Check out amazing destinations to enjoy moments for two in our country

THE Brazil has several itineraries travels for those who want to enjoy a climate of romance. Whether you want to enjoy a good time with your boyfriend, whether you want to spend time with honey, or renew your marriage vows, there are many options. They are destinations to get in touch with nature, admire paradisiacal beaches or stroll through charming cities.

To help you choose the ideal place, we have selected romantic destinations to travel with your boyfriend.

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Lawn - RS

Photo: Renato Soares / MTUR

The city of Gramado, located in Serra Gaúcha, could not be missing from this list. The destination has a cool climate and unique charm, which is very similar to European cities. In addition to wonderful tours, Gramado has a great offer of inns and hotels well prepared to receive tourists.

Fernando de Noronha – PE

Photo: Bruno Lima / MTUR

Fernando de Noronha, located in the state of Pernambuco, is one of the most beautiful places in the country. The set of beaches has a unique beauty, in addition to a diverse fauna and flora. The setting is ideal to enjoy moments with those you love.

Ilha Grande – RJ

Photo: Rogério Cassimiro / MTUR

Ilha Grande is one of the most important islands in the bay of Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro. The destination is full of beaches, waterfalls, rivers, among other stunning natural landscapes. Especially out of season, paradise is a great place for couples to travel.

Ilhabela - SP

Photo: Priscila Mayumi de Souza / Wikimedia Commons

On the north coast of São Paulo, Ilhabela surprises the thousands of tourists who visit its beaches in the summer. In addition to the possibility of bathing in some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, visitors can also enjoy waterfalls and other wonders in the midst of the Atlantic Forest.

Monte Verde – MG

Photo: via Destinoimparadiveis

Another destination for couples who like to enjoy a colder climate. Camanducaia District, Monte Verde is a very charming place that is located in the middle of the mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira. In addition to enjoying beautiful landscapes, tourists can ride horses, visit art galleries or venture out on a mega zip line.

Piaçabuçu – AL

Photo: Marco Ankosqui/MTur

How about traveling to paradise with your love? Piaçabuçu is an incredible place with several cool options for tourists, including the dunes, beautiful beaches, in addition to the famous visit to Foz do Rio São Francisco.

Ouro Preto – MG

Photo: Pedro Vilela / MTur

Ouro Preto is a historic city, but in addition to having several historical and cultural attractions, the city also has several trails and waterfalls in its surroundings. The climate is incredible and there are many options for quality restaurants and inns.

Patacho Beach – AL

Photo: Marco Ankosqui / MTur

Located in São Miguel dos Milagres, in the state of Alagoas, Praia do Patacho is perfect for those looking for peace and tranquility. The beach has clear sand, a wonderful sea and does not have a large number of bathers and street vendors.

Chickens - RN

Photo: natalpraias / Wikimedia Commons

Despite not being a well-known destination, the city is a great place for romantic getaways. Located on the coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Galinhos is full of deserted beaches and typical vegetation of the caatinga.

Campos do Jordão – SP

Photo: Marco Ankosqui / MTUR

Campos do Jordão is in São Paulo, but it has buildings that look like Europe. The Boa Vista Palace and the Felicia Lerner Museum are some of the main tourist attractions in the city. The natural beauties of the place enchant tourists from all over the world.

Jericoacoara - CE

Photo: Jade Queiroz / MTUR

Jericoacoara is a true paradise located in the state of Ceará. The destination is perfect to see a sunset with your loved one. The most famous attraction of the place is Pedra Furada, a monument carved by the waves of the sea.

Carneiros Beach – PE

Photo: ckturistando / Wikimedia Commons

Praia dos Carneiros, which in Tamandaré, in the state of Pernambuco, is a wonderful place. Its main tourist spot is the Church of São Benedito, built at the end of the 18th century. The beach is quiet and guarantees beautiful landscapes for the couple.

Ilha do Mel – PR

Photo: Renato Soares / MTUR

Ilha do Mel, located on the Paraná coast, is a great destination for couples who want to rest and relax in a beautiful place. Most of the island is an ecological reserve, the beaches are very beautiful and calm. The Gruta das Encantadas is an important tourist spot in the area.  

Maresias - SP

Photo: Jorge Morales Piderit / Wikimedia Commons

Maresias is a neighborhood in the municipality of São Sebastião, in São Paulo. The destination has wonderful beaches, such as Praia dos Pescadores, trails and wonderful waterfalls. Ideal for couples who like to have contact with nature.

Embaú Guard - SC

Photo: Tolvo / Wikimedia Commons

Paradisiacal settings and charming inns. What more could a couple want? Guarda do Embaú is located in the municipality of Palhoça, in Santa Catarina. The destination is very coveted by surfers, but it is certainly also a great place to date.

Nova Petrópolis – RS

Photo: biy / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

The city of Nova Petrópolis, located in Rio Grande do Sul, is a charming place, full of flowery spaces and tourist attractions. The Ninho das Águias viewpoint, Praça da República and Aldeia do Imigrante are some of the most visited spots in the city.

Piranhas - AL

Photo: Marcelo N Valente / Wikimedia Commons

It is not by chance that Piranhas, in Alagoas, is one of the most coveted cities in the state. The destination is calm, the population is welcoming and there are several cool spots to visit. There it is possible to take a boat ride along the São Francisco River bed, admire the landscape from the Secular Viewpoint, visit the historic center, among other attractions.

Morro de Sao Paulo - BA

Photo: T.BA / Wikimedia Commons

Located on Tinharé Island, in Bahia, Morro de São Paulo is a wonderful place. The village is small, simple, has beautiful beaches, and is a great destination to relax and forget about your problems.

Paraty - RJ

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Paraty, a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is also one of the most beautiful destinations in Brazil and is an excellent place to have moments for two. The city is beautiful, has paradisiacal beaches, several cool tourist spots, and an extremely charming historic center.

Maceió - AL

Photo: Legacy600 / Wikimedia Commons

The capital of Alagoas, in the northeast region of Brazil, is an interesting alternative for couples who enjoy the beach. Maceió has a beautiful and well-kept waterfront, as well as good restaurants and hotels to welcome tourists.

Búzios – RJ

Photo: PortoBay Hotels & Resorts / Wikimedia Commons

Armação de Búzios is one of the most famous towns in the lakes region of Rio de Janeiro. The destination has several natural and cultural attractions, such as Rua da Pedra, Mirante de João Fernandes and several magnificent beaches.

Florianopolis - SC

Photo: Dpc01 / Wikimedia Commons

The capital of Santa Catarina is also a great destination for those who want to date. In addition to beautiful beaches, such as Joaquina beach, the city has very interesting monuments in its historic center, such as the Hercílio Luz Bridge. Florianópolis' nightlife is also lively and there will be no shortage of places for the couple to have fun.

Beautiful – MS

Photo: Caio Vilela / Wikimedia Commons

The municipality of Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, surprises visitors with unique natural beauties. The city has several tourist attractions, but worth mentioning is the beautiful Gruta do Lago Azul and the Rio Formoso. It sure is a great setting for a romantic trip.

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