Are you thinking about taking an international trip? There's nothing better than going with the family, so we've listed some perfect places for you to live this experience.

One of the best times of the year is when we plan our trips. Whether the family is big or small, we try to fit everyone's dates together so we can go together. Traveling in a group, in addition to providing special moments, also brings other benefits such as more security and some packages can be cheaper.

So, if you are planning to do a international family trip, but don't really know where, we separate a list with the best destinations for group travel. From beaches to historic cities, we've brought you the best destinations to enjoy and rest.

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Punta Cana

Photo: vilwenavalanche / Pixabay

Where: Dominican Republic
Why visit?

the great fort of Punta Cana are its beaches. As all tourism is geared towards the sea, most activities take place on the water, such as Parasailing. But it is also possible to know other places like the Blue Hoyo, a kind of natural pool. if you are looking rest, this is the ideal place, because most hotels are located by the sea and you only have to choose between the hotel's swimming pool or the ocean.

Triple Border

vanessammarques / Pixabay

Where: Foz do Iguaçu, Puerto Iguaçu and Presidente Franco
Why visit?

one more of places to travel with family and the Triple Border, between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. There you will find one of the most famous tourist attractions in all of Latin America: Waterfalls of Iguaçu. Where you can even buy a boat tour and most adventure pass under one of the waterfalls. In addition, the site hosts the famous Itaipu power plant it's the landmark of the three borders.


Photo: David Bjorgen / Wikimedia Commons

Where: U.S
Why visit?

If you're thinking of doing international family travel, for sure Orlando it has to be on your destination list. The place is known for turning dreams into reality, as it is home to large amusement parks how Disney's Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure.


Photo: She Paused 4 / Flickr

Where: Argentina
Why visit?

Have you ever thought about making the most of what Latin America has to offer? So the city of bariloche will dazzle you. The place has a great attraction during the cold: the snow. One of the main tours in the region is the Cerro Catedral, a large mountain where tourists usually practice snowboard, ski and many other adventures.

San Andres

Photo: Felviper / Wikimedia Commons

Where: Colombia
Why visit?

One more destination you should consider to do international family travel is the island of San Andres. The place has an immense beaches where is possible enjoy and rest on the white sand, but if you want to explore the place more, why not hire a package of diving for La Piscinita and West View?


Photo: PriceTravel pictures / Flickr

Where: Mexico
Why visit?

cancun It is one of most popular destinations for group travel. In addition to offering beautiful beaches with crystal-clear Caribbean water, the place also offers different tours, such as in Isla das Mujeres, where it is possible dive and also meet dolphins. The tours in this region are recommended to be done in groups, including, if your family enjoys nightclubs, the Night life in the city is also famous.


Photo: via Kayak

Where: aruba
Why visit?

one more great place to meet with family is the city of oranjesty. In addition to having famous beaches like surfside beach and seroe colorado, the entire city is already an attraction because it offers many places with different architectures and pastel tones. But a tip, if you are traveling with children, a place you should visit is The Butterfly Farm, where butterflies are scattered and loose everywhere.

Cusco and Machu Picchu

Photo: Poswiecie / Pixabay

Where: Peru
Why visit?

in your to-do list international travel, cusco and Machu Picchu need to be right at the beginning. At Inca constructions are not the only attractions in the region, take a city tour and discover much more about the churches and chapels decorated with gold and silver. In addition, a great attraction of turkey is its cuisine, why not try a Chicha Address? And don't be scared, the llamas walk the streets with their owners, enjoy and get to know them!

Santiago and Valle Nevedo

Photo: Deensel / Flickr

Where: Chile
Why visit?

If you are looking for a beautiful view of the Andes mountain range full of snow, it's in the Valle Nevada that you will find. The location is great for visit with family because it has many snow activities, how snowboarding and ski. But if you don't want to do any of these adventures, just enjoy the scenery and maybe play a little in the snow. Remembering that there is accommodation at the top of the Valley, so you can enjoy it more.

cape town

Photo: Creative Commons CC0

Where: South Africa
Why visit?

One of the best places to travel with family and the cape town. Have you ever thought about meeting dozens of animals in their natural habitat? This can only happen in safari, like the Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve, near Cape Town. Remembering that most of these places collect the money from the entrance tickets and return for the preservation of animals.

San Blas

Photo: lapping / Pixabay

Where: Panama
Why visit?

Another international destination to visit with family It's San Blas. The place is actually a archipelago, therefore, it has an immensity of islands in the crystalline sea of the caribbean. Some of the most famous are:  Perro Island, Chichime Island and Pelican Island. It is also important to know that the inhabitants of the island are Indians Kuna Yala, therefore, it has a totally different culture from the rest of the country.


Photo: via Maxpixel

Where: Portugal
Why visit?

The city of Lisbon also have to on your to-do list international travel. The place offers many famous sights such as the Lisbon Oceanarium it's the Jerónimos Monastery. But to be able to really delve into Portuguese culture, only visiting the Commerce Square and trying some typical dishes like a codfish well done.

New York

Photo: sayidomar0193 / Pixabay

Where: U.S
Why visit?

Who has never heard of the beauties of New York? But going alone and going with family are totally different experiences. If you want to have fun with the group, you can't miss visiting some of the most famous places like Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and of course, the Broadway it's the Times Square.


Photo: Creative Commons CC0

Where: Spain
Why visit?

Can you imagine the perfect combination of big city and beach? barcelona offers you these benefits, it is one of the great places to travel with family because it has several activities that end up making everyone happy. For example, visiting some works of Antoni Gaudí such as Sagrada Familia Church, or meet the Barcelona stadium. In addition to being able to enjoy the beaches around.


Photo: Dennis Fidalgo / Wikimedia Commons

Where: Argentina
Why visit?

the region of Ushuaia is another one from Argentina that has a colder climate. So if you want to see snow, go to the winter seasons. This location is ideal for take the family because it has a beautiful view of the Andes mountain range in addition to having outdoor activities as its strong point. come up from cable car until the Martial Glacier, taking advantage of the sight to rest in the company of their relatives.


Photo: icardo Freitas / Wikimedia Commons

Where: Uruguay
Why visit?

Another of the pearls of Latin America is Montevideo. The city has many historical points, so if you want to delve into the culture and tradition of the country, you should visit some places like Theater Solis, Montevideo Agricultural Market, Andes Museum, Puerto del Market and the Independence Square.

Romantic Route

Photo: via vounajanela

Where: Germany
Why visit?

This is an indication of road trip, since the Romantic Route passes through more than 30 cities and the best way to get around is by car or motorcycle. The real purpose of the route is to pass through cities that have a strong presence of german culture, both in gastronomy and in architecture, as the presence of castles. So don't waste time and schedule yourself to visit these places as a family.


Photo: Francisco Diez / Flickr

Where: France
Why visit?

One of the most worthwhile places to visit. international family trip It's Paris. Walking around the French city is much better when you're following along, so sights like the Louvre Museum, a Eiffel Tower, The Arch of Triumph and the Notre Dame cathedral will be even more pleasant to be visited.

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