Items for travelers: we list the best products for those who love to travel, to make your next vacation more practical and you enjoy it worry-free 

Traveling is good too, isn't it? Collecting moments, experiencing unique experiences and enjoying natural paradises or historical places that will remain in your memory forever…

But it is always possible to make the trip even better and more practical, to relax and enjoy every moment with everything in order.

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If you are a traveller, or want gift a travel lover, here are some tips for essential items to make the whole experience more peaceful and very pleasurable.



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Going on a day trip or a weekend trip? A backpack full of compartments is ideal! You can carry absolutely everything: electronics, clothes, bottles… Take all your travel items with you in an organized way.

Find on here for just 10x of R$ 35.99.

Suitcase Cover


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But if you go travel with suitcases, how about a front cover to protect her? This metallic cover provides, in addition to protection, a lot of style for your suitcase.

guarantee your metallic cover for luggage for just 2x R$ 39.95.

Organizer kit with 4 pieces

ideal products for traveling

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A traveller's best friend: organizers with lots of compartments. The kit, with different sizes, has a mesh lid, which allows the visualization of the items. So you optimize the space in the suitcase in a very practical way!

Get your suitcase in order with this organizer kit by 4x of R$ 32.47.

Organizer kit with 3 pieces

travel items

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If you plan to travel with fewer items, then this suitcase organizer kit is for you. There are 3 organizers to separate your clothes and accessories, leaving your suitcase compact.

You can buy your organizer kit on here, for 3x of R$ 29.96.

dental travel kit

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For you to travel while maintaining your oral hygiene care, this dental kit is perfect. Practical, compact and complete, it fits in your travel bag or even in your backpack.

Find the dental kit here link, costing just R$ 27.99.

portable dryer


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If you want convenience while traveling, how about a mini portable hairdryer? It is collapsible and fits very well in your luggage, so you can carry it wherever you go and always look beautiful.

Keep the wires in place with this dryer for 3x of R$ 59.87.


ideal products for your trip

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Extremely important, the suitcase lock is an essential item to ensure the safety of your belongings during your vacation, leaving you carefree to enjoy the trip.

Ensure the security of your suitcase with a padlock, for R$ 49.90.

suitcase tag

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Just thinking about losing or confusing the suitcase, the traveler gets butterflies in his stomach! So to help you keep your luggage well identified and with the necessary contact information, purchase an identification tag.

You can buy your tag for only R$ 19.90.

analogue scale

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Do you want to ensure that your luggage complies with the airline's compliance? Count on a portable analogue suitcase scale. So you weigh your suitcase before your flight and you can travel with peace of mind.

Don't suffer from excess weight in your suitcase; guarantee your portable scale for just R$ 39.90.

Neck pillow

neck pillow

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To face the road or a long flight with great comfort and tranquility, nothing better than traveling with a neck pillow. It is flexible and fits the neck very well, in addition to being practical to carry.

For you to relax, buy on here your pad, costing just 2x R$ 34.95.



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Long journeys are a bit tiring… But a good headset helps you spend that time listening to your favorite music, whether on the plane, train or bus.

Enjoy good music while you travel, with your Earphone, for just 8x R$ 31.88.

Card holder with lock


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To load your debit and credit cards safely, this card holder is essential! In addition to safety, this item is made of a special material and has a very beautiful finish.

take your card holder for only R$ 29.90.

passport holder

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It is very important to carry all documents while traveling. A passport holder helps to protect your document, in a light and compact way.

Keep your passport safe by shopping at this link, for R$ 19.90.

pet bag


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Are you going to travel with your pet? So you can't miss a pet bag like this one! It is expandable, giving your pet more comfort and convenience, reducing travel stress.

Travel with your pet on a suitcase which only costs 7x of R$ 32.28.

instant camera


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One of the best parts of the trip is being able to immortalize the moments and remember for the rest of your life. How about taking an instant camera to photograph everything? Photos are developed on the spot, resulting in unique records.

Get one of the Instax model in this link, for 10x of R$ 37.99.

cell phone lenses

cell phone lenses

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But if you are more practical and love to take pictures with your cell phone, you can take a kit of lenses adapted for smartphones. So you can take amazing and almost professional photos of the places you visit during your vacation.

buy your lens kit for just 5x R$ 35.78 to take lots of pictures on your next trip.

cell phone tripod

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Another essential item for those who love to travel and take lots of pictures is the cell phone tripod. It's compact and easy to carry, and it's also perfect for solo travelers who want to take selfies.

you can find one tripod with shutter for only R$ 48.00.

Portable charger

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Taking lots of pictures and recording videos while traveling is a delight; But what about the cell phone battery? No worries: with a portable charger, you can enjoy your trip a lot, with the extra battery charge your device needs.

Available on here and you can pay in up to 3x of R$ 38.64.


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Traveling to cold or very humid places can result in getting a little rain every now and then. But even on very sunny days, it's important to protect yourself! An essential product to protect you from the weather on your trip could not be another: umbrella.

You find in this link, only R$ 49.90.

travel mug

travel products

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A practical item, essential for anyone who loves to take a cup of coffee or other drinks while traveling, a travel mug is a great choice.

Want one? buy yours travel mug here, per R$ 163.75.

Plug adapter

practical products

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Indispensable for those traveling abroad, the universal plug adapter allows you to easily use your electronics in different input patterns.

Available in this website, for just R$ 22.00.

*Prices consulted in September/2021, subject to change. 

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