If you are planning a trip to forget about the world, we have selected some paradisiacal beaches that may interest you between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

We all know that at some point we need to take time for ourselves and rest. To do this, nothing better than choosing a beach and not thinking about any problems or worries. But the question is: where to go? If you live in the Southeast region of Brazil, this question will surely be answered easily.

For many, the Brazilian Southeast is limited to the capitals. However, these people couldn't be more wrong, this region of the country offers a wide range of possibilities for tours, especially the beach destination. Check out our guide to paradisiacal beaches between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and who knows, does not make a road trip visiting more than one?

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Paradise beaches between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Blue Lagoon – Ilha Grande


Photo: Igorfirebolt / Wikimedia Commons

THE Big Island is one of the most sought after destinations by tourists who go to the Rio de Janeiro. However, the paradise beach that you cannot fail to know is the blue Lagoon, one of the best diving spots, which impresses visitors with the bluish hue of the waters. Furthermore, it is the most chime, so get ready to enjoy the night.

Secreto Beach – RJ


Photo: VinnyWiki / Wikimedia Commons

Among rocks and stones is one of the paradise beaches in Rio de Janeiro: the Secreto Beach. The great attraction of the place is the adventure to get there, if you like to do rappel and trails, this is the best destination for you. As the path is all built of stones, the crystalline waters are concentrated in some points, which differentiates the experience in the sea bath.

Cataguases Island – Angra dos Reis


Photo: KarlaFPaiva / Wikimedia Commons

a destination of quiet beaches that you need to go to relax is the Cataguases Island. There the waters are calm and the place is almost deserted in low season, so many people take the opportunity to practice the diving. The walk there is made of boat, but it is about 10 minutes from the city center, so almost all agencies offer the package.

Praia do Português – Ubatuba


Photo: Disclosure

Directly to the list deserted beaches in SP is at Praia do Português. The place is small, but precisely because of this it assumes a strong characteristic of natural swimming pool, where it is possible to do stand-up due to the calm waters. The environment is surrounded by vegetation and can be accessed by a path starting from the Felix beach.   

Couves Island – Ubatuba


Photo: via Curiosities Ubatuba

One of paradise beaches in SP and the Cabbage Island, where you can go snorkeling, hiking, schooner trips and enjoy what the kiosks have to offer. to get to the island you have to go by boat, tourists usually prefer the route leaving the Picinguaba beach.

Praia do Caxadaço – Ilha Grande


Photo: mrdoctor / Flickr

Do you like hiking? if yes, the Caxadaço is one of paradise beaches that you need to know. The walk can take more than three hours, so follow our tips: don't forget your repellent and wear sneakers. In the middle of wild forest, when you arrive at the seaside, you can see the small extension of the place, which makes the experience even more private, since the beach is deserted.

Praia Vermelha – Paraty


Photo: Vilamir Azevedo / Wikimedia Commons

THE Red Beach It is one of the most famous points of paraty. The location can only be accessed by boat, but it offers a good infrastructure of bars and restaurants. Even so, if you want to distance yourself from the whole world and get in touch with nature fully, it is also possible in a part further away from the beach.

Castelhanos Beach – Ilhabela


Photo: Luri Bertolini / Wikimedia Commons

One of paradise beaches in São Paulo and the Castelhanos beach, where you can have the best of both worlds: tranquility and excitement. One part of the place is perfect for those who like to surf, the other has calmer and shallower waters. The region can only be accessed by 4×4 vehicles or motorcycles, but if you are a little adventurous, there is also the option of hiking.

Lopes Mendes Beach – Ilha Grande


Photo: Tarcísio de Paula Salgado / Wikimedia Commons

The most famous beach in Ilha Grande is Lopes Mendes, with little water depth and a lot of transparency. So, if you really want to rest and disconnect from the world, this is the ideal destination, in addition to having a rough seas perfect for those who like surfing. Other activities such as hiking, biking and perimeter running are common.

Dentista Beach – Angra dos Reis


Photo: Antonio Campoy / Wikimedia Commons

one more of paradisiacal beaches in Rio de Janeiro is at Dentist's Beach. the fate of Angra dos Reis is very popular among tourists, but the difference of this beach is that the sea is very calm and perfect for to relax. However, if you like hustle too, the Night life from the place is also active, many boats arrive in the late afternoon and the parties begin.

Felix Beach – Ubatuba


Photo: via ubatubaguide

THE Felix beach can attract all kinds of audiences. It falls into the category of paradise beaches in São Paulo because the waters are crystalline and transparent, being divided between: calm and agitated sea. The quieter parts attract families and children, while the more intense region attracts surfers.

Martim de Sa – Paraty


Photo: via bloggiramundo.com

The city of paraty is very famous and attracts all kinds of tourists, but the beach Martim de Sa is a specialty, as it shelters native forest and has had little human intervention. The place is a little out of the way, taking a good amount of time on the trail or by boat. But it's perfect for those who want to know new things, why not try a camping with friends?

Cedro Beach – Ubatuba

Photo: Deyves Martins / Wikimedia Commons

One of quiet beaches in SP and the cedar beach. It is not difficult to reach by car and the activities are numerous, such as waters are calm it is possible to do: stand-up, kayaking and snorkeling. The place is surrounded by dense forest, but the infrastructure is good for those who don't want to give up comfort.

Praia do Aventureiro – Ilha Grande

Photo: Alexandrefutata / Wikimedia Commons

One of the paradisiac places at all Big Island and the Praia do Aventureiro. The place is very used for camping, as it is a little further away and is quiet. It has a strong natural beauty, with forest and the famous “coconut tree lying” which is the postcard of the place. But in addition to the natural beauties, another very interesting point is the so-called Fisherman's Island, where you can delve much deeper into the local culture.

Maresias – San Sebastian

Photo: Deyves Martins / Wikimedia Commons

If you've ever thought about traveling to Sao Paulo coast, must have considered São Sebastião, which houses one of the paradise beaches paulistas: salty sea. The sea is rough and that's why it ends up receiving many views from surfers, in addition to being one of the best destinations for running on beaches.

Praia da Fome – Ilhabela

Photo: Priscila Mayumi de Souza / Wikimedia Commons

THE Hunger beach is known to be ideal for diving practices, since the waters are calm. It is possible to arrive by trail and by boat, the way is not difficult. But beyond that, the local culture it is also present with the fishermen's houses that are scattered throughout the region.

Camburi Beach – São Sebastião

Photo: Deyves Martins / Wikimedia Commons

one more of paradisiacal beaches in SP and the Camburi beach. The place concentrates everything you need, for example, extreme activities such as surfing and mountain biking, or just relax and eat at a good restaurant. Remembering that the beach is close to two more known points: Juquehy and salty sea. Why don't you take advantage and get to know the others?

Bonete Beach – Ilhabela

Photo: Priscila Mayumi de Souza / Wikimedia Commons

The best way to get to Bonete Beach it is by trail, so the view of nature is much more evident. With the rough sea, the place is the stage for several attractions for surfers, including activities with ecotourism. But Bonete's great differential is the caiçara communities who live on the beach and keep their culture alive.

Lagoa Verde – Ilha Grande

Photo: Disclosure

One more for account paradisiacal beaches in Rio is at green lake. The place has this name because it is one of the few in the world where it is possible to find greenish corals, in addition to containing a large marine fauna. Tourists can dive and float among the fish and observe clearly under transparent water. Certainly, the beaches between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are a great option for leisure.

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