This one you didn't expect either: see these 22 things that exist inside a cruise ship

who enters a cruise ship for the first time certainly can't wait to repeat the experience. It's all really amazing, even varying from one vessel to another, and it gets even more interesting when we discover some surreal, or at least curious, things that exist there.

We've made a list of 22 of these things (unusual to say the least) and we're sure you'll be surprised by it, even if you've been on a lot of cruises. If you haven't done one yet, here's what you can find on your adventure on the high seas.

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22 Things You'll Find Inside a Cruise Ship

Photo: Royal Caribbean Cruise

1 - Butler

Yes: Some cruise ships have suites so luxurious that you can have your own butler to serve you whenever you wish.

2 - Faucets

Faucets, MANY faucets! And especially on international cruises, encouraging people to wash their hands at all times. The idea is to prevent diseases from appearing and spreading… Can you imagine a virus on the high seas, affecting everyone? Better not even imagine.

3 - Robots

You didn't read it wrong: on the biggest cruise ship in the world, for example, you can see your drinks being made by a robot.

4 - Prison

If we think about it, it is a surreal space, but necessary. After all, nothing prevents a crime, even if extremely “light”, from taking place on a cruise ship, and it is up to those responsible to keep the “perpetrator” detained until he arrives on dry land.

5 - Morgue

This space follows the same lines as the prison: strange, but necessary. As a rule, cruise morgues have a capacity for an average of 3 bodies, as deaths are not that frequent.

6 - Neighborhoods

Yes: there are cruises with common areas so large that they are treated as neighborhoods, each with its name.

7 - 5 star apartment

It's not cheap, but it's possible to travel in a group of up to four people inside a 5-star room, with two floors, jacuzzi on the balcony, Lego wall and slide for the kids to go down to the living room, among other treats.

8 - Virtual balcony

Want a perfect view but bought an inside cabin? No problem: there are already cabins of this type with a virtual balcony, which is basically a screen that shows you in real time what the landscape is like outside. It's like having an outside cabin, only paying less.

9 – Art Galleries

Cruise ships have the most diverse entertainment options, for all tastes, including art galleries, where passengers can admire and buy works, some of them exclusive.

10 - Mobile bar

Why use the panoramic elevators view when you can see the ship from high points without leaving the bar? If your cruise ship has a mobile bar, enjoy! There may be a certain discomfort when it starts to rise, if you have already drunk, but it passes.

11 – Zipline

For many this may be strange considering that it is equipment usually used in nature activities, but many cruises also have zip lines.

12 – Adult-only areas

Some also have exclusive areas for adults, with many bars, swimming pools… everything to be enjoyed without children around.

13 - Fixed housing

It sounds surreal, but there really are people who live inside cruise ships. Don't be surprised if you meet one of these villagers on your travels.

14 – Deck that jumps from 12 to 14

The number 13 is not very popular with many people, including some cruise ship owners. In such cases the 13th deck will simply not exist, to ward off any bad luck.

15 – Stairs fit for princesses

The stairs of a cruise are already beautiful, now imagine if they have the steps coated with Swarovski crystals… they are worthy of princesses, and they are real.

16 – Secret city

Did you think the crew slept, ate and played on the same floors as the passengers? You were wrong: there is a whole secret city, usually on the lower floors, complete and intended for the kitchen, laundry and all the staff to enjoy a good time after a long day at work (or before it).

17 - Secret codes

That there are things talked about among the crew members that we cannot understand is a fact, but if one of them passes you talking about “Bravo”, “Charlie” or “Alfa” be aware, because a good thing is not (actually it is) “fire”, “bomb” and “medical emergency”, to be more exact).

18 - Helipad

For a mega rich passenger to be able to arrive and leave whenever he wants? No: in case something very serious, like the medical emergency mentioned above, happens and someone needs to be taken ashore.

19 – VIP area, very VIP

So VIP that, in addition to being located in the most exclusive and privileged parts of the cruise ships that offer this space, this area also has… butlers!

20 – Extremely famous shows

Yes: many shows, especially on more expensive cruises, are signed by entertainment giants such as Broadway and Cirque du Soleil.

21 - Salt pools

Okay, this one is not that surreal, but it can come as a big surprise to anyone who thinks that pools in general should be filled only with fresh water. The ones inside the cruise ships (at least the vast majority) are salty, which facilitates the daily change of water.

22 - Water park

And speaking of a pool, the bigger and more famous a cruise ship is, the greater the chances that it has a real water park inside it. By the way, did you know that the longest water slide in the world is inside a cruise ship?

With these 22 things we've listed, we're sure that on your next cruise trip you'll be looking to discover interesting points about your ship. Then tell us which ones you found 😉

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