Crossed by several rivers and canals, the city of Recife is one of the largest metropolises in the northeast and the great pole of several very remarkable cultural manifestations in the state. In the oldest center of the city, imposing buildings left by the Portuguese and Dutch in the colonial period house shops, restaurants, museums, workshops and bars that give life to the bustling neighborhood. On weekends, groups of maracatu, frevo dancers and capoeiristas present the various manifestations to visitors and residents who pass through the old reef.

The capital draws attention for all the infrastructure it offers tourists, being a recommended destination for those who like large urban centers with several options of tourist spots.

The coastline surrounded by an immense wall of coral reefs gave rise to the name of the capital. Praia de Boa Viagem is the most frequented in the city and passes through several neighborhoods. The waterfront is well equipped with spaces for leisure, courts for different modalities, a jogging track and dozens of kiosks, which keeps the constant movement of fans of physical activities and bathers.

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In this article, from Guia Viajar Melhor, we have separated some suggestions for tours for those looking for exclusive itineraries to enjoy the best that Recife and Olinda have to offer. All these tours are accompanied by local receptionists, ensuring greater comfort and safety for travelers, including transfers to pick you up at the hotel you are in and itineraries with bilingual guides for foreigners.

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Day 1 – Boa Viagem beach and catamaran tour

When arriving in the city, the ideal program is to walk on the edge of the city, Praia de Boa Viagem has about 7 km of coastline, always very busy with residents and visitors who enjoy the great leisure structure, with courts, playgrounds, kiosks, gym equipment and bike path. If you're lucky and catch the low tide, it's possible to dive into the natural pools that form in some areas of the beach.

During the afternoon it is possible to take a different city tour, getting to know the city aboard a catamaran that crosses the rivers and bridges of the old center of the capital of Pernambuco. The tour is very pleasant with instructors who provide tourists with tips and stories about Recife along the way.


Photo: Kveldulf Arachnus

Day 2 – Cultural tour Recife Antigo and museums

Well known for the diverse cultural manifestations that mark one of the most effervescent traditions in Brazil, the capital of Pernambuco offers great museums such as the Paço do Frevo installed in the former Western Telegraph building, with a space fully dedicated to the rhythm and the Cais do Sertão located on the seafront. next to Marco Zero, the main postcard of Recife Antigo.

A stroll through the streets of the Recife Antigo neighborhood to understand what life was like in the city during the colonial era, points such as the Forte de 5 Pontas, the Capela Dourada, the Patio São Pedro and the Casa de Cultura de Pernambuco are mandatory stops.


Photo: Fred Matos

Day 3 – Ricardo Brennad Institute and Brennand Workshop House

The Ricardo Brennand Institute, in Recife, is considered one of the best museums in Brazil. To get to the attraction, you have to cross a road flanked by imperial palm trees that gives access to a beautiful and extensive sculpture garden, in which a plump Amazon by Botero is the first attraction.

The Pinacoteca brings together the main treasures: documents from the Empire of Brazil and fifteen paintings by Frans Post – the largest collection by the Dutch painter in the world. Works by Debret, Taunay and Rugendas also make up the collection. Another collection, spread around Castelo São João, brings together 3,000 medieval weapons and armour.

Ceramist Francisco Brennand turned the family's pottery into a studio and museum. Paintings, panels, tiles and sculptures are scattered throughout the rooms. The visit also includes a tour of the gardens designed by Burle Marx.


Photo: Carmel Bandim


#Dia4 - Olinda

The historic city and World Heritage Site is just a few km away from Recife. Also known for its street carnival, the city is formed by several slopes, narrow streets, historic mansions and imposing churches always clearly visible in the lower part and Alto da Sé, the highest point of the historic site.

Attractions aside, the various workshops, bars and restaurants are also great tips for exploring the city to the fullest. String and local handicrafts are on display at Mercado da Ribeira, cold beer and snacks are always available at Bodega do Véio and dishes with plenty of cassava and dried meat are the specialties of the restaurants in the destination.


Photo: Claudio Maranhao

Day 5 – Caruaru

The second largest city in the state of Pernambuco is located in the Agreste region and is also known as “The Capital of Forró” thanks to the São João festivities, one of the largest in the country. Caruaru has developed a lot in recent years and has become a major pole of the textile industry of Pernambuco, nowadays Caruaru is known as the capital of the Agreste region of Pernambuco.

The Feira de Caruaru is one of the main destinations for tourists, throughout the year the city of Caruaru receives people from various locations attracted by its famous fair. Another essential tour is to go to the Alto do Moura neighborhood, just 7km from the city center, the region became known in the 4 corners of the world thanks to the incredible pieces of artisan Mestre Vitalino, who represents the daily life of the wild in clay pieces.


Photo: Pernambuco It's Here!

Day 6 – Porto de Galinhas or Tamandaré

The most frequented destination in the state by tourists is on the south coast and has an infinite range of hotels, inns, hostels and resorts for tourists to miss. The small village became known thanks to the coral barrier very close to the coast that during low tide form natural pools of clear and calm waters. Other very beautiful spots can be visited on the same day with a buggy or car, such as Praia de Muro Alto, Maracaípe and Praia do Cupe.


Photo: Nick Cool

Another nearby attraction is the quiet town of Tamandaré, known for harboring the paradisiacal Carneiros Beach, one of the most beautiful on the northeastern coast. Walking along the beaches surrounded by coconut trees with a break at the Capela de São Benedito for a photo is the best thing to do, but if you want to enjoy the calmer natural pools of the Costa dos Corais, be sure to go to the beach with the same name as the municipality and hire a walk to the galleys.


Photo: Enio De Castro Machado

Day 7 – Cabo de Santo Agostinho

Unlike other beaches in Pernambuco, Praia de Calhetas is not extensive and has mountains that surround it, forming a small bay with calm waters. The atmosphere of the small village with dirt roads present in the access to the attraction makes visitors even more comfortable. For the more radical, it is possible to take a zip line located at the viewpoint of the beach and plummet towards the warm waters of the coast.


Photo: Sergio Quinta

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