The beauties and extravagances of our planet are astonishing, whether natural or motivated by human action. Below are some travel photos that seem to be out of this world.

Since ancient times, curiosity has awakened the human being's imaginative capacities. Thinking about what is after heaven is a question that has persisted since ancient times. But, that doubt has already been: what is on the other side of this ocean? And it motivated great navigations around the globe, and the result of it we know well what it was, it fostered doubts that aroused about the mysteries of this world, giving rise to several expeditions into the unknown.

Certainly, these mysteries inspire many photographers to this day, to the point of finding the right angle, in the right landscape and making that unique moment as if it were something from another planet. Photography arouses curiosity and records the most different types of perspectives on the world.

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Nature is the one that most exerts this fascination on the human being. A natural phenomenon, an inhospitable place, or even a distant community with practices so different from the usual ones. There are several worlds on one planet. Sometimes even several curious biomes on a single continent. And each of them with their fantastic universe that inspire travelers, photographers, writers and so many other human creative possibilities.

Below we have selected some images that prove that this world also houses several other worlds, it will only depend on who observes it.

Travel photos: different places to travel abroad

Lapland, Finland. Photo: Roberto Moiola / Getty Images

Snow has always fascinated many people. It is the setting for one of the most universal festivals in the world: Christmas. The beauty that is formed after glacial storms is surreal.

Ijen Volcano, Indonesia. Photo: CEphoto

Lagoon formations near volcanoes generate a beautiful natural phenomenon. It certainly doesn't look like it's from this planet. But the continent of Asia always reserves surprising visual and natural experiences.

Chichen Itza, Mexico. photo:

Ancient civilizations have their mysteries still unsolved. But the beauties of these architectures demonstrate that perceptions of the world were different and changing with each generation.

Stonehenge – England. Photo: Freesally

Rock formations resulting from natural phenomena always create unusual scenarios. Time itself sculpted these structures creating natural beauties and later, formed by human interference from centuries ago.

Cavernas do Peruaçu National Park, Minas Gerais. Photo: ThurlerAlfena

The cave interiors are really amazing. Whether for the adrenaline that awakens when entering them, or for the scenery that awaits you after a crossing.

Pororoca, Amazon. Photo: Disclosure

When rivers meet, they form a beautiful painting. The result of this phenomenon, sometimes known as Pororoca, when seen in person, or recorded on camera, is remarkable.

Northern Lights in Iceland. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

These colors make anyone intrigued. How can this sky provide such an unusual beauty? It really looks like another planet...

Japan in Spring. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most beautiful seasons of the year, it generates a multitude of colors and perfumes that make us refer to some unknown place. From Patagonia to Japan, spring is an unforgettable time anywhere in the world. These surprises are awakened by spring.

Turtle spawning season in Costa Rica. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

When it's time for the turtles' eggs to hatch, the race to the beach creates a fascinating and dangerous spectacle. Those that fail to reach the first wave are hunted by predators who wait for that moment to feed.


Nature also reserves its beauties in the inhabitants themselves. These animals, the result of an evolutionary process, created over several generations natural protections to continue to survive in the harsh environment of the jungle.

Mountain of 7 Colors, Peru. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Scenarios that inspire films, books and paintings, the vastness of these colorful hills awaken the horizon of creations from varied worlds. A spectacle of contrasting colors.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Photo: DIego Delson / Wikimedia Commons

This scenario in Bolivia is fantastic due to the overlapping of different biomes that make up the same place. In the background part of a small desert, and further on, formations of small rocks and plants typical of the region.

Village in Alaska. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Imagining a lifetime in a scenario of constant winter seems to be another world for those who live in the tropics. The challenges, which for us seem intense, for those who are used to it are just a common everyday life.

Hotel in Nusa Penida, Indonesia. Photo: Disclosure

Those hotels that create their own structures in the midst of sustainable and natural life establish another perspective of living and seeing the world. Located in exuberant settings, they dispense with any luxury premise.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Photo: Tane Sinclair-Taylor

There are landscapes where the ocean is so preserved that it is possible to see the crystalline dimension of the water. And when you look at the bottom of the sea, the world is very different from the surface. Now if we go even deeper the mysteries are still unraveled. How many worlds can there be at the bottom of the ocean?

River in the Amazon Rainforest. Photo: reproduction

Just as the immensity of the ocean provides endless reflections, the same happens with the interiors of dense forests. The amount of plants and living beings that inhabit there is gigantic. Keeping them preserved is essential to establish a balance in the ecosystem.

Mount Hokkaido, Japan. Photo: Ryan Kartzke

Mount Hokkaido is an ancient active volcano located in Japan that bears a resemblance to Mount Fuji and creates a scenery that can be seen from incredible distances due to its height.

Ruins in Italy. photo:

Remnants of the Roman Empire. Great builders and architects forged their cultures in enviable settings, as well as structures that endure over time, awakening the imagination of what it was like to live in that historical period, in this world.

Sri Lanka's southern coast, photo: Steve McCurry

These images captured by travelers capture the scenery that fishermen observe daily. The beauty that the colors arranged by the meeting of the sun with the sea seem to form another planet, in addition to registering a totally different way of culture for the art of fishing.

Tokyo. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The hectic life of large Asian megalopolises illustrate the idea that in this world there are different ways of living. Certainly these scenarios inspire futuristic film photographs, abusing the nighttime environment and bright lights.

Faroe Islands, Denmark. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The images of isolated islands rekindle the imagination, mainly because they are face to face with the immensity of the oceans and form totally inhospitable places, which seem to be registered in another world.

Completely frozen lake in Patagonia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For many this is a common scenario. But it's fabulous to think that a climatic condition forms this natural beauty that at another time of the year becomes another place.

Lavender fields in France. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This giant plantation of lavender, when seen from above, confuses us. Sometimes it looks like the sea, with a different color, sometimes it looks like a great desert. When we notify that it is a plantation the shock feels the same.

Namibia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

These places that seem inhospitable hold big surprises. When night comes, the starry sky illuminates the region and creates a magnificent landscape. Even today there are those who are guided by the stars to cross great paths.

Puno. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

These camera captures reveal logics of survival very different from the big capitals. Whether for simplicity, or for the knowledge that simple life provides.

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