South America is immense and beautiful. Discover incredible destinations to enjoy on the continent

You don't have to travel far to have experiences of travels wonderful and more and more people are realizing it. There are amazing places to be enjoyed in the South America, with a wide variety of itineraries. Here we find beaches, historic cities, paradise islands, among many other options.

To inspire you to choose the destination for your next trip in South America, we have listed the 22 most visited cities this way. The list was made based on a study by TripAdvisor, which took into account user interactions on the platform. Check out!

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Rio de janeiro Brazil

Photo: bisonlux / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beloved destinations in Brazil. The capital of Rio de Janeiro is known for having numerous wonderful attractions. Everyone is enchanted by walking along the Ipanema Boardwalk, admiring the famous Christ the Redeemer or taking a cable car on Sugarloaf Mountain. That, of course, not to mention the beautiful beaches of the city.

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Photo: HalloweenHJB / Pixabay

The capital of Argentina has become a very coveted destination for tourists and it was no wonder. The city is extremely traditional, but at the same time it oozes modernity and has several tourist attractions to be explored. The Obelisk, the Casa Rosada and the Metropolitan Cathedral are some of the attractions of the destination.

Cusco – Peru

Photo: DCChefAnna / Pixabay

Located in the Andes region, at 3,399 meters above sea level, the city was considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Baroque-style buildings and numerous Inca legacies and archaeological sites attract tourists to the region.

Lima – Peru

Photo: James C. / Wikimedia Commons

The capital of Peru is full of natural riches and a very interesting gastronomic variety. Lima has more than 9 million inhabitants and several interesting tourist attractions, such as the Parque do Amor, the Larco Museum and the Circuito Mágico Del Agua.

São Paulo Brazil

Photo: Marcosleal / Wikimedia Commons

São Paulo is the most important financial hub in the country and has an extremely diverse population. The result of this is a modern city, with many cultural activities and diverse attractions for tourists. The destination is full of galleries, restaurants, bars. The beautiful Ibirapuera Park, which also houses several museums, the numerous attractions on Avenida Paulista and the neighborhoods of Morumbi and Jardim Europa, are some must-see places in the city.

Santiago – Chile

Photo: MonicaVolpin / Pixabay

The Chilean capital is a destination full of history and culture. There are numerous attractions to be enjoyed, especially the Palace of La Moneda, the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Central Market, a place where tourists can discover various fresh foods from the region.

Montevideo – Uruguay

Waterfront of Montevideo, Uruguayan capital. Photo: Sheraton Montevideo / Publicity.

Despite being the country's capital, Montevideo has the charm of a country town. The streets are very tree-lined, architecture and the city's gastronomy also draw attention.

Cartagena – Colombia

Photo: Joe Ross / Wikimedia Commons

Cartagena de Indias, the fifth largest city in Colombia, is one of the most coveted destinations in the country. In addition to having a rich historic center, the place also offers tourists beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife.

Bogota – Colombia

Photo: Pedro Szekely / Wikimedia Commons

The Colombian capital also enchants the whole world with its beauty. The destination has beautiful colonial houses, a pleasant climate and numerous tourist attractions, including the Botero Museum and Plaza Simón Bolívar.

Salvador – Brazil

Photo: joelfotos / Pixabay

The capital of Bahia is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. In addition to beautiful beaches and other natural resources, the city is full of history and culture. Among many tourist attractions, the Mercado Modelo, the Igreja do Bonfim and the famous Pelourinho district stand out.

Florianopolis – Brazil

Photo: fabiowanderley / Pixabay

Florianópolis, capital of the state of Santa Catarina, is also a destination that surprises visitors. The city has numerous beaches, a diverse cuisine and several other attractions. The Cruz e Sousa Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Florianópolis are also worth a visit.

Foz do Iguaçu – Brazil

Photo: Deni Williams / Wikimedia Commons

Located in Paraná, the municipality is internationally recognized for its beauty. The destination is home to part of the Iguaçu Falls, a formidable set of waterfalls. The Iguaçu Falls are located make the Iguaçu National Park, an extremely beautiful place that is considered a World Natural Heritage Site.

San Carlos de Bariloche – Argentina

Photo: Pixies / Wikimedia Commons

Better known as Bariloche, the Argentine city is located on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi. The destination is well known for having good ski resorts, but it also has many attractions to visit in the summer. Strolling through the center of Bariloche and visiting the Chocolate Museum are some examples of this.

Puerto Iguazu – Argentina

Photo: Martin St-Amant / Wikimedia Commons

For many, it is in the city of Puerto Iguazú that the most interesting part of the Iguazu Falls is located. The Argentine destination borders Brazil and Paraguay and has several attractions for tourists.  

Buzios – Brazil

Photo: Masajualves / Wikimedia Commons

Búzios is the most sought after destination in the Lagos Region, in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to a wide variety of beautiful beaches, those who visit the place can stroll through the historic center and learn more about the region's past.

Quito – Ecuador

Photo: Marrovi / Wikimedia Commons

The capital of Ecuador is an incredible destination. Its historic centre, one of the most preserved and beautiful on the continent, is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of the most visited places in Quito is the equatorial line, the Centro del Mundo, where you can step on both hemispheres at the same time.

Arequipa – Peru

Photo: locoterrolr / Pixabay

Arequipa, or “White City”, is the second largest city in Peru and is home to very interesting attractions, such as the Santa Catalina Monastery and the Yanahuara Viewpoint. The destination's colonial architecture also impresses visitors.

La Paz – Bolivia

Photo: Poswiecie / Pixabay

Despite being the country's capital, La Paz, set in the middle of the Andes, is a peaceful place. There are several tourist attractions in the city, including Plaza Murillo, Igreja São Francisco, and Vale da Lua, a place that is home to several rock formations.

Santa Marta – Colombia

Photograph; Ben Bowes / Wikimedia Commons

Imagine a destination that manages to bring together the Caribbean sea and snowy peaks? Santa Marta is a unique place and fascinates tourists with its beautiful landscapes. In addition to enjoying the natural beauties, visitors can also venture into diving and sports.

El Calafate – Argentina

Photograph; Auluz / Pixabay

The small Argentine city receives a large number of tourists, mainly because of the Perito Moreno Glacier. The incredible snow formation is located in Los Glaciares National Park and is one of the most coveted natural attractions in the country.

Manaus – Brazil

Photo: Ronaldo Caldas / Mtur

Capital of the state of Amazonas, Manaus is a city of many charms. The destination is perfect for those who want to have more contact with nature and discover new and delicious culinary delicacies. There, tourists are enchanted by the union of the waters of the Negro and Solimões rivers. The Teatro Amazonas, an important architectural construction in the country, and the Church of São Sebastião, are some interesting points in the city.

Fortaleza Brazil

Photo: aduarteweb / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Located in the northeast of the country, Fortaleza is a destination with beautiful beaches, such as Praia de Iracema and Praia do Futuro. In addition, those who visit the capital of Ceará can also visit the Central Market, visit the Dragão do Mar Art and Culture Center and enjoy the Ponte dos Ingleses.

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