In addition to the most famous destinations in the state, there are 3 beaches in Santa Catarina that leave nothing to be desired for the Caribbean. That's why you really need to know them.

Who said that to see a turquoise sea and white sands you need to travel outside Brazil? Here, very close to us, there are beautiful beaches that leave nothing to be desired for the most famous international destinations. He doubts? So, let's introduce you 3 Santa Catarina beaches that leave the caribbean in slippers.

THE coast of Santa Catarina It is privileged and, in addition to the most popular destinations, such as Florianópolis and Balneário Camboriú, there are beaches that are true paradises, with crystal clear seas, white sands and extremely preserved nature. And the best: they are perfect for those who enjoy adventure and ecotourism as well as for those traveling with family or friends.

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You can be sure that these beaches in Santa Catarina will conquer you and you will want to travel there as soon as possible. Ready to get started?

Santa Catarina beaches that are true paradises

Here, I will tell you about 3 beaches in Santa Catarina that, in addition to being beautiful, offer great options for tours and fun. Two of them are in Bombinhas, a municipality located more or less on the way between Balneário Camboriú and Florianópolis: Praia da Sepultura and Lagoinha. The other is Ilha do Campeche, which is located in the capital of Santa Catarina and is known as the Brazilian Caribbean.

Grave (Firecrackers) 

Santa Catarina beaches

Santa Catarina beaches that leave the Caribbean in the sand. Photo: Setur Bombinhas

Although small, Praia da Sepultura, in firecrackers, is one of the most beautiful in Santa Catarina and attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. The strip of white sand is only 100 meters long and, especially in high season, is usually very crowded. But it is not for less that Praia da Sepultura is so sought after, the scenery is paradisiacal and unique.

The sea in shades of blue is always calm. Its crystalline waters are home to several species of fish, which can be easily seen, both by those who dive and by those who bathe in the sea. For this reason, Praia da Sepultura is known as a natural aquarium and receives many diving enthusiasts, whether with snorkeling or diving.

Whoever dives into Praia da Sepultura is also faced with the work of art “Bio Vida III”, by plastic artist Pita Camargo. This is the first piece from the Underwater Gallery that the City of Bombinhas designed for Sepultura beach, similar to what has already been done in Cancun and elsewhere in the world.

It pleases from the most adventurous to those who travel as a family. The calm sea is also ideal for the practice of stand-up paddle and kayak. And, at one of its ends, natural pools form between the rocks, making children happy.

The beach has a restaurant and some tents that serve well those who visit. There it is not allowed to camp, use tents, make fires and bring pets. These measures aim to preserve the area and the marine life so rich on this beach.

Access to Praia da Sepultura is via Avenida das Garoupas and can be done either on foot or by car. Those who choose to walk from the city center to the beach, take the route along the right coast of Praia de Bombinhas, passing by Prainha, Embrulho and Lagoinha. By car, it is necessary to follow the avenue to the parking lot at Praia da Sepultura, then follow a 200-meter trail to reach the sandy area.

Campeche Island

Santa Catarina beaches

Santa Catarina beaches that leave the Caribbean in the dust. Photo: Rodrigo Soldon

Another beach in Santa Catarina that leaves nothing to be desired for the Caribbean is Campeche Island. In fact, it is known by many as the Brazilian Caribbean in Santa Catarina and it is not difficult to understand why.

Located in Florianópolis, the island is 1.5 km out to sea from Praia do Campeche. The area is listed as National Archaeological and Landscape Heritage by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN). For this reason, entry to the island is restricted to a maximum number of 770 people in low season and 800 in high season, and it is only possible to get there on one of the boats with disembarkation authorization.

As a result of restricted access, this natural paradise on the coast of Santa Catarina remains extremely preserved. And, of course, gorgeous. The calm sea has crystal clear waters in shades of turquoise blue. The white sand of the beach contrasts with the stunning green of the forest that surrounds it. And, to top it off, there are several rocks that make the look beautiful.

In addition to enjoying Praia da Enseada, those who visit Ilha do Campeche can walk through several trails and also check out the cave paintings that made this a place of great historical and cultural importance. The trails can be done by land and water and are accompanied by IPHAN monitors.

There is not much structure on the island - only one restaurant in high season -, so visitors can bring snacks and drinks. But it is important to remember that it is forbidden to feed the coatis that live there and all the waste produced must be collected and taken away. It is possible to board to Ilha do Campeche from the beaches of Campeche, Barra da Lagoa and Armação. The maximum length of stay on the island is 4 hours.

Lagoinha (Bombinhas)

Santa Catarina beaches

Santa Catarina beaches that leave the Caribbean in the dust. Photo: Disclosure

Bombinhas stands out among the cities on the coast of Santa Catarina for its extremely preserved beaches and, as we have already mentioned about Praia da Sepultura, you can get an idea of what to find there. Another beautiful stretch of sand in this region is Praia da Lagoinha, with its crystal clear waters, full of marine life.

Like Sepultura, Lagoinha has a small strip of sand, only 100 meters long, and short, since the tide usually rises very quickly. The sea is calm and transparent, with emerald and turquoise waters. And the white sands are framed by preserved forest.

Right at the entrance to the beach, there are several rocks where natural pools full of fish are formed, perfect for those traveling with children. The Lagoinha sea is also great for diving, both on the surface (snorkel) and in depth. However, there is not much structure on the beach, just a restaurant and a few stalls.

The beach is only 3 km from the center of Bombinhas and, to get there, you have to follow the edge, passing by Embrulho beach and Prainha, through the right coast. Or through Avenida das Garoupas to the beach parking lot, then walk along a path to the sand.

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