average of 40 minutes, depending, of course, on the speed of each one to complete the challenges surrounded by dense woods.

2 days itinerary in brotas

Nook of the Waterfalls. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

Afterwards, it's time to head to the park's two main waterfalls – in all, there are four – on self-guided trails, tours that are included in the day-use system. The first one, the Colina trail, leads to the San Antonio Waterfall.

The waterfall is very beautiful, surrounded by native forest and ideal for a refreshing bath, especially as there is a wooden walkway 20 meters below the fall. The trail is easily accessible, including for people with mobility difficulties, such as the elderly and disabled, who can make part of the journey by car and I followed.

2 days itinerary in brotas

San Antonio Waterfall. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

The Mata Adentro trail, which leads to the Roseira Waterfall, requires a little more effort because it is longer and with an uphill section. Despite this, access is made by stone stairs and wooden walkways, which also makes it very accessible for those who are not very used to trails and hikes.

The path is charming, with flowers, abundant vegetation and viewpoints with breathtaking views, as well as a suspension bridge. THE Roseira Waterfall It is 55 meters high and has an incredible view all around.

Rose Waterfall. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

After adventures and lots of nature, nothing like a rustic place that inspires history in the city. A tip to end the day before saying goodbye to Brotas is to stop by Casarão Cellar, which is located in the center of the city.

As its name implies, the winery is located in a beautiful mansion with more than one hundred and fifty years of history. Everything there has been preserved so that visitors can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the time. There are rammed earth walls, imbuia flooring and peroba beams that take the tourist to the past in a rustic and impeccable environment.  

Divided into two environments, the Casarão Cellar on the upper floor, regional products, handcrafted by people from the city, such as sausages, spices, peppers, cheeses, salami, homemade sweets, handicrafts, jellies, among others.

In the basement, a wonderful environment keeps the barrels of different wooden vats where the house's cachaças are aged, which can wait up to five years before being bottled. There you can learn about the production processes of cachaça, the types of aging and the woods used in the barrels, such as oak, jequitibá, chestnut, peanut, umburana, pear, among others.

THE Casarão Cellar It is an incredible opportunity to rescue Brotas' past and take home memories of an unforgettable weekend, full of adventures, fun, warmth and good times to remember.

Casarão winery. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

Casarão winery. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

2 days itinerary in brotas

Casarão winery. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

Where to stay in Brotas?

To stay close to the natural attractions mentioned in this special itinerary for a weekend in the city, a charming and cozy option is the Pousada das Nascentes. Located in the traditional and quiet neighborhood of Patrimônio, the climate in this region is very rural and bucolic.

Inserted in this peaceful atmosphere, the Pousada das Nascentes offers guests a lot of peace, differentiated decoration and first class service. At the reception, the inn already impresses with several pieces from different countries.

The suites accommodate up to three people and are equipped with television, DVD and minibar. The strong point is for the decoration details, because in Pousada das Nascentes, each room takes the guest to a different universe.

There are 18 very spacious themed suites equipped with whirlpool or chromotherapy hot tub. The themes are quite varied such as the Indian suite, safari suite, savannah suite, water suite, land suite, among many others, providing the guest with a unique experience. Every detail is thought to make the visitor feel at home and, at the same time, live new experiences.

THE Pousada das Nascentes It has a charming and pleasant pool and garden area, ideal for sunbathing, cooling off and enjoying this inspiring atmosphere. There is also a massage room to relax and recharge after a busy day of sightseeing.

THE Pousada das Nascentes it is ideal for families and couples, who can also bring their pet – in fact, they will be very welcome there. Breakfast is delicious and has a variety of fruits, breads and pastries.  

Inn of the Springs. Photo: Patricia Ferrari

+ Info:

HZB Brewery
Av. dos Imigrantes, 647, Vale do Sol, São Pedro – SP
(19) 3483-3009

Casarão Cellar
Av. Mario Pinotti, 1057 – Downtown, Brotas – SP
(14) 3653-1438

Pousada das Nascentes
Avenida Antonio Mariano do Prado, 260
Heritage of São Sebastião da Serra / Brotas – SP
(14) 3653-6133 | 3653-6121 | 99104-4014

Nook of the Waterfalls
Estrada do Patrimônio, s/n – Brotas – SP
(14) 3653-4227 | 99163-3024 | 99163-3068

Sprouts Bar
Av. Mario Pinotti, 267 – Downtown, Brotas – SP
(14) 3653-9930

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