Selection shows incredible photographs produced around the world with the help of drones

Vietnam, Dubai, Kenya or a beach in the Dominican Republic? Drones have come to revolutionize once and for all and are increasingly on the rise anywhere in the world. This has become an indispensable tool for travel photographers and videographers. The drone is versatile and allows you to guarantee images that would be practically impossible to produce in an easy, practical and relatively cheap way.

Before, to produce images from this angle, they used cranes for low heights or the support of helicopters. The technology in this area is well advanced and the past year was marked by the great rise of these small model airplanes, guaranteeing spectacular images as shown in the selection made on the website. dronestagram, which brings together aerial images of professionals from around the world. Check out this list of 20 stunning photographs selected by them and if you like to travel, be sure to follow our page on Facebook and not Instagram.

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1 – Photographer captures the moment when a man walks through the lotus flower swamp, Vietnam.


2 – From a different angle, a photographer records two people on the edge of the beach, very close to them, two stingrays rest in the shallows.

Tahitiflyshoot / Reproduction

3 – In the following scene, the record shows a polar bear crossing the white glaciers.

Florian Ledoux/Reproduction

4 – A diver swims alongside a whale almost 20 times his size.

Photo: DroneFilmsProject/Reproduction

5 – The record “The house on the lake” shows a lonely house on a small island.


6 – A staircase descends towards a small reserved beach.

jcourtial / Reproduction

7 – This is Lake Messilani seen from above, one of the most exotic spots in Greece.

Calin Stan / Reproduction

8 – The classic North American highway Route 66 recorded in a different way.

Raf Willems/Reproduction

9 – Cycling in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Tominspires / Reproduction

10 – Salt fields seen from above.


11 – Photographer Milo Alertou captured a family at Burke Lake.

Milo Allerton/Reproduction

12 – Aerial view of coconut trees in the Dominican Republic.

Valentin Valkov/Reproduction

13 – Workers in a field of carnations.

Seksan Saowarod/Reproduction

14 – Private beach.


15 – Waterfalls in Iceland seen from above.

Vaidas Geguzis / Reproduction

16 – Dubai's futuristic buildings seen from another angle.


17 – Workers clean the top of a sprawling building.

Alexey Goncharov/Reproduction

18 – Surfer faces the rough sea.

jcourtial / Reproduction

19 – Hippos bathe in Serengeti National Park, Kenya.


20 – Construction of a hotel invading the extremely blue European sea.

Smakadron / Playback


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